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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Eight

So it's been over a year since I posted so I don't know if anyone will even read this... but if someone does, thank you I really appreciate it! Go Pens! <3

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Everyone arrived back in Pittsburgh around one am and upon arriving home had an unusual two days off. Later that morning the Staals woke up to have brunch and spend time together before Miriya and Jordan went out. “You and Erin are on your own tonight,” Jordan said.

“We’ll be home around one, I think,” Miriya said picking Scott up. Though he could walk, with help, it was too icy and slippery from the snow. “You never know when Colby is involved.”

“Have fun,” Nik said with a smile. “We’ll be fine here.”

Miriya and Jordan left, while they were pulling out of the driveway Erin was pulling in. It was just after eight o’clock and Erin and Nik had decided to watch a movie in his room. The lights were off, the only light in the room coming from the TV screen. They both sat on the bed, Nik’s arm wrapped around Erin. They were both focused on the movie until Nik placed a kiss on Erin’s cheek. She smiled and turned to place a kiss on his lips. Soon she was straddling his hips. This was a usual occurrence, but this time something was obviously different. The kiss held more passion than usual; the fire between them was somehow stronger.

Soon his lips were on her neck causing her to let out a small moan that in turn caused him to be even more turned on. He looked up at her and when their eyes met the unspoken question was answered. He quickly removed his t-shirt to show his well-toned body and her shift was removed seconds later. His lips were back on hers as soon as the shirt was over her head and without breaking the connection she unbuckled his belt and began to remove his jeans. Her jeans quickly followed and before placing his lips back on her smooth skin he slowly scanned her body, talking in every inch.

He has seen her like this every time that they had gone swimming, but this time something was different and Erin could feel it against her leg. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, she said pulling his lips back to hers.

Nik’s lips didn’t stay on hers for long; they soon made their way to her neck and the part of her breasts that weren’t covered by her purple bra. The bra was soon removed though, causing Nik to grow harder. Not wanting to torture himself or his beloved girlfriend any further he left a trail of kisses down her stomach and along the waistline of her purple underwear before removing them and tossing his boxers to the floor.

He straddled her before asking one more time, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She nodded, unable to speak. “Okay,” Nik said, placing one last kiss on her neck and lowering himself to her gently.

“I love you Erin Jones,” Nik said as he lie next to her.

“I love you too Dominik Vandershmut, I’m glad my first time was with you.”

“Me too.” He pulled the blanket over top of them and kissed her cheek before snuggling her against his body. Both of their faces held wide smiles. They had wanted it for so long but had told each other that they were going to wait. Obviously their feelings for each other were strong enough to cause them both to break their promises. “Tell me we’ll be together,” he said hoping that she was still awake.

“Yes Nik, we’ll be together until the end of time,” She smiled and could feel Nik smile as well.

Soon they were asleep and few hours later the Staals were arriving back home. Jordan put Scott to bed and sat down on the bed next to Miriya after stripping down to his boxers. ‘It looks like Nik and Erin had an early night.”

“Well everyone’s been tired lately and it’s my fault. I make you boys practice so much, but it’s paying off.”

“It is,” he kissed her cheek. “Baby you are an amazing coach.” Miriya smiled. “You are an amazing coach, an amazing mother, wife, and friend. I know I don’t tell you that enough. You’ve made my career better as my coach, you made my life better by being my friend, you completed me by marrying me and you brought my pride and joy, our son into the world.”

“Baby, I think you need to get some sleep.”

“Seriously I don’t tell you enough that I love you.”

‘I love you too Jordan. You are an amazing husband, father hockey player and friend. You are the reason I get up in the morning and you’re pretty damn good in bed.” She said with a smile.

“Just pretty damn good?” He asked getting on top of her.

“Mhm, care to prove me wrong?” His smile grew wider and he pressed his lips to hers, an answer to her question. His lips stayed on hers longer than her had expected, building the passion. His tongue battle with hers, but she wanted more. They both did. He placed a line of kisses along the right side of her jaw before placing a gentle kiss just below her ear. “Why do you do this to me?” Jordan didn’t reply but continued to kiss her neck, the harder the kiss the louder the moan was that escaped her lips. He was taking things much slower than usual, normally Miriya’s shirt would have been removed already, but she was still fully clothed.

He focused on her neck for a few more minutes until he pulled away and in one swift motion removed her shirt and kissed her neck one more time while reaching back to unhook her bra. Once in was successfully removed Jordan placed one gentle kiss on her collarbone before beginning to focus on her breasts. He spent equal time on each full breast; her moans causing him to grow harder against her leg. He slowly removed her shorts and she lay in just a pair of green underwear. His lips felt so good against her skin as he placed a trail of kisses down her stomach, along the waistband of her underwear and then he began to kiss her thigh. “Jordan stop.”

“What’s wrong baby?” He looked up, concern in his eyes.

“Why do you get to have all the fun?”

“I’m sorry,” he placed one last kiss on her thigh before rolling over onto the bed.

Miriya straddled him and pressed her lips to his in kiss that was filled with passion. Soon her lips moved to his neck causing him to shiver. “Not fair.”

“Now you know what it’s like.” She barely lifted her lips from his neck to speak sending another shiver throughout his entire body. It was only a few minutes that were spent on Jordan’s neck and although he wouldn’t admit it, it wasn’t long enough. Miriya took her time running her hands over his muscular chest and stomach. She then placed kissed from his collarbone down to the waistband of his boxers. The further down she moved the harder the kisses got, causing Jordan to suppress multiple moans. A line of kisses was placed along the waistband of his black boxers, she placed each kiss gently and slowly, trying to get him to give in.

Once the last kissed had been placed she placed a finger inside and ran into along the waistband and finally a moan escaped. “How does it feel to be tortured?” She asked with a smile.

“I hate it.”

“You know you love every moment of it.”

