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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Fifty-Nine

How 'bout them Pens?!?! I have to say that I was incredibly freaked out last night, but it was a good game and watching it on the big screen made it so much better. LETS GO PENS!!! I hope you all enjoy this chapter, as always comments are greatly appreciated.
“Good morning baby, it’s time to get up.”

She rolled over in bed and looked up at the ceiling. “I don’t wanna get up.”

“Babe, you’re the coach you have to be there, and it’s going to take twenty minutes to get there.”

“Fine,” she sat up and kissed Jordan’s cheek before going to the bathroom to get ready. “I kind of feel bad for making it so the kids can’t have gym class.

“Well I’m sure that they’ll be fine with Penguins’ training camp happening in their gym. And we are going to get them out of class later this year.”

“True, is Scotty ready?”

“In the living room with Nik.”

After grabbing a pack of Pop-tarts from the kitchen the Staals made their way to the car and twenty minutes later pulled into the upper parking lot at St. Sebastian’s. Miriya picked up a bag full of tennis balls form the trunk of her car and walked and in hand with Jordan to the school gym. Most of the team had arrived around eight forty-five and sat on the bleachers awaiting instructions. Nine o’clock came and Miriya did a head count to make sure that everyone was there, “We’re missing someone, but who?”

The door flew open and in ran Colby short of breath, “I’m so sorry I’m late coach. Traffic was horrible.”

“It’s alright Colbs sit down, but let this be a lesson to you all. Lateness does not sit well with me, if you are told to be somewhere at nine o’clock get there by eight forty-five. Colbs, you will have to run sprints later for being late.” Colby nodded as some of the rookies looked nervous. “Okay, have you guys ever heard of butt-ball?” At this some of the guys smiled while others looked confused. “It involves one of these,” she pointed to the huge wall along the side of the gym, “One of these,” she held up a tennis ball, “and one of these,” she turned around and shook her ass causing a lot of the guys to let out catcalls. “Thank you boys. Now to help me explain the rules are two people I used to work with, my friend Matt and best friend Ryan.” Both men came down from the stage and hugged Miriya, Ryan holding her longer than Matt. “Thanks for coming.”

“You know I wouldn’t miss hanging out with my best friend, especially when it’s for a mass game of butt-ball.”

The three friends demonstrated things that could happen during game play so that they team would understand.

“Coach are you gonna play?” Geno asked after the rules were explained.

“You think I would miss playing with my boys?” The team laughed at this. “I can watch you guys from a competitive level.”

Ryan threw the ball first, a high bounce that went to a cluster of rookies. “Catch it,” Miriya yelled. Eric Michaels made a snag with his right hand. He was about to threw after switching the ball to his left hand when Miriya spoke up, “You have to throw with the hand you catch it with.”

“Aw coach.”

“Come on Ric,” most of the guys urged him to throw the ball.

Balls were bobbled, throws missed the wall, guys ran, and lives were lost. “That’s three for you Eats, you’re done.” Miriya said with a smile and Mark made his way to the bleachers as play continued.

In the end it came down to Ryan, Matt, Jordan, Sid, Brooks, and Miriya. “Go Coach!” The guys said from the bleachers. Brooks threw, Jordan bobbled, Miriya got a hold of it and whipped it at his back before he got to the wall. “Sorry babe, that’s three.” Next she got Brooks out after he bobbled it, then Sid and Matt. It was down to Ryan and Miriya, they were both ready.

Ryan had the ball and threw, with a dive Miriya made an amazing catch. She was slow to get up which caused the guys to get up from the bleachers. “Staalsy, you okay?” Nik asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Ryan can you give me a hand?” Being very careful not to lose the ball Miriya got back to her feet. She threw, caught, Ryan threw, Miriya bobbled it but somehow made it to the wall it time, because Ryan missed he had to run but was hit before he made it. “Good game Miriya, you finally beat me.”

“Good game. Boys help me in thanking Ryan and Matt for taking the time to come out and help.” Everyone applauded as Miriya gave both Ryan and Matt a hug. “Thank you.”

“Yep, let me know when we’re doing movie night.”

“Okay Ry, see ya.” Once Matt and Ryan had left Miriya made her way to the center of the gym. “Good job today boys, you did better than I thought you would. Go home and enjoy the rest of your day, but be at the arena ready to practice at ten tomorrow.” She looked at her phone to see that it was almost one. “All of the kids should be done with recess so you shouldn’t have a hard time getting out of here. See you all in the morning.”

Everyone got up and quickly left, talking amongst themselves. “Jordan you wanna go with Nik since I have to stay here with Colby?”

“Sure, hey Nik wait up. Bye baby, bye Colbs.” He kissed her lips, her check gently, and then headed to the door.

