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Staal [AJordan Staal Story] Fifty

Happy Holidays!!! I know that I`m a little late with all of that but I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas. I know that it was take forever for me to get a new chapter up but I have been so busy with school work and my computer has been broken for almost a month. I finally got a new chapter typed and I`m going to warn you all that it is a long one. I hope that you all like it and I think that you should all watch the Winter Classic tomorrow just to cheer against the Wings. (It will not be anywhere near as amazing as our's was last year. But HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and comments would be greatly appreciated.



A few days later Miriya, Nik, and Jordan were sitting at home playing with Scotty when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Nik said picking up the phone up from the coffee table.

"Hey, Mel, Jamie and I are going to the zoo. would you like us to take Scott with us?"

"Hang on, it's Army. he wants to know if you want him to take Scott to the zoo."

Miriya and Jordan at each other then back at Nik, "Yes," they said in unison.

"Alright, bye Colbs, he said he'll be over in like an hour."

"Sounds good to me," Miriya said resting her head on Jordan's shoulder.

"I have to say that you two are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen. You're so close, you hardly argue and when you do, its not a real argument, its a playful one. Miriya, you told Erin that every couple fights, even you two, when have you ever fought?"

It was Miriya's freshman year at RMU, neither of them remember exactly when, but they remembered every detail of the fight.

She got out of her mustang and walked up the stone path to the porch. Since she had a key, she used it to open up the big wooden door and stepped into the living room. there were three guinesses on the coffee table and Jordan was passed out on the couch. She could tell that he wasn't just asleep because he only took naps on game days and it was two pm. She straddled his lap and kissed him to wake him up.

"Hey ba-" he stopped when he saw the disappointed look on her face.

"How could you and don't tell me that you didn't. The cans are on the table, you were passed out at two in the afternoon and I could taste it when I kissed you."

"I'm really sorry baby, I've been really stressed lately. I'm not playing as well as I would like."

"Thats what I'm here for, you're supposed to come to me when you're stressed or somethings wrong. Not turn to alcohol. You said that after you got arrested that you would never touch beer again. I know its impossible, but it just upset me that you would drink instead of coming to me."

At that point she was crying from being upset and Jordan tried to pull her onto his lap.

"Baby it's ok. All that happened is I passed out."

"No baby, its not ok, you know how I feel about that stuff."

She got up and stormed out to her car.

Back at her dorm she slammed her car and ran to her room. Still crying she jumped onto her bed and buried her face into Fleury, her favorite teddy bear. Her cell phone buzzed in her pocket. She looked at the caller id 'Big Jay <3' and threw it to the floor.

A few minutes later it buzzed again, but she got up to see who it was.


"Hey Mir, are you crying?"


"What's wrong?"

"Jordan," she said just as someone signed onto AIM. "farmboy11"

"What happened?"

"I went over to hang out and found him passed out on the couch. He said that he's been stressed lately and not playing as well as he wants to. He knows how I feel about him drinking."

"Yeah, you're really upset."

They continued the talk and an IM came up. 'farmboy11- Baby I'm sorry. I know that you're mad at me, you have every right to be. But please forgive me. I love you.'

She ignored the IM and hung up with Cassie. She was still upset and decided to take a nap, crying herself to sleep.

When she woke up Jordan was sitting on the edge of her bed. He showed her the yellow roses, teddy bear, and bottle that he was holding. She gave him a questioning look.

"It's not real, its sparkling."

She practically ran to his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry baby," she said resting her head against his chest.

"No baby, I'm sorry. I should have talked to you about it, but you already have enough to deal with."

"You know I'm always here for you, no matter what."

"Yes baby I know and I'm sorry."

"Wow, that was intense," Nik said looking at Miriya who had just finished telling the story.

"Yea it was, I thought that I was going to lose her that day. Never in my life had I been so scared."

"I was so upset with him, tempted to break up with him, but I was so glad that I didn't. Thats why I try not to fight with him, it hurts too much.

"Well I'll keep that in mind whenever me and Erin start to argue."

Colby drove up the drive-way and rang the door bell.

"Hey Army, hi Jamie how are you?"