“Is that how you feel?” He flipped her over onto the bed and again took control. “Now where was I?” He asked himself. “Oh yeah, right here,” he placed his lips back on her thigh and the torture began. He had spent about a minute on each thigh and he teased her by wrapping his thumbs in her panties and slowly pulling them down only to slip on finger inside of her, she gasped in pleasure and disappointment. Jordan only smiled his sweet, seductive smile. After a while of going at an extremely slow speed he decided to tease her again. He pulled his hand free.

“I hate you.”

“You love me,” he left a kiss on her lips to silence her moan as he lowered himself to her, finally they both received what they had been waiting for. Unable to take it anymore he thrust hard and fast, quickly pushing them both over the edge at the same time. After pulling out he placed one last kiss on her neck before falling to the bed beside her.

“You’re right Jordan, I do love you. And I take back what I said before; you are truly amazing in bed.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” he pulled her closer. “And I love you too.”

It was after three o’clock when they fell asleep and Miriya was glad when Scott slept until nine. Erin and Nik were kind enough to make breakfast when they woke up and the family spent some quality time together.

“You look really tired today Jay, I take it you didn’t have a good sleep?” Nik asked across the table.

“It was a good sleep just not long enough,” he said with a smile as he looked over to Miriya.

“Is there ever a night that you two don’t do it?” he paused. “At least you were quiet this time, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said anything.”

“Yes Nik, there are night that we don’t do it,” Miriya said. “Just not very often.”


At practice the next day Kris sat at his stall with his helmet in hand when Miriya entered the locker room. “Hey babe, something wrong?”

“No I’m fine,” he said weakly.

“Guys take the ice, Mike you’re in charge until I get out there.”

“Sure thing.”

Everyone but Kris and Miriya walked up the runway. “Okay Kris, I love you and I can tell when something’s wrong. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m here for you.” She started towards the runway.

“Amber’s pregnant,” he said still at his stall.

“Aw Kris that’s great, you’re so good with Scotty and now you’ll have a baby of your own.”

It’s not mine,” he spoke as though holding back tears.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that things weren’t okay between you two.”

“I didn’t either until last night. I got home and she told me that she was going to have the baby. As you would expect I was excited, I mean I’ve been waiting for this day to come. But she told me that she had been seeing another guy and that the baby is his.”

“Baby I’m so sorry,” she took the helmet from his hands and wrapped hers arms tightly around him. “Do you know how long she’s been seeing him?”

“Since the beginning of the season. She said that she would get lonely when we were on road trips.” From there he got angrier with every word. “Miriya, my wife cheated! I know there’s a thing between us,” he paused. “But that’s just us being really good friends.” Miriya opened her mouth to speak but Kris continued. “My wife, who promised to love me and be faithful, she promised me in front of God and a church full of people. You know, you were there when she promised me. I made that promise too and I’ve kept it Now she has some other guy and is going to have his baby.”

“At least you know, I know it hurts sweetheart.”

Kris spoke again and this time his anger was at a new level. “She wants to get a divorce so that the baby can know its real dad. She’s leaving me, Miriya. She’s leaving me and I don’t know what to do.” His emotions went from anger to sadness and a tear came to his eye. “I love her, Miriya, I love her.”

“I know you do.” Kris rested his head on her shoulder and Miriya brushed his hair from his face and rubbed his back. “I’ve got to get out on the ice, but you take your gear off. Come over for lunch after practice and if you need a place to stay my house is always open.”

“Thank you Miriya I really need friends to help me thought this so I think I’ll take you up on that offer. I’m going to go home to pack a few things and I’ll meet you at your house later.”

Miriya smiled and kissed cheek, “Anything for you babe.”

After practice ended the Staals and Kris sat down to eat lunch before Miriya showed Kris to his room. “I know it’s nothing special, but it’s just until you get things worked out. And it’s better than staying at the Marriott.”

“Thanks Miriya, it means a lot. I won’t stay long; I’ll find a place in a few weeks and be out of here.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you can stay as long as you need to,” she gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Kris sat down on the edge of the bed, staring at his left hand for a moment before slowly removing the silver ring with a sigh and placing it on the table.

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Seven

"Colby!" Mel said when Miriya accidentally called the Armstrong house instead of Colby's cell phone.

"Sup coach?"

"You'll never guess what my son just did."

"No idea."

"He said his first word."

"Aw little Scotty," He said and she could hear the smile in his voice. "You don't seem very excited about it."

"Oh I am, it's just he didn't say momma or da-da, he said Army."

"Oh? I'm sorry Staalsy, he does spend a lot of time with me and Mel."

"I know, I just thought you should know that my son loves you."

"I'm glad Miriya, Jamie stop that!"

"I'll let you take care of Jamie, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Staalsy, love you."

While she was on the phone Jordan had put Scott down for a nap and was just re-entering the living room when she hung up. He sat down on her lap and wrapped his arms around her. She didn't seem phased by it and Nik looked on with a smile, knowing how the two of them were. A few minutes passed before he placed a gentle kiss on her lips and cheek, stood and moved to the spot on the couch next to her. Placing her hand on his shoulder she said, "You didn't have to move, you're not that heavy."

He smiled slipping his hand from hers and pulled her onto his lap, his arms wrapped around her. "I like it better this way though." She looked up into his blue eyes with a smile and their lips met. It was a short kiss, but was filled with passion and they both pulled away smiling. She rested her head against his chest and smiled breathing in his scent as he placed a kiss on the top of her head. "I love you Miriya," He whispered though it was certainly no secret.

"I love you too."

The next morning snow was still falling from the barely visible sky but Miriya couldn't cancel practice, it was game day and the boys needed it. Miriya woke earlier than she normally would so that she could remove all of the snow from her car before making her way to the arena. Thankfully all of the guys made it safely and on time to the morning skate and Miriya cut practice short so that everyone had time to make it home safely. She also decided that she would leave at the same time as the team, she didn't have much work to get done. Just as she was pulling her keys from her pocket to unlock her car a snowball hit the center of her back. She turned to see Jordan and Colby trying to hide their guilt with innocent smiles.

"Oh it's on boys," She gathered some of the snow that had come to rest on the roof of her car and hit Colby on the cheek. "Oh damn, sorry Colbs."