“Alright coach I’m ready, sprints you said?”

“Yeah, one the far line,” she said walking to the line herself.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I need to stay in shape and since all I’m going to be doing all season is standing behind the bench I’m going to do sprints with you,” she said with a smile.

They did sprints for about twenty minutes, said their good-byes and went their separate ways. Miriya made it home in fifteen minutes to find Nik and Jordan showered and watching TV with Scott in the living room. “Hey boys, I mean hey Nik, hey Jordan.”

“Sup coach, I mean Miriya.”

“Whoa Nik you haven’t called me Miriya in a long time,” she said with a laugh. “But I’m gonna shower, find something to eat, and feed Scott.” She made her way up the half flight of steps to her room and took a short but relaxing shower. She threw on a pair of RBK shorts and an old Guins t-shirt before making her way to the kitchen. There she found Jordan with a sandwich, plate of chips and a glass of Pepsi. “Aw baby thank you, I love you so much,” she threw her arms around him.

“I love you too, how you feeling since the game?”

“I got a nice bruise of my leg but other than that I’m okay. How ‘bout you?”

“My back’s kind of sore,” he said with a grin.

“I’m sorry baby; I just get really into the game.” When she was done eating she fed Scott and put him down for a nap. Nik had gone to hang out with Erin and Sam which left Miriya and Jordan with the house to themselves. Jordan came into the living room from the kitchen and sat down on the floor in front of Miriya. She instinctively began to massage his back causing a wide grin to come to his face.

“So what do you have planned for today?” he asked.

“Absolutely nothing, oh shit I don’t have anything to wear to the first game and it’s in two days.”

“Well, when was the last time you hung out with Cassie and Michelle?” he paused. “And not with the guys, just the three of you?”

“Really I can’t remember.”
“When you’re done you should call them and got get some work clothes.”

“Okay,” she said running her hand down his arm and taking his hand. She led him to the bedroom where he quickly ditched his shirt and jumped onto the bed. Before she started again she noticed the tennis ball sized bruise. “Aw baby, I really hurt you, I’m sorry.” She gently kissed the bruise and began to work his tense muscles. After about fifteen minutes his breathing had evened out and she knew that he was asleep. She gently kissed his cheek and slid off the bed trying not to wake him. After calling her best friends she quickly wrote down a note and put it on the bedside table.

Hope you have a good sleep babe. I’m with Cass and Chelle and Scotty is with us. I’m not sure when Nik will be home but I’m sure you guys can handle dinner on your own.
I love you baby, see you tonight.

Taking Scott from his crib after changing into a pair of jeans and a random RBK hat she made her way to the car. Because it was relatively close the girls chose to meet at Ross Park Mall.

“Hey Mir, you ready for the game in two days?” Michelle asked.

“I don’t know, I know it’s only pre-season but I’m still really nervous.

“Miriya come on, you’ve been watching hockey for twenty-four years, you know everything there is to know. You’ll be fine.”

“Thanks Cass, let’s go find some clothes.” They walked through the mall for an hour finding about five outfits and trying them on. “Okay, what do you think of this for Saturday’s game?” Miriya asked walking out of the changing room in a pair of black dress pants and a three-quarter sleeve, light blue blouse.

“The Devils aren’t going to be able to concentrate on the puck,” Michelle stated with a smile. “You look amazing.”

"So I’ll get the pants and a few other blouses. Now I need to pick out which of these suits look good, or more importantly fit.”

In total Miriya ended up with three suits, two other pairs of dress pants and five blouses. Once they had paid for the outfits they made their way to the food court. “Chinese?” Cassie asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Miriya looked over at the line at the Chinese place. “Scott’s starting to get fussy, can you guys get me something so I can feed him?”

“No problem, general Tso’s right?” Michelle asked.

Miriya nodded and went to the bathroom so she wouldn’t disturb anyone. Scott ate quickly and they made it back to the table just as Michelle and Cassie were getting back with the food. When they had finished eating they helped Miriya with her bags, and then went their separate ways. “Hey baby,” Jordan said when she walked in the front door. “Get anything good today?”

“Yeah, can you get the last two bags from my trunk?”

“Hey babe what are you doing?” Jordan asked later that night.

“Just looking at pictures from when Scott was born.”

“Can I join you?” She nodded and patted the spot on the couch next to her. She turned back to the beginning of the album and the first picture was of Miriya, her hair still a mess, holding her newborn son. There was a picture of Miriya kissing his cheek, one of Jordan and Scott, and every member of the team had their own picture. When they got to the picture of Hal Miriya stopped.

“Aw Hal, my Harold Priestly Gill III, I’m sad I don’t get to coach him.” She stared at the picture in which you could barely see Scott, Hal was so tall. “I miss my teddy bear.”