"Good. How are you Aunt Miriya?"

"Good, you ready to go to the zoo?"


"Well Colbs, here's Scott and the diaper bag, you have his stroller still right?"

"Yep, hey Nik you wanna come to the zoo with us?"

"Sure, let me grab a hoodie."

Nik headed out to the car and took Scott and the diaper bag.

"Thanks Colbs."

"Anything for you guys, I'll bring 'em back after dinner."

"Bye," Miriya said hugging Army and closing the door.

"Jordan you look terrible in that shirt," Miriya said turning around to face him. "Take it off right now."

He took the yellow and white stripped shirt off and Miriya put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Do I really look bad in that shirt?"

"No, I love that shirt. But you saved me some time," She said with a sly smile. She ran her hands down his chest and stomach and unbuttoned his jeans. "Come on," she said grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom, his jeans still resting at his waist, his belt clancking as he quickly followed his wife down the hall.

"I love you," he said sliding her Penguins shirt over her head.

"I love you too," she said just before his soft lips pressed down on hers.

She put her hands back around his neck and his went to her Penguins pants and slid them to the floor.

Their lips parted and Jordan found Miriya's neck. He continued to kiss her and ran his hands down her sides. She let out a small groan and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Normally at this point Scotty starts crying," Jordan said.

"Thank God for Army," she said just as his lips found her neck again. "I want another one."

"Me too," he said then his lips found hers again. He pushed her over to the bed and they gently fell. She kissed his chest then ran her hand along it, and Jordan again kissed her neck and reached back to unhook her bra. He left one last kiss on her left shoulder then Miriya's underwear landed somewhere on the bedroom floor and his black and gold boxers hung from the bedside lamp.

Later they lay in bed, Miriya's head on Jordan's sweaty chest, he was running his fingers through her messy hair.

"You have no idea how much I love Colby," Jordan said.

"Oh, I have an idea," she said with a smile. She kissed him then rolled off the bed grabbing his hand. "We should shower before dinner and they get back." Jordan smiled as Miriya led him to the shower.

He pushed her against the wall and her arms made their way back around his neck. He left a kiss on the tip of her nose and smiled.

"So, what do you want for dinner?" Jordan asked after they were both dressed and in the kitchen.

"Surprise me."

"Sounds good. You should go watch a movie and I'll meet you out there."

She made her way to the living room and pulled Transformers from the movie shelf. She had seen it so many times she knew every word and recited it as Jordan worked hard in the kitchen to make dinner.

Jordan walked in with a tray of food and sat down on the couch next to her. "I hope you weren't expecting anything special. But I made you mac and cheese with hot dogs and baked beans."

"Awww you know I love that, is this movie cool with you?"

"Yeah, Geno's favorite."

They finished eating and sat back to watch the movie, it was about the part where Megatron unfreezes when there was a faint knock at the door and the doorbell rang. Miriya got up off the couch and opened the door to find Colby.

"Hey Army, Scotty were you a good boy today?"

"He was. Nik's trying to get Jamie to let him out of the car."

"Ok," just then Nik walked up to path, "Hey Nik did you have fun at the zoo?"

"I did. Come on little Scotty lets get you changed then mommy can feed you."

Nik took Scott from Colby's hands and headed to the nursery.

"How was your day?"

"Amazing, thank you Arms."

"Hey, as I said before anything for you guys. But I'll see you at practice tomorrow."

"See ya Army," she said giving him a hug.

"Bye Colbs," Jordan said from the couch.

Nik walked back into the living room with Scott and handed him to Miriya.

"You're so good with Scotty. Thank you for helping us out with him." Miriya said starting to feed Scott.

"It's the least I can do with all you guys do for me."

"So did Scotty like the zoo?" Jordan asked.

"I think that he did, he didn`t cry at all & he really seemed to like the penguins."

"He`s just like his mommy," Jordan said with a smile.

Miriya smiled as Scotty fell asleep, "Is he gonna wake up at like three now?"

"Yea, sorry he didn`t take a nap. I guess he was just excited to see all the animals."

