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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Sixty-Four

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating much lately, but I haven't gotten any writing done on any of my three stories since school ended. I have however been working on two one shots. One is about Andrew Orpik, the brother of Penguins' defenseman Brooks Orpik. That one shot is currently posted and it would mean a great deal if you guys checked it out and commented. The other one shot is about Eric Godard and should be posted in the next few days. In the mean time please enjoy this chapter, comments are greatly appreciated.


Wednesday morning there was no practice and the team would be training and bonding. Miriya rolled out of bed for the first time in months on her own. No alarm had sounded and Scotty had no cried. Her eyes had fluttered open out of a peaceful sleep and she went to see if Scott was awake yet. He still lay soundly sleeping in his crib and Miriya couldn’t help but smile. She made her way back to bed and lay back down next to Jordan. “Scotty okay?”

“Yean, he’s still asleep. You ready for training?”

“Sure, am I able to do it?”

“I’m sure that you can do most of it. I won’t make you do push-ups. When we go dragon boating, if you’re wrist starts to hurt then you can just sit, but you’re not getting out of it.”

He placed a kiss on her cheek and got out of bed. “I’m gonna see if Scotty’s up yet.”

Miriya still lay in bed, thinking about the last few years. When she was fifteen she could have never imagined being as happy as she was. She had all that she wanted in great friends, a talented, supportive, sexy husband, and a beautiful son. The big house and expensive cars were just perks when it came along with living her dream. Her train of thought as broken when Jordan sat down next to her.

“Thank you baby.”

“For what?”

“Helping to make my dreams come true,” she smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. “You’re the reason I had enough confidence to go for the announcing internship. You’re the one who motivated me to work hard for the announcing and now the coaching job. You’re the reason that I’m happily married, and in love, and have a beautiful son. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but you did most of that on your own.” He brought his lips down to her and smiled. “I love you baby.”

“You too.”

Jordan pushed Miriya back onto the pillow and reconnected their lips. He leaned forward and let out a sigh of pain. He pulled his lips from hers and the weight from his wrist.

“Aw baby, let’s not do that anymore. Rest wrist and I’ll go make breakfast.”


Everyone stood at the ninth street bridge ready for the day’s training, dressed in shorts and t-shirts. “Okay boys, stretch out, I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I don’t think I can handle anymore injuries,” she looked to Jordan with a smile.

After stretching the team ran from the bridge, past PNC Park, and down to the steps by Heinz Field. Everyone has arrived in good time and was given a short time to sit and talk amongst themselves. “Alright boys, sits-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks.”

“But coach, the ground is gross,” Colby said in his fake gay voice.

“Well Colbs, would you rather run to the bridge and back again?”

“Nope I’m good, sit-ups and push-ups sound great.”

Miriya couldn’t help but laugh at this as the team got down to do sit-ups. Jordan did sit-ups and jumping jacks but when the guys did push-ups he sat by and watched. Miriya walked along the side of the river to make sure that everyone was working, and thought about how much she loved being with the boys.

The dragon boating instructors waited down by the river with two boats, paddles, and a pile of life jackets. After everything was explained and everyone was divided into groups they put their life jackets on and got into the boats that sat bobbing on the water. The safety boat trailed behind the two large boats and had offered for Miriya and Michelle to ride along with Cassie and Mike Yeo, but they refused.

“Oh boy, Colby’s in the boat with us Chelle,” Miriya said before climbing in.

“Colby, I swear if you make us tip there’s going to be hell,” Bugsy said from the front of the boat.

Surprisingly both boats made it safely back to the dock and everyone shed their life jackets before heading up to the grassy area. Everyone sat down on the steps at the large statue until Miriya told them that it was okay to leave. The guys headed their separate ways; most of them to their cars and home. Jordan and Miriya however crossed the bridge and made their way to the fountain at the point.

“Why are you such a great coach?” Jordan asked climbing up onto the edge of the fountain.

“Because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be your coach,” she said, smiling.

“Good point.”

They sat at the point for a while before enjoying the sunny October day. After a while though they made their way back home where Nik and Erin were playing with Scott.

“Nik, you’re going to be such a great dad someday.”

“Thanks Staalsy,” he said smiling. “Oh, Erin made lunch.”

“You two are amazing,” she said turning towards the kitchen.


That night Jordan put Scott to bed while Miriya showered. He passed the time channel surfing as he waited for his wife. The water shut off and a few minutes later Miriya entered the room with a big Penguins’ t-shirt. The “C” in the upper corner is what drew Jordan’s attention. “Really babe, Sid?”

“Sorry babe, the shirt was clean.”

“Well let’s get rid of it and make it all Staal,” he said seductively.