“I miss him too. Oh, are you making the first cuts tomorrow?”

“Yep, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna make the team,” she said with a smile.

The next morning Miriya woke up and made breakfast while she waited for the rest of the family to wake up. Just as she was walking into the living room with Scotty, Nik and Jordan stumbled in too.

“Morning baby, breakfast is on the table. I’m going in early to finish thinking about whose getting cut.”

“Okay baby, I’ll see you at the arena in about an hour.” He kissed her cheek before she made her way to the door.

All of the boys pulled into the parking lot, including Jordan and Nik in his brand new black Porsche. “I love your new car,” a girl who looked to be about nineteen said. “It’s sexy, just like you.” Jordan couldn’t help but giggle at this while he walked towards the entrance. “Oh my god I made Jordan Staal giggle,” she said to anyone who would listen. Jordan rolled his eyes, but of course the girl didn’t see. “Hi Nik.” Nik waved causing the girl to freak out even more.

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Staal [A Jordan Staaal Story] Fifty-Eight

How 'bout them Pens?!?! What an amazing win against the Isles yesterday, I'm so glad that I was there. One more game before the start of the playoffs, I'm excited. But on with the story, thank you all so much for reading all of my stories. Continue to spread the word and comment. =]


Cassie and Geno sat at home watching TV when Nathan started to cry. "I'll get him." Cassie got up off the couch and went to Nathan's room. While she was on her way there the crying stopped. She walked into the room to find him lying in his crib with a wide smile on his face. "Geno, come see your son."

With a week left before training camp Miriya had some friends over for dinner. Sid, Michelle, Nik, Erin, Colby, Mel, Cassie, Geno, Ryan, and Deb all sat at the dinning room table while Jamie and Jess sat at the coffee table, and Scott, Christiano, and Nathan sat in their car seats.

"Guys," Michelle said. "I have syphilis."

Miriya got up and while practically running to the kitchen said, "She's too young!"

Colby let out a small giggle as everyone at the table stared at him; however Sidney and Mel's stares were more like glares. "Colby?" Sid asked.

"You better stick 'em all because I know I have," Miriya yelled from the kitchen.
Everyone finally caught on to the movie reference and laughed, Miriya came back to the dinning room and everyone finished eating.

September fourteenth rolled around and with it came the start of training camp. Miriya was as nervous as the rest of the rookies; it was her first time doing anything as the team's head coach. "Baby you'll do fine," Jordan said as they got ready that morning. All of the boys believe in you and if any rookies give you a hard time just show 'em whose boss."

"I'll just send them down to Wilkes-Barre," she said with a laugh.

"There you go, let's get outta here." He picked up Scott's car seat and went out to the living room.

Miriya walked out of the bed room in a black Guins t-shirt, black track pants, a new pair of white Nikes and a black, light weight Guins jacket. "Good morning coach," Nik said when her foot hit the carpet in the living room.

“Morning, we’re gonna have to establish when and where I’m to be called coach.”

Jordan couldn’t help but smile. “Nik are you coming with us or taking your car?”

“If its okay with you guys, I’ll go with you.”

“Kay, we’re taking my ‘Stang so you’ll be in the back with Scotty.”

After grabbing a thing of Pop-tarts Miriya made her way out to the car and they were soon off to the arena. When they pulled into the parking lot there was a crowd of people waiting for doors to open for practice. A combination of “Nik, Gronk, Jordan, Staalsy, Coach Staal and Hey look there’s Scotty,” was heard from around the family as they made their way to the door.

None of the players had arrived yet so Miriya went to the lounge to get a bottle of water to try and calm her nerves. Cassie came in from the locker room and sat down on the couch next to her. “Hey coach.” Miriya nodded. “You ready?”

“About as ready as I’m going to be.” Just then Erin and Brooke walked in. “Hey girls.”
“Hey,” Erin said. “Is Scotty ready?”

“Yeah, thank you for watching him.”

“No problem.”

“This is my stall.” “Shut up!” “You guys are gonna piss off the coach on the first day.”

“Looks like they’re here,” she said standing from the couch. She went to both locker rooms saying, “Suit up and be on the ice in fifteen minutes.” She then went and waited on the bench until all of the guys took the ice. She then blew the whistle to get everyone’s attention. “Okay boys, welcome to training camp. Don’t think that because I’m your friend that I’ll go easy on you. You’re going to work hard and if you’re not performing at the level you should be then you’ll be on your way to Wilkes-Barre. If you cooperate practices will be easier and in turn games will be more easily won. If you have good chemistry on a line you will get good passes which lead to good shots, and good lead to goals and finally wins. We’re going to divide you into two teams and everyone needs to stretch, we’re going to be running some ability drills.”