"It's cool, I guess I deserved it."

"Damn right you did," She said as Jordan pushed her against the wall. "Oh?" His lips pressed hard against hers.

"Really guys it's not enough to do it at home?" They both completely ignored their friend and continued what they were doing. After a few minutes they started to get chilly and with one last kiss they went to their cars.

Scott sat giggling in his car-seat in Jordan's car. "Hey there sweetheart," He said looking back after closing the door. Scott giggled and Jordan started off towards home.

Later that night the boys suited up and took the ice against the Canes. They look the lead early but with help from the officials the Canes scored two goals to claim the lead as their own. One of those had been scored by Eric and Miriya was disappointed that her boys weren't covering him.

Early in the second period play was down in the Canes end, Bugsy and Sid were digging behind the net with Geno out front. It was an odd line combination but the boys had just come off a long awaited power play. Battling down low Sid threw the puck out front and Geno put it in, five hole. As Geno raised his stick in celebration and the crowd stood to cheer the referee behind the net signaled no goal. Bugsy had gone to check a man but he moved and landed on the ice, landing Bugsy in the box and the boys to still trail in the game.

Miriya who stood on the bench was upset by the official's call and called them over to give them a piece of her mind. "How can you disallow that goal and then give my player a tripping penalty. First of all if you were going to call a penalty you should have blown the whistle long before we had the scoring opportunity. The second Malkin had possession of the puck you should have blown the whistle, not waited until we score the tying goal. As for the penalty Wallin was not tripped, he moved out of the way of a check and went down all by himself. Malone had absolutely nothing to do with it."

"No goal and Malone has a two minute tripping minor."

Miriya was so fed up with the officials at this point that she practically screamed, "This is fucking bullshit." The referee formed a 'T' with his hands signaling that the Penguins were receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It would be a bench penalty and they would be down two players for a full two minutes. "Fuck you!" She said loudly.

The ref turned around and said, "You're done," Before signaling to the locker room.

"Good luck boys, Mike handle things." With that she opened the door and walked across the ice to the runway. She sat down in the lounge and turn on the big screen TV to watch the live feed of the game. Bugsy and Sid sat in the box as the boys on the ice worked on killing the five on three. Sid was picked to serve the penalty because he would have just sat on the bench anyway.

The penalty was successfully killed and as Sid and Ryan stepped onto the ice they joined up with Jordan in the neutral zone for an odd man rush. Jordan made a beautiful saucer pass over the defender's stick landing it perfectly on Sid's blade. A quick wrist shot went over the goalie's shoulder and into the net, the tying goal had been scored with one minute remaining in the second period. Miriya was glad that she wasn't on the bench when the goal was scored because she stood and said, "You sure that was a good goal ref?" Rather loudly.

When the second period ended Miriya went to the locker room to meet with boys who all backed her up on what she had done. She told them to stick to the game plan and no matter what she would be proud of them.

The third period held more excitement, but in this case it was the good kind. The fourth line was out to start the period, Hallsy to take the draw with Beechy and Big Georges on his wings. Adam won the draw back to Kris who made a quick pass to Becchy who was waiting on the blue-line. Kris was all alone on a break-away beating the goaltender five hole to score the Pens third goal, giving them the lead just thirty seconds into the third.

The defense stood strong for the remainder of the period keeping the Canes off the board. The Guins did score one more goal, the first line put it in an empty net with fifteen seconds left.
"Great game boys, sorry I couldn't be there."

"We understand Staalsy, it's all good." Beechy said.

She did her usual post game speech addressing all the rights and wrongs and finishing with, "I'll see you all tomorrow, it should be a fun trip to Atlanta. My friends down there have told me that it's nice and warm, I'm sure you'll all enjoy that."

The next morning the team met at the airport, not having practice. Soon they arrived in Atlanta and the guys were glad that Miriya had given them the day off. They exited the plane to find that it was in the mid-seventies and not a single cloud in the sky. The bus that awaited them took them ti their hotel where everyone quickly put their bags in their rooms, changed into their bathing suits, and quickly found the pool. Miriya found someone who would be willing to take care of Scott and that someone was Cassie. "Thank you so much," She said.

"No problem coach, you deserve a little break, especially after last night."

Miriya laughed saying, "Thanks again," Making her way to the pool. Half of the team was there and stared when Miriya removed her t-shirt and shorts. Her black bikini fit perfectly over her well toned body.

"Come on guys that's our coach," Colby said.

"That's my wife, stop staring," Jordan said causing all of the guys to look away.

Miriya got into the pool and confronted Colby, "What you trying to say Colbs, because I'm your coach I'm not attractive?"

"I never said that Staalsy, you're beautiful and have an amazing body." Miriya smiled and swam to the deep end.

Swimming and a team dinner occupied the rest of the day and Miriya found her sleep very restful. Morning skate went well and Miriya was excited to be seeing her good friend later that night. Pre-game naps lead to boarding the bus and soon it was game time. It was a hard fought game, but as always the Guins came out with the win.

Miriya had planned to meet up with her friend following her post game press conference. So following the final buzzer she went to quickly address the team before talking to the press. Since they had won she didn't have much to discuss with the boys and soon found herself standing in front of the press. They asked most of the same questions as every other game, but soon it was time for the question she was waiting for. A tall blond reporter stood and asked, "What's the secret behind your winning?"

Miriya smiled and prepared her usual answer, she had been asked this question since the sixth game of the teams nine game winning streak to start the season. "There's no secret, good coaching and a group of guys who like to play tough physical hockey. We've had a few loses this year and not that I'm expecting it but I'm sure there will be more before the end of the season."

"Seven," Someone called from the crowd of reporters. "Seven losses."

Again she smiled and was soon done with the press. She walked out of the media room to the hallway and started towards the visitors locker room to see when the team would be ready to leave. While on her way there she could feel that someone was walking behind her. "Well if it's the NHL's greatest coach, Mrs. Staal."