Sidney had gone to the store to get some diapers, after returning from Giant Eagle he pulled into the driveway and walked up to the front door. "Baby, I`m home," he said once he got inside and put the diapers down. "Baby?" There was no answer but there was soft music coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and a wide smile came to his face. "Hey baby!"

"Hey," Michelle said from the bed. The only light in the room was coming from the assorted candles on the dressers and night stands, the music was some of Michelle's favorites coming from the ipod speakers on the night stand. The bed was neatly made with rose pedals scattered all over and there Michelle sat in her black and white "referee uniform".

He quickly made his way to the bed and pulled Michelle onto this lap. She turned so that she was facing him and just before their lips met she said, " I love you." The kiss became more intense as Michelle ran her fingers through Sid's wavy brown hair and he ran his up and down her back.

They parted briefly as Sid's borrowed lucky shirt made it's way to the floor. "I should probably give that shirt back to Jordan."Michelle laughed as his lips found hers again. Sid's jeans made their way to the floor and Michelle ran her hand along Sid's smooth muscular chest. Just as Sid was about to unhook Michelle's bra her cell phone started to ring and Sid continued to kiss her neck.

She looked at the caller id 'Miriya.' "Oh she can wait," she said tossing the phone to the floor.

Later that night Michelle lay with her head rested on Sid's chest, Sid running his fingers through his hair, and smiles on their faces. "I love you,"he said tightening his grip around her so it was more like a hug.

"I love you too."

Three am rolled along and Scotty was awake, so was Miriya. She walked to the nursery and lifted Scott from his wooden crib."Hi there little guy, you`re gonna keep me up a while aren't you?" She changed him and sat down in the brown wooden rocking chair. Scott fell asleep at around five and minutes later after placing him in his crib Miriya sat back down in the rocking chair and she too fell asleep.

"Baby, baby it's time to get ready for practice," Jordan said shaking her awake.

"Ok," she said slowly getting up. "Is Scotty ready to go?"

"Yea he`s in his car seat in the living room with Nik."

"I love you two."

"We know, and we love you too."

Practice started and went well. Sid and Jordan looked to be on top of their game and Miriya was on the bench trying to wake herself up.

"Hey Cass, can you watch Scotty for a couple hours for me?"

"Yea sure, you need some alone time with Jordan?"

"No we got that yesterday thanks to Colby, but no I really need to start working out so I`m gonna stay down here for a while, skate, and lift."

"Alright, yea I`ll watch him. After you work out go home and take a nap. You need to be awake during the game tomorrow night."

"I know, I`ll have Jordan pick him up later."

Practice ended and Miriya threw on a pair of skates and jumped out onto the ice. She made one lap and skated to center ice to stretch. After her muscles were loose she did laps for about half an hour then went to the bench grabbed gloves, her stick, and some pucks, and went to the blue line. Snap, slap. and wrist shots hit the twine as she got back into the swing of things, then she worked on break-aways and wrap-arounds.

"I don`t see why you`re not a forward," Kris said stepping out onto the ice. "You have an amazing shot and amazing stick handling skills."

"So do you, I`m just better at defense. It started at as me just wanting to prove to people that I could play D 'cause everyone always said that I was too short to play and not strong enough. So I started playing and proving people wrong and now it's my position."

"Well you're a great defenseman too, I`m just saying that you would bee a good forward too."

"Thank you, you wanna play some one on one?"

"Wow you really do wanna getyour figure back don`t you?"

"Yea I do, I wanna look good for a while before I get pregnant again."

"You always look good."

"Aww thank you Kris," she said and gave him a hug then rested her head against his chest.

"You`re welcome, let's see how good of a two way player you are."

They both skated to center ice and tapped sticks three times. Miriya won the face-off and went off on a break-away into Kris's zone. He skated hard trying to catch up, hooking Miriya around the waist. She took a wrister from the slot and scored top shelf. After skating back to center ice Kris put his stick down for the face-off. "I took if you've played center before?"

"Yea, for two years I probably should have told you that before we started."