Everyone was divided into teams and one team went to the locker room to do physicals with Michelle. The remaining team stood on the ice and awaited their instructions. “Speed,” Miriya said. “Without it there would be no game. You need it to beat your opponent to his net, to beat the goalie, to get back to your own end on time. We’re going to do two speed drills; the first, of which I know you all hate, but it’s a good warm-up and good for building speed.” Everyone groaned. “So on the goal line.”

Suicides went better than Miriya had initially expected, when everyone returned to the goal line for the final time some of them were even smiling. “Alright boys, well done. Now we’re going blue line to blue line, on my whistle.” That drill went well too.

“Now its time for agility. You must be agile to get through defenders,” she said with a smile. “I’ll give you a few minutes to get some water while I set up the course.”

A row of cones was set up in the neutral zone awaiting the guys to finish their water. “All you have to do is skate through the cones.” As was expected everyone did so with ease. “Quite simple, eh? Now you’re going to have to do it again, but this time with this.” She pulled a brand new puck from her pocket.

“Basically you want us to stick handle?” A tall blonde rookie asked.

“Yes, I want you to stick handle. But if you lose control of the puck you must go back to the end of the line and do it again until you get through without losing the puck. After you make it through go to the locker room for your physicals. Teams A and B will scrimmage today. Everyone form a line and grab a puck.”

Once everyone had made it through the course the other team took the ice. “Alright boys we’re going to work on speed…” She went through the entire thing with the other two teams.

After a short scrimmage was held she kept everyone on the ice for a few more minutes.
“Tomorrow we work on stick handling, passing and shooting. Be ready to work! For now hit the showers, I’ll see you bright and early.” As everyone cleared the ice she grabbed a stick from the bench. She also picked up a few pucks before dropping them to the ice. Letting slap shots rip from the point, everyone hitting the back of the net.

“Hey coach,” someone said from behind her.

“Yeah?” she asked as Jordan spun her around.

“You did amazing for you’re first day.”

“Thanks babe.” She kissed his cheek.

“Let’s go get Scotty and Nik, and go home.”

She smiled as she picked up all the pucks she had used and took them to the locker room which was now quite and empty. “Hey Scotty,” she said taking him from Nik. “Let’s go home.”

“So Nik how was training camp not being a rookie?” Miriya asked at dinner that night.

“Good coach,” a toothy grin appeared. “Seriously I’m not as nervous as last year. Don’t get me wrong Staalsy; I’m still scared that I could get cut and end up in WBS.”

“I’m a fair coach,” she said with a smile. “You work hard ad you’ll make the team.”

The next morning she stepped out onto the ice and smiled as the chill hit her face. No one else was there and no one would be for a least an hour, she was going to take advantage of her time alone. She loved the way that the ice felt beneath her skates, smooth and crisp, no one had been on it sine it was cleaned the night before. After working on her cross-overs for a while she heard talking in the locker room and took her spot on the bench.

Surprisingly the boys had followed her instructions that had been posted in the locker room. Team A was to come out to practice first before scrimmaging against team B. After a few quick laps and stretching everyone lined up to work on passing which was followed by defense. Shooting came next and then more laps and stretching.

The ice was cleaned and it was soon time for the scrimmage. Both teams hit the ice and were ready for the drop of the puck. The white team, team A was up by one at the end of the second fifteen minute period and went to the locker room so that the ice could be cleaned again.

“We will not be coming to the arena tomorrow,” as Miriya said this she received some questioning looks. “We will be training however, working on hand-eye coordination. We will be meeting at St. Sebastian’s school gym in the North Hills at nine am. For now, get out there and practice hard.”

Everyone filled back out to the ice where the white team won the scrimmage. Team B had a good practice, successfully running all of their drills. As it was coming to an end some players threw pucks over the glass to people in the crowd. One girl, who looked to be about seven, had been cheering for Jordan all practice and he took notice. He pulled a sharpie from the bench, signed his stick, and handed it through the glass to the little girl.

“Thank you Jordan. Mommy, mommy, Jordan gave me his stick!” She was practically jumping up and down with the stick that was twice as tall as she was.

“You made her so happy,” Miriya said skating up behind him. “I wish a player would have given me their stick when I was younger.”

“Well I’m all out of sticks, but how about a puck?” He picked up a puck from the ice and signed it in silver sharpie.

“Thank you Mr. Staal,” she said as he placed the puck in her hand. “I’ll cherish it forever.”

“You two are so lame.”

Miriya turned around to see Max skating by, trying to look innocent. “I’d watch who you’re saying that to Max, I have the power to send you to the minors.”