She turned to see al tall man with dark brown hair, beautiful green eyes and a beard that had probably only been growing for a few days, and it suit him well. She knew not only from his voice but from personally experience that he was French-Canadian. "Pascal Dupuis," She said sternly but softened her voice to say, "How are you sweetheart?"

"I'm good, how are you?" He pulled her into a hug.

"I've been good Dups, it's good to see you."

"You too, your boys know we're friends yet?"

"No, it's not a bad thing I've just never felt the need to tell them."

Just then Crush walked into the hallway. "Hey coach."

"Hey Erik this is my good friend Pascal Dupuis, Dups, Erik Christensen." The two men shook hands and soon it was time for the Pens to head to the bus. "It was good seeing you Dups."

"You too, good luck with the rest of the season."

"You too sweetheart." She hugged him before walking to the bus with the boys, all of whose faces held questioning looks. Once they went to the airport, through security and on their plane Adam spoke up. "Since when have you been friends with him?"

"Dups? Couple years, are you all okay with that?"

"We're not going to to chose your friends for you baby," Jordan said placing a kiss on her cheek. "You are friends with some really random guys throughout the league."

"Thanks babe, you like my friends don't you Scotty?" He was sitting on her lap and giggled. "I take that as a yes."

Jordan placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage her back. "Baby why is your back always so tense?"

"That's simple, hockey stresses the hell out of me and my life is hockey, and look at the people I spend my time with."

"Oh, we stress you out?" He asked removing his hands from her shoulders.

"Baby, I love you boys. And please don't stop, it feels so good."

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New Story!

Hey everyone the first chapter of my new story, Broken Promises, is up.

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New Story?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a story that had nothing at all to do with a hockey player? Please get back to me. Hopefully more of this story will be up soon as well. Love you all. GO PENS! <3

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Six

The next morning it was back to the arena for morning skate as the team prepared to take on the Habs. Miriya stood on the bench and watched as her boys ran drills, both passing and shooting. Everyone looked to be on top of their game and all of the coaching staff was pleased. That night though not everyone was not playing their 'A', Sidney was slacking. Though the Pens managed to win, again, Sidney didn't have a shot through sixty-minutes, he did however have five give-aways.

"Sidney, we need to talk," Miriya said walking into the locker room.

"Alright coach," he placed his helmet on the shelf. "What's up?"

"What was that out there?" She didn't give him time to answer. "That was awful. I know everyone has an off game, but that was horrible. I know that you're the greatest player in the NHL, I've been hearing that since you were drafted." She could tell by the look on his face that her words hurt him. "And I agree, you are the greatest player in the NHL, but that doesn't mean you won't get yelled at when you have a bad game. Now I know you're probably going to beat yourself up about this all night, so I'm done with you. Go home, take care of your kid and your wife, and show up ready to practice tomorrow. I know that when something is off about your game you work until you fix it. So the arena will be open and I'll be in my office if you want to come in early. I'm not only saying this as your coach but as your friend Sid. I love you and I'll see you in the morning."

"Okay coach, I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize, just fix it."

Miriya pulled into the driveway and found the house quiet. Scott was asleep and Jordan sat in bed with the TV on low watching movie. She tried to be careful as she went to her dresser to comfortable clothes, but when she stepped into the room he looked to her with a smile.

"Hey baby, you were so cute I didn't want to disturb you."

"It's okay, do you have to shower tonight?"

"Mhm," she said shedding her jacket, blouse, and dress pants. "Care to join me?"

"I would love to," he said getting out of bed. He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her into the bathroom. There the rest of the clothing was shed and they stepped into the shower where the warm water awaited them. "I've known you for eight years and am still incredibly turned on every time I see you."

"I'm glad," she said with a smile. "I want Scotty to have a little brother or sister."

"Me too," he pushed her against the black tile wall and had his way with her.

Once they had finished Miriya finished with her shower and the Staals went to the bedroom where they got a goodnight's sleep.


Morning came and at seven o'clock Miriya got out of bed, got Scott ready and went to the arena, arriving at seven forty-five. In her office she was working out last minute details for the road trip that would start later that night. She could hear pucks hitting the boards and looked at the clock in the corner of her computer screen, eight o'clock. Hitting send on the e-mail to Ray she got up from her desk and went to the end of the runway. There stood Sid taking shots off the end boards and trying to redirect them into the net. Miriya didn't say anything she just smiled and went back to her office to wait for practice.

"Kay boys, the Caps are next," she said as practice was drawing to a close. "We're leaving tonight, sorry Scuds, and have the day off tomorrow but we're going to have team bonding for some of the day, okay?" The team all agreed. "I'll see you you later tonight."

Everyone went home to pack and were at the airport for their flight to Washington. Upon arriving in D.C the team boarded the bus and went to their hotel, the Crystal City Marriott. In all of the hotels they had stayed at, this was the prettiest. The lobby had decorative plants, couches, a water feature, and a classy bar. "You guys remember my D.C. trip when I was in high school?"

"You mean the one time your parents actually let you go with them?" Max asked.

"Yeah, that one. Well this is the hotel that I sat down to wait for the bus and fell asleep." The guys laughed and soon everyone was checked in and given their room keys. Since it was only nine o'clock most of the guys dropped their stuff in their rooms and either stayed there or went to the bar. Miriya had convinced Michelle to watch Scott while she went to the bar with Jordan.

Feeling generous Miriya let the boys sleep in until ten, but made sure that everyone was ready and in the lobby by eleven. "Everyone has money, right?" Everyone answered at the same time and she assumed that they all had some money with them "Okay, we're going to go to the underground mall where you guys can get some lunch, but I want to get on the Metro around two and go to the World War II memorial and the Washington Monument. We're also going to Arlington." She stopped to think for a moment. "Actually, let's take the Metro to Arlington and then I'll have the bus pick us up and take us to the monuments." The team started to walk towards the mall. "Two o'clock boys, be at the Metro station!" Hoping that all of the guys heard her and she headed towards the mall hand in hand with Jordan.