Later on Kris had the puck along the boards and they were both battling hard. She threw a hard check and he went down. She took the puck and launched a slapper from the hash, scoring her third goal in the right hand corner. Kris won the face-off and took it back into his own zone. Bringing it into Miriya's zone wasn't as easy as he thought it was going to be, she was back-checking hard and he was trying to fake. He took a shot, she went down to block it and it hit her in the chest.

"That's why we wear chest protectors," Kris said quickly skating over to her. "But I'm really sorry."

"No it's my fault, I went down to block the shot."

"I guess we`re done for today?"

"Yea, I`ll suffer through the rest of my work-out."

"You want me to stay and work out with you?"

"Sure, if you want to, but first I'm gonna get some ice and wait like ten minutes."

They walked into the lounge, grabbed a baggie from the cabinet, and some ice from the freezer. She walked over to the couch and sat down next to Jordan putting the ice on her chest. "What happend?" he asked looking away from the TV.

"Me and Kris were playing some one on one and I went down to block a shot."

"And lets just say that she blocked it," Kris said with a laugh.

"Good job baby, that's why we wear chest protectors.

"Yes baby, I know, but it's worse for me."

About ten minutes later they walked into the gym and Miriya stretched again. She did all the weight machines, working all of her muscles, then did twenty minutes on the elliptical. She quickly showered, said good-bye to Kris and headed home with Jordan. She lay down on the couch and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

"This is it, this is it Bourquey, there's just seconds left. It's game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, the Chicago Blackhawks verse the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh. The Guins are up 3-1 and the face-off is in the Hawks' zone."

"You said it Staalsy the Guins have the chance to bring Stanley Cup number three to the burgh."

"The puck's dropped, Jordan Staal wins it back to his defense. Ryan Whitney winds up, just five seconds left Bourquey. Whitney shoots, but it's stopped, Staal tries for the rebound but the final buzzer goes off. The Pittsburgh Penguins have just won the Stanley Cup!"

"Congratulations on a great season Staalsy it's been great calling games with you," Bourquey said during the commercial break.

"You too Bourquey," Miriya said taking her headset off then ran out of the commentators box and down to the ice surface.

Sid skated to center ice and picked up the cup off the table. The smile on his face was unbelievable, like never before. Everyone was getting the cup and being interviewed. The cup game to Miriya who raised it above her head. Jordan skated over to her and got a picture with her and the cup. Colby came over and took the cup from them and skated away.

"You did amazing boys, all of your hard work finally paid off," Miriya said loud enough for the team to hear.

"You were right Staalsy this was out year," Bugsy said.

"Congrats baby," Miriya said. "The third cup has finally come."

"I don`t think anything could make me happier,"Jordan said with a smile.

"I wouldn`t be so sure about that,"Miriya paused. "Jordan we're gonna have a baby."

"I love you," he said, picked her up, and spun her around.

"I love you too," she said and he kissed her.

"When did you find out?"

"This morning, but I didn't want you to focus on anything but the game."
"We have to fix up a room and get close, and think of a name."
"I know baby, but right now, tonight let's focus on the win, let's think about the cup."

The team went to center ice for the picture with the cup an Miriya woke up on the couch in her living room in Fox Chapel. He handsome husband sat on the the couch with her three week old son. she couldn't help but smile when she saw her husband of almost two years holding her infant son. She lie there in silence for a few minutes then decided to sit up when her chest started hurting again.

"Hey beautiful, did you have a good sleep?"

"Yea, is Scotty hungry?"

"Probably," he said handing the baby to her. She lifted up her shirt to start feeding him and exposed her injury. Her entire right breast was covered in a black and blue bruise. "Oh my God baby, what kind of shot did he take?"


"It looks like it hurts, I'll get some ice for when you're done feeding him."

"Really babe you think it hurts, but thanks."

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Forty-Nine

Hey all, I`m very sorry for the lack of updates reccently. I`ve been so busy with school work and had even fallen behind on writing game reviews because case of the mass amounts of homework. However I found a little extra time today to type up a chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. Comments would be greatly appreciated, and I`m not sure when I`ll find time to update again. Thank you all for reading!