Exploring some of the shops they found somewhere to get some lunch, some little South Western barbecue. Both Staals ordered ribs and while waiting for them to arrive they fed Scott some yummy baby food. After a delicious meal they looked through a few more stores on their way to the Metro station. Surprisingly the entire team was there by two o'clock. "Wow you boys do listen to me."

The next part they weren't so good at, loading money onto their Metro cards. Colby was one of those who needed help, but he certainly wasn't the only one. Finally everyone had their cards loaded and saw that the next train going to Arlington Cemetery would be arriving in three minutes. "Okay boys we're not all going to end up in the same car so when we get to Arlington please get off the train. I really don't want to lose any of you in downtown Washington." Everyone laughed and soon boarded the train.


Arriving at the cemetery Miriya's grip on Jordan's hand tightened. "Okay boys you all have to see the changing of the guard because it's really impressive. After that I'm going to see a grave, none of you have to come with me," she stopped herself from thinking of the first time she saw the grave when she was a junior in high school. "Kay boys, let's go."

Making their way through the cemetery they finally made it to the tomb of the unknown soldier. Filling onto the steps the boys stood silently and at attention throughout the impressive display of military skill. Once everyone was allowed to speak again the boys went to the side and talked about how amazing it had been. "Boys I'm going to see that grave now, you can meet me at the entrance if you want."

She started off towards the far end of the cemetery by herself, walking more slowly than she normally would. She didn't know the man personally but she knew his story and it affected her. Though it hurt her to think back to his death she felt it was necessary to visit his grave. The bouquet of roses in her hand kept her mind from those thoughts and eventually she came to where she needed to be. Section sixty stood in front of her and soon she found the right tombstone, kneeling down in front of it. Laying the roses down she placed her hand on the stone and began to pray. The last time she had been in this spot she had managed not to cry, this time she couldn't hold the tears back. A single tear fell to her cheek, but she didn't bother to wipe it away. The entire team had quietly come up to the section and looked on as she continued to cry. Colby who was holding Scott handed him to Kris and started towards her. He and Jordan knelt down on either side of their coach and put their arm around her.

"It was seven years ago that he got the medal of honor," she brought herself to say. "I was here and I still can't believe what he did." She choked back her tears to continue to speak. "He was nineteen and he gave up his life so that his friends could live. I always question whether I would do that same?"

"I know baby, it's okay. Come here." She stood and Jordan wrapped his arms tightly around her. Colby hugged her next and left a kiss on the top of her head. The rest of the team lined up to hug her and the last hug was from Brooks. He held her tightly against his body and whispered, "It's okay sweetheart, we're all here for you."

"I know, thank you." As Brooks let her go she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Thank you boys, you always know how to make me feel better. Get on the bus and let's go explore downtown."

Once everyone had loaded onto the bus Kris came and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay now babe?"

"Yeah, thanks. It was an emotional time and coming back was obviously hard. But I love that you guys care about me so much."

"Of course we care about you," Colby said.

"You're our best friend," Hallsy added.

"We've known you for years and love you," Scudsy added.

"And some of us are just in love with you," Jordan whispered before placing a kiss on her cheek.

The trip to the Mall was quick and when they arrived most of the boys stared at the beauty of the World War II Memorial. The large stone structure and fountain in the center held the teams attention for quite a while. After about half an hour they decided to cross the street to where the Washington Monument was and spent a good while there too. The team stayed together for dinner and returned to the hotel.

Miriya put Scott to bed and sat down in bed where she waited for Ovechkin's face on FSN causing her to quickly shut the TV off and wait in silence. Soon Jordan came out from the bathroom in a pair of black boxers and sat sown on the edge of the bed. "Hey I know how important today was for you."

"I'm glad you guys came with me," she kissed his cheek. "Thank you baby."

"You know all of us would do anything for you."


Game day dawned and the team want to the Verizon Center for a shortened morning skate. Dinner and pre-game naps took place as usual and soon it was time to be back at the arena for the battle against the Caps. Back in Pittsburgh those who were watching the game saw DJ Po. "The Penguins who are in Washington tonight had the real Washington experience yesterday thanks to Coach Staal." The video started and showed the team exploring the underground shops, arriving at Arlington, and also the World War II Memorial and Washington Monument. Thankfully they didn't show Miriya crying at the cemetery.

The game was won and was dominated by the Pens. They stayed in D.C one more night before heading to Dallas where they took on Stars. The Stars who had been at the top of the West all year fought hard and edged Miriya's team in a shoot-out. A former Penguin and former Star who had been in attendance came into the away locker room and tapped Miriya on the shoulder. Turning around she smiled widely when she saw who it was. "Syd!"

"Staalsy it's good to see you."

As if out of nowhere Michelle came running, "DARRYL!"

She ran into his out stretched arms and he pulled her into a hug. "Hey Chelle, how are you?"
"Great now that you're here."

The four younger guys looked on wondering who it was. "Darryl Sydor," Miriya said walking past them. "Played for the Pens til late oh eight when he was traded to the Stars for I think his third stint with them."

"Yes, it was my third stint," he said with a smile.

After speaking with Darryl for a while the team went to the bus and to the airport to return back to Pittsburgh.


January ended and February brought a huge blizzard. Practice had been scheduled for the morning of the fifth but Miriya quickly canceled when she looked out the kitchen window to see the lawn covered in a thick layer of snow and more steadily falling from the sky that could barely be seen.

When Jordan, Nik, and Scott had woken they ate breakfast and sat down as a family to watch a movie. Scott has just recently started 'walking' and didn't like to sit still for long. Jordan got up from the couch holding Scott's hands and he took a few steps before stumbling and sitting down on the floor with a giggle. "Ar-my," he said clearly.

Miriya and Nik looked from the TV to the eleven month old. "Did he just speak?"

"Army," he said again.

"My son's first word would be Colby's name," Miriya said with a laugh.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Five

So I know that it's been FOREVER! But in honor of our boys getting our their first win at the CEC here's a new chapter. I know this chapter sucks, but keep in mind I wrote this quite a while ago and it was inspired by an episode of House. Comments are greatly appreciated. GO PENS! <3


Jordan, Geno, Sid, Mark, Brooks, Kris, Georges, and Ryan slowly stood from their stalls and started towards the runway, each glancing back at Miriya with concern. She managed to force a smile and as instructed sat down at her husband's stall. Being the brave, adventurous, military trained girl that she was, Miriya decided to speak up. "I'm just wondering, what do you plan on achieving by holding half of a professional hockey team hostage?"

"Brave little girl, aren't you?"

"If I wasn't I wouldn't be where I am right now, but you didn't answer my question."

"Okay, let me explain myself. I'm a Flyers' fan and I'm sick of watching my team lose to you, the miracle team. Youngest coach in NHL history, Malkin, Crosby, Staal, Fleury, the list goes on and on. Your team has beat up on mine for years and I want it to end."

"What are you trying to say, you want us to blow the game?" Nik asked.

"Yes Mr. Vandershmut that's exactly what I want, but I didn't say you could speak. If you want to keep your shot as strong as it is I suggest you keep your mouth shut!

"Okay, so you want us to blow the game, and what would you get from this? A 'W' on the score sheet, two points on the season, maybe move up to tenth in the conference?" With each word that Miriya said the man grew angrier and his grip on the gun grew tighter. "Wouldn't a hard fought, well deserved win be better? Don't you think Philly would be a little upset if they defeat us because we let them win?"

"Shut up! Who said they had to know you blew the game?"

Miriya went on to answer the question ans as she did the eight guys who had left the locker room sat in the first few rows by the runway. "How do you think Miriya's taking it?" Bugsy asked.

"She's a tough girl, I'm sure she's fine," Jordan said, his voice shaking.

"You okay, Gronk?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I'm good, well as good as someone who's wife is being held in her own locker room by a man with a gun can be."

"It's okay Jay, we're all worried too," Kris ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm sure everyone's okay," he said looking to Sid and Geno who's faces held looks similar to Jordan's.

"Michelle and Cassie are tough too," Georges said. "If we should worry about anyone it's the guys, he made those guys stay in there for a reason."

"It's true, two of the main fighters are out here. I'm not saying that the rest of the guys are weak, but it's the fighters and the loved ones out here."

"Brooksy's right," Sid said. "Cassie and Michelle are in there while Geno and I are out here."

"And Kris, Brooks and Mark are out here because there's a little bit more than just friendship between you guys and Staalsy." Mark looked to Geno. "Come on Mark, everyone knows there's something between you guys."

"Okay, I admit it. Where the hell are the police?"

Back in the locker room the intruder hadn't made any progress and Miriya was dominating conversation. "I really don't see you gaining anything from this, and my team will not blow the game."

Just as she was saying this the police were pulling into the parking lot and busting through the door, trying to find their way to the locker room. "Your team will blow the game!" And with that he fired a shot at the floor, it bounced, and everyone ducked. The bullet finally landed at Miriya's feet.

"Shots fired!" One officer said from the hall. Inching closer to the door an officer yelled, "This is the police, drop your weapon!" He dropped his gun to the floor. "Hands on your hand and get down on the floor." He did as he was instructed, was handcuffed, and lead outside. At this point there were news vans, ambulances, and reporters from at least two local newspapers.

While the man was taken outside Miriya and the rest of the team went out to the ice surface. "Baby, are you okay?" Jordan asked pulling her into a comforting hug and holding her head to his chest.

"I'm fine," she said as Jordan brushed her bangs to the side and kissed the top of her head. "Boys are you okay?" She asked, turning to everyone who had been in the locker room with her.
"We're fine Staalsy, we were worried about you," Colby said.

"Seriously, you were great in there," Erik added.

Each of the players brought her into a hug, Brooks, Eats, and Kris held her longer than the other guys and placed a kiss on her cheek. "We're all glad that you're okay," Mark whispered while he held her. "We were all really worried, especially Jordan."

Miriya looked over at her husband and smiled knowing that he had worried about her. The look of terror that had been in his eyes had been replaced by a look of want, longing to hold her. Miriya could see this and took his hand after being released from Mark's arms. Right as she was taking his hand a police officer came in to question her and she led him into the lounge where it would be quieter and she could be comfortable. She brought Jordan with her and he held her tightly as she retold what had happened. Erin had been taking care of Scott the whole time and when Miriya was done answering all of the questions the police had for her Erin brought him down.

By the time that all of this had ended it was almost one o'clock. "Well it looks like i'm not getting a pre-game nap today," Miriya said.

"Always thinking about the game, huh?" he asked with a laugh. "Let's go home and get something to eat, we need to be back here in three hours."

Three hours later Miriya was back at the arena and sitting in her office awaiting the arrival of the boys. Jordan who took his own car and came with Nik arrived at about five o'clock and stopped into Miriya's office placing a kiss on her cheek and spinning the chair to face him. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, if anyone should be asking that it's me, Mark told me you were worried."

"You were in the room with a man with a loaded gun, none of us who got sent out of the room knew what he wanted. I know you're tough and brave, believe me I know, but I worry about you a lot. I don't know what I would do without you baby, I love you more than anything in the world."

"I know baby, I love you too, seriously you are my world." She pressed her lips to his for a quick kiss and he brought her into his arms making her feel safe.

When it was time for the guys to suit up Jordan went to the locker room and Miriya turned on her stereo while placing her chain around her neck. 'Don't Stop Believing' ended and soon it was time to take the ice. The game started off well and as always, between the cross-state rivals there was pushing and shoving after nearly ever whistle. Ryan Parent had obviously learned his lesson the last time the two teams met and did not mess with Jordan at all.

The game ended with the Guins leading the Flyers three to one and Miriya was glad to be back home when she stepped through the front door. She went to the bathroom where she quickly showered, but the hot water eased her tense muscles. When she got into bed Jordan was watching the news.