March nineteenth came and the team was having breakfast at the arena. The game that day was set for an unusual time, one thirty, so everyone had planned on just staying until game time. Everyone was in the lounge and Kris was making breakfast. "Scrambled or sunny-side up?" he asked Jordan.

"Well Kris can you make sunny-side up or does it all just end up scrambled with you?" he asked jokingly.

"All scrambled, but I thought I would give you a choice."

"Well scrambled it is."

"Hey Bugsy you bring the bagels and cream cheese?" Michelle asked.

"Yep, strawberry cream cheese," he said pulling it from his bag.

"You`re so adorable."

After everyone had finished eating Michelle started cleaning up and couldn`t help but laugh when she saw Kris doing the dishes. "You`re just like Jordan, no wonder Miriya loves you."

At around quarter to twelve everyone was just about to start getting ready when Michelle stood up from her seat next to Sid. "I don`t feel good, I`m gonna go for a walk." She left the lounge and started into the locker room.

Miriya got up from Jordan's lap and started after her, "I`ll be back guys." She saw Michelle walking slowly down the hall and caught up with her. "Let`s go for a nice, slow walk."

They made it about one hundred yards before Michelle screamed and fell to her knees. "Contraction?" Miriya asked holding her hand.

"Yea," she said as all the guys ran down the hallway to see what was wrong. Jordan and some of the other guys were telling her what to do having gone through it all with their wives as Sid stood there worried and excited. Miriya pulled her cell phone from her pocket to see what time it was and turned to Erik.

"Michelle this is our baby, not just Sid`s," he said looking at Sid who smiled. "We`re all coming with you."

"But what about the game?" Mark asked.

"They don`t let people in for an hour," Miriya said. "Crush call up to the ticket office and have them tell people the game is postponed until tonight and that we`re really sorry."

Erik called the ticket office upstairs as Jordan called Sid and Michelle's parents and Miriya and Sid helped Michelle out to the car. Sid jumped into the driver's seat after helping Michelle into the back, Jordan and Miriya were in the back with her to help keep her calm and breathe through the contractions.

At the arena ticket people walked out the door to make the announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen the game has been postponed until tonight at seven-thirty. You make stay out here and wait if you would like to, I`m sorry for the inconvenience."

The pre-game show started at one like it was supposed to and Bourquey was all alone. "Ladies and gentlemen today's game has been postponed and will start at seven-thirty; so we`ll be back for the pre-game show at seven."

Back at the hospital Kris was with Sid and Michelle in the room, "Sid I`m so glad we`re having our baby."

Sid laughed saying, "Tanger I`ve told you a thousand times, not really your`s, maybe Colby's." Michelle shrugged. "But you can be like a father to it like you are with Scotty."

Michelle started to cry as sweat poured down her face, "Michelle you`re doing so well, you couldn`t make me happier."

She smiled, then let out a scream, and after many pushes the little baby boy came into the world. The nurse took him to get cleaned up; she wrapped him in a blanket and place him gently in Michelle's arms. The whole team came running in with smiles, who knows how all twenty-three guys, Cassie, and Miriya all fit in the little hospital room.

A tear ran down her cheek, Sid wiped it away with his thumb, kissed her cheek and then the baby's forehead. Sid had one of his old practice jerseys and wrapped the baby in it. He had Michelle's lips and eyes, and had brown peach fuzz.

"What's his name?" One of the guys asked.

She looked at Sidney and said, "Christiano Patrick Crosby, Patrick like his incredible daddy."

"Hey Sid, he looks just like me," Colby said with a laugh.

"You know what Arms," he paused. "Congratulations."

After a while most of the team had gone to get something to eat and Colby sat on one side of Michelle and Sid on the other. "Colby did you ever sleep with Michelle?"

"I wanted to."


"I`ve wanted, but no I`ve never slept with her, the baby's all yours."

Colby decided to go get something to eat & Miriya & Jordan stayed behind. Miriya stayed in the room with Michelle while Sid and Jordan went for a walk. "Pretty amazing huh Sid, holding your first child in your arms," Jordan said with his hands in his hoodie pocket.