"The Penguins continue their winning ways, though there were some doubts of whether a win would be possible tonight. Earlier today a Flyers fan disguised as a delivery man entered Consol Energy Center just before the team left after morning skate. Holding more than half the team, both assistant coaches, equipment manager, team doctor, and coach Miriya Staal hostage. He asked that his team be allowed to win the game. Staal stood up for herself and the intruder was taken away by police. Jason Clearwater of Philadelphia, PA is in the Allegheny County jail on charges for trespassing, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of an unregistered weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon. Despite all of this the Pens defeated their cross-state rivals for the third time this season by the score of three to one. "

The reporter continued to talk but Jordan turned the TV off. "Enough of that for the day, that's a lot of charges though."

"Yep, I hope his cell has a nice view, he'll be there for a while."

Jordan smiled and kissed her cheek before moving behind her and placing a kiss on the back of her neck. His hands went to her shoulders and he began to massage her back.

At the Malkin house, Cassie had gotten back from cleaning up the locker room , showered, and was sitting in bed next to Geno. "I hear Jordan was worried today."

"Yeah, we all were, for all of you. We knew that you, Miriya, and Michelle would be brave about it and we thought that might get you in trouble. We were worried about one of the guys saying something stupid."

Cassie laughed, "I'm just glad it's over and that no one got hurt."

"Me too baby, I love you." He kissed her cheek and brought her closer.

"I love you too Evgeni Vladimirovitch Malkin."

Almost the same conversation took place at most of the other guys' houses.

Back at the Staal house Jordan had removed Miriya's shirt, straddled her hips, and continued to work on her tense muscles. Every few minutes he would place a kiss on her shoulder. She rolled over and his lips met hers. Pulling her shirt back over her head she lay back down and received one last kiss.

"It was rather quiet last night," Nik said.

"That's because nothing happened," Miriya said.

"That's a first," Nik said with a laugh.

"Funny Nik," Jordan said.

"Funny but true."

"Alright boys," Miriya said with a laugh. "Enjoy your day off."

"Oh don't worry we will," Jordan said with a sly smile.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Four

I know that it's been forever, but I hope that you enjoy this new edition. Comments are greatly appreciated. GO PENS! ♥

Chapter Seventy-Four

With the twenty-first came the start of the All-Star break, but Miriya still held practice that morning. "Alright boys, enjoy your break, I'll see you back here on Monday for practice. Sid, Jordan, Kris, Geno, and Nik I'll see you in Boston." The boys cleared the ice and as soon as she could Miriya made her way home where she finished packing her own things as well as Scott's for the trip. They had booked an extra night at the hotel so that they could have a romantic evening. Their flight was leaving at three which meant they needed to be at the airport by one. "Jordan you almost ready?" Miriya asked from the bedroom.

Jordan who had been showering and was now brushing his teeth opened the door saying, "Mhm."

"Spit and then speak," Miriya said with a giggle.

Jordan turned and spit the toothpaste in the sink before turning and saying, clearly this time, "Yes, I'll be ready to leave in like ten minutes."

"Alright Nik, I'll see you in Boston tomorrow. Be good."

"See ya."


The drive to the airport went quickly and the airport itself brought long security lines. Once they had made it to their gate they found somewhere to get something to eat. Broading call came and the Staal's found their seats in the middle of the plane. Take off and landing were relatively smooth, well as smooth as take and landing can be. Upon arriving in Boston they called a cab, and opened the door to their hotel room at about six-thirty.

Dinner was brought up by room service and the night was spent quietly... well as quiet as they could make it.

The next morning they went down to the lobby to get breakfast and looked around Boston for a while before the rest of the players started to arrive. All of the guys from Pittsburgh flew in together and met up with Miriya, Jordan, and Scott for a late lunch. "Long time, no see," Miriya said.

"So what's the deal for tonight?" Sid asked.

"Dinner with the rest of the guys, tomorrow we sign for the fans, then the skill competition, and finally Sunday is the game."

That night everyone met in the banquet room for dinner. Miriya had just sat down with the rest of the Penguins when there was tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a tall, handsome man with short brown hair, and who looked a lot younger than he really was. "Coach Staal!"

"Savvy! I haven't talked to you in forever, how are you?"

"Pretty good, working hard. Your team's kicking ass this year."

Miriya smiled and Sid got up from the table to join the conversation. "Marc."

"Sidney," Marc said extending his hand.

"I don't understand how you can be such good friends off the ice, but when you're playing talk shit and practically kill each other."

"You know how it is," Jordan said. "No friends on the ice."

With that being said everyone sat down to eat and finished their conversations after wards. Miriya took time to talk to all of the players from both conferences but spending the most time with Eric, Pat, Johnny, and Savvy. Haley watched Scott so that she could get used to taking care of a baby; she would be watching him during all of the fan appearances, skills competition, and the game as well.


Saturday morning the All-Stars met for breakfast and shortly after arrived at the Bank-North Garden where there were thousands of fans. Signing autographs and taking pictures took up most of the day and dinner was squeezed in before the skills competition. All of the players wore their teams jersey and waited in the locker room for introductions. Once introduced they stood on or around the benches as the first event was set to take place.

The first challenge was the fastest skater and two Penguins were involved; Sidney and Kris. The first few skaters rounded the last corner with decent times, Sid was the fifth skater, ending up with the fastest time with only one skater left. That skater was Kris, who quickly rounded the ice shaving two seconds off Sidney's time; getting a point for the East.

Accuracy was next and Geno who had joined the eight for eight club in oh-nine was one of those competing. He was the second shooter and eight for eight again, bringing the East another point.
To give the big All-Stars a break it was time for the Young Stars game in which Nik was participating for the second year in a row. As always the Young Stars game was high scoring and the East won it 12-11. The final Eastern goal was scored by Nik to complete his hat-trick, he had a goal in each period.

Following the Young Stars Game was the hardest shot in which no Penguins participated. On the jumbo-tron they showed Zedeno Chara's one-hundred mile an hour plus shot from 2009. Miriya sat on the bench watching the festivities and soon she found herself joined by a Versus reporter. Those who were watching on TV heard, "Hello I'm Bill Patrick and welcome back to Hockey Central. The Pittsburgh Penguins who have had what many would call an amazing season are well represented at this year's All-Star Game. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Kris Letang will compete for the Eastern Conference tomorrow, Nik Vandershmut participated in the Young Stars Game earlier tonight for the second year in a row, and lastly Penguins' head coach Miriya Staal is the East's assistant coach; Versus James Waters is standing by with Miriya, James."

"As Bill said the Penguins are well represented in Boston this weekend. Now Miriya, what were your thoughts when you were asked to be the Eastern All-Stars assistant coach?"

"At first I was shocked but really excited. Of course my team was a big part in all of this, if they weren't playing as well as they have been there's no way that I would have been chosen for this position."

"Staalsy you've gotta watch me!" Savvy said from the ice.

"Alright Staalsy, one more question," James said. "There are so many great players here this weekend, what's it like coaching a bunch of guys you're normally playing against?"

"I haven't really done much coaching and tomorrow I'm going to leave most of it up to Mike. But as you said there's a ton of great players, a lot of them who are friends of mine , so it's a lot of fun to get to see them. Normally they're on the other side of the score sheet so it's fun to be on the same side."

"Thanks Staalsy, back to the action on the ice."

Miriya looked back to the ice where the break-away competition was bout to start. Creativity was the most important thing when it came to break-aways and the puck didn't have to go in the net. Each player had one minute to go on as many break-aways as possible. Jordan and Marc were competing and both did well. The fans decided the winner, for the first time it wasn't Ovechkin but Savard. "Good job Savvy," Miriya said patting his shoulder as he skated past the bench.

The last event of the night was a shoot-out in which every player participated. It lasted quite a while as some beautiful goals were scored, as well as some fantastic saves which sent the skater to the showers. It ended when Pat Kane blasted a shot top-shelf, stick side, sending all of the players to the locker room and the fans home.

Upon arriving back at the hotel Miriya changed Scott into his pajamas and put him to bed. She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and she leaned back against his tall frame. "Big, bad All-Star coach," he placed a kiss on the top of her head. "You ready for tomorrow?"

"Mhm, are you?" She asked after spitting the toothpaste into the sink.

"Yes. You know what I love about playing in the All-Star game?" Miriya looked up at him. "It's not stressful like every other game. We go out there and play well for the fans but it's a chance to relax and not worry about standings."

She turned with a smile and kissed his lips. "We'll I'm glad you're enjoying being an All-Star, you've always been mine." Jordan smiled at this and soon his lips were back on hers and he pushed her against the wall. "Who's room is next to ours?" Miriya asked pulling away from the heated kiss.

"It think it might be your best friend Savvy," he said while pulling her shirt up. Miriya smiled removing his shirt as well and reconnected their lips.


The next morning Miriya walked out of her room with Scott and Jordan as Marc was coming out of his.

"You have a good night?" Marc asked with a smile.

"Yes, sorry about that."

"It's cool, it actually wasn't that bad. Besides, how else are you gonna get another little Staal? Scott's such a cutie."

"Thanks Savvy, you going to breakfast?"

The four of them went down stairs where there was breakfast for all of the All-Stars. After breakfast there was a morning skate where the teams got to actually be a team. The East was looking good with the Penguins centering the top three lines and overall everyone was playing as a team. the West was also looking good, but the East knew that they could take them.

Following the morning skate fans were waiting outside for autographs and once they were satisfied the players went back to the hotel to get something to eat and take a short pre-game nap. Arriving back at the arena the East pulled their red jerseys on and anxiously awaited the announcement of both teams. The starters for both teams stood in their respective runways while the rest of the team stood on the ice. The coaches stood on the benches awaiting the opening face-off. Miriya stood on the East's bench along with head coach Mike Babcock. He had been fired from the Wings in 2011 and had been coaching the Rangers following that.The Rangers had been having a good season but the only reason Mike was chosen over Miriya was because he had more experience, and Miriya was okay with that.

After the National Anthem came the opening face-off which lead to an Eastern Conference goal; Sidney Crosby from Zach Parise and Eric Staal. the game was exciting and just like all All-Star games it was high scoring. It was tied at ten until the clock displayed thirteen point two seconds. Jordan scored the winner with an assist from Eric Staal and Marc Savard, a line of all centers. The Eastern Conference bench and their fans rose to their feet as they won yet another All-Star Game.

Following the game the players finished getting things signed by the rest of their team and while walking out signed for fans who were waiting. Arriving back at the hotel Miriya put Scott to bed and packed most of her stuff since the Penguins would be leaving the next day after breakfast.
Monday morning Miriya and Jordan with Haley, Pat, Eric and Savvy. "I'm gonna miss you guys, it's been great to hang out with you. Pat and Haley, again congrats on the baby. Eric, oh my brother-in-law, I love you. Savvy, I miss hanging out with you, but you're coming to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks and we'll have to hang out, okay?"

"Yep, we should skate together."

"Sounds good to me, good-bye guys. I'd love to stay but we've got a plane to catch." She stood from the table and hugged everyone from both teams before leaving. All of those in the Penguins' organization went to the airport to fly back to Pittsburgh to continue to dominate the National Hockey League.


"Morning baby," Jordan said Tuesday morning.

"Good morning my love, you ready to hit the ice?"

"Yep, I'll try not to beat Parent up tonight."

Miriya laughed, "Sounds good to me. Are you and Nik meeting me at the arena?"

"Yep, I'll see you there. I love you coach Staal." Miriya smiled, Jordan kissed her lips and she left for the arena.

Morning skate had ended and everyone was just about ready to leave but were killing time and just sitting around the locker room. "First game back from the All-Star break, we've all gotten some rest but let's not let that affect our game, okay?" She looked around the room and saw a delivery man walking in. "Can I help you?

"Yes coach Staal I'm hoping that you can," a sly smile came to his face and he pulled a gun from his pocket. "Staal, Malkin, Crosby, Eaton, Orpik, Letang, Laraque, and Malone out, everyone else sit down and shut up!"