"Right up there with meeting and marrying Michelle, it was without a doubt the happiest moment in my life. That night paid off," he said with a laugh. "But really, she worked so hard and when she was feeding him and tears were running down her cheeks she was so," he paused, stopped walking, and turned to face Jordan. "So beautiful. I love her so much Jordan."

"I know man, I feel the same way about Miriya. When Scott was born it was the happiest day of my life. It was two weeks ago and I still can`t get over how small he is and how hard Miriya worked."

Back in Michelle's room Miriya was holding Christiano. "Two weeks ago Scott was born and it is amazing how good Jordan is with him. When we got home from the hospital he said the sweetest thing, 'This beats the Stanley Cup any day, when I raised that over my head it was my greatest day as a hockey player, this is my greatest day as a father!'"

"Aww," Michelle said trying to sit up in bed. "Oh that wasn`t bright, I don`t feel well at all."

The doctor came to check on her and her temperature was rising quickly. Miriya started to get worried and lay Christiano in his little bed, before sitting back down beside Michelle and holding her hand. The doctor looked into her eyes and then called in a specialist. Sidney came back into the room to see Michelle with a crimson red face and shivering.

"Baby what`s wrong?"

"I don`t know, the doctor called in a specialist."

Sidney wasn`t the only one worried, Miriya was wrapped tightly in Jordan`s strong, protective arms.

Michelle didn`t know what was happening until she woke up with two IVs in her arm. "Hey baby."

"Hey Sidney," she said sitting up in bed.

"Feeling better?"

"Mmhmm, what happened?"

"Well at first we all thought it was some post delivery thing, but that was only part of it, you were allergic to something, but everything's ok now."

"When's the game?"

"Not for a while, it`s only three, but I`m not gonna play tonight, I`m gonna be here with you."

"Thanks baby, but are you sure?"

"Yea, they can live with you me tonight."

"Where is everyone?"

"I`m not--"

"Mommy!" she said as her mom walked into the room with Christiano in her arms.

"Told you it was going to hurt," she said with a laugh. "Everyone at the church can`t wait to see the baby." She turned to Sid, "Not sure they know it`s yours, but Sid I`m so glad you`re in our family. I`ve considered you my son since you two started dating. I`ll always be here and I`ll help you out along the way. I do want Christiano to call me Sito."

"It`s Arabic for grandmother habibi," Michelle said to Sid.

"Schmoops," Michelle's brother and dad said as they walked into the room.

"Daddy it hurt so much, worse than when I bruised my ribs."

He walked over and took Christiano, "Hey lil squirt."

"Oh Sid I forgot to tell you I gave him two middle names, Patrick like yours and Robert like his grandpa."

Sidney smiled, "I love it."

A little while later the boys came back with balloons, flowers, and baskets of stuff. "Well Michelle, Sid, the guys and I are gonna get going. But I`ll make sure that everyone knows all about what caused the game to be postponed."

"Thanks Mir, I`ll see you tomorrow."

Miriya gave Michelle and Sid a hug, and then left with the rest of the team to go to the arena. Miriya got into the front seat of the car with Jordan and smiled. "He`s so cute," she said changing the radio station.

"Just like Scotty, oh are we picking him up from your mom's house after the game?"

"Yea, it`s been two weeks & I still can`t believe how good you are with him. You`re a natural and I`m so glad that you help out with him so much."

"Anything for you baby," he said pulling into the player parking lot. All of the fans that had been there earlier were still there and waiting to be let in. Both Miriya and Jordan signed autographs on their way into the arena, kissed, and then went their separate ways.

"It`s a hockey night in Pittsburgh, good evening everyone we`re sorry for the delay. This afternoon the team was getting ready for the game when team doctor Michelle Crosby went into labor. The whole team went to the hospital for the birth of the second new Penguin in two weeks. My son Scott Staal is at his grandmother's house tonight and baby Crosby is resting in the hospital along with his mother. Sidney will not be playing tonight, he is spending time with his wife, and new son."

"Well Staalsy you were at the hospital, tell us a little more about the baby."

"Christiano Robert Patrick Crosby was born at around one-thirty this afternoon. He looks like both of his parents, he weighs eight pounds one ounce and is twenty one inches."