“I like the sound of that, Mr. Staal.” Miriya made her way to the bed, inching the shirt up as she went. Though it only took a few seconds for her to make it to the bed Jordan looked as though he was going to pounce. She crawled onto the bed, the shirt still covering most of her body. Jordan pulled her to him and quickly brought the shirt over her head just before bringing her lips to his. “Wow babe, you’d think you were deprived,” she said pulling away, keeping her lips just inches from his.

“I’m sorry baby,” he kissed her. “but you’re just so sexy.” Miriya couldn’t help but giggle as he pressed he pressed his lips to hers again.


“So Jay, how’s your wrist after last night?” Nik asked at breakfast the next morning.


“You guys really need to do something about how loud you are, I’m right down the hall.”

“Sorry,” Miriya said with a smile. “Come on boys we’ve gotta get to morning skate.”

The dishes were cleared from the table and everyone left for morning skate. They had just finished laps when Miriya called Sid for. “Yeah coach?” He asked stick handling the air.

“Where’s your wife?”

“She had a doctor’s appointment, she’ll be here for the game though.”
Miriya sent him back to practicing as she skated among the guys to make sure that they were working. They ran a few passing drills and then scrimmaged to get ready for the game that night. When practice ended the team headed home for their pre-game rituals.

Sid entered his house to find it unusually quiet and went to search for his wife. “Hey baby,” he said peaking into Christiano’s room. Michelle sat in the rocking chair in the corner looking at her son, Christiano, who lay asleep in his crib.

“Hey, can I talk to you?” Sid nodded. “Sid,” she paused. “We’re going to have another baby.”

Sidney’s face lit up and he pulled her from the chair. He lifted her from the ground, spinning her around and pressing his lips to hers. He led her to their room and sat down on the bed after removing his t-shirt. He sat there, his eyes and lips hungry for her.

“What about you pre-game nap?” Michelle asked sitting on the bed next to him.

“It can wait, I’ll just go in a little later today,” he said placing a kiss on her cheek.


Sidney woke up from his pre-game nap and went to shower as Michelle went to make a quick pre-game dinner.

The few people who usually awaited Sid’s arrival were still there when he got there an hour and half later than normal. “Hey guys, sorry we’re late.”
“It’s okay Sid, good luck tonight.”

The guys suited up, went out for the for pre-game skate and awaited the start of the game. Miriya had made her pre-game speech and asked if anyone had anything else to say before they took the ice.

Sidney stood up from his stall and Michelle came from the doorway and they met in the middle of the room. “There’s going to be another Crosby in about nine months,” Michelle said with a wide smile.

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One shot?

Hey guys, I just posted a one shot that I'm very proud of and would greatly appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you very much.

She Said Yes.

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Sixty-three

I love living in Pittsburgh! We have the greatest football team and more importantly at the moment, the best hockey team. I'm still in shock that we did it, but it's a good shock. I went to the parade yesterday and it was so wroth getting there seven hours before the parade started. I was super close to the stage and got a ton of amazing pics, if you want to see them send me an email an I'll see what I can do. Anyway here's a new chapter of Jordan! I hope you enjoy it, as always comments are grealy appreciated.

Chapter Sixty-Three

Monday came and with it morning skate, that night the Pens would be playing the Flyers. Since there was still a few minutes before practice was going to start the boys were talking at different places around the ice; some working on their shot or sticking handling, Miriya however was just skating.

She rounded a corner and went down. 'Nothing major, hockey players lose their edge and all the time," she thought to herself. That is until she tired to get up. "Shit!" By this point most of the team had made its way over.

"You okay?" Brooksy asked from the crease.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She pulled herself up using the boards for support, tried to take a stride with her left leg and quickly grabbed back onto the boards.

"You wanna go to the locker room?" Mark asked, concerned for his coach.

"Yeah, Mike take over until I get back."

"Sure thing coach," Mike Yeo said. "Jordan and Kris help her out."

With the support of two of her favorite people Miriya let her left skate glide along the ice as they made their way to the locker room. "Chelle!" Jordan said as they stepped off the runway. "You've got a patient."

"Which of you boys got hurt before practice even started?" She walked into the room and stopped in her tracks. "Coach, what happened to you?"

"Lost my edge and went down pretty hard on my bad knee," she said as Jordan gently set her on one of the tables in the training room.

"You know you don’t have to go back out, Mike can handle it."

"I know he can but baby I've played with a dislocated shoulder, I think I can coach with a hurt knee. And you know that I've hurt my knee so many times now I just fight through it."

"Don't worry about it boys, I'll have her back on the ice in no time."

"Thanks Chelle, see you on the ice babe," he kissed her cheek and turned to make his way back to the ice with Kris.

"Baby," Miriya said sadly and both guys turned to face her. "Kris, don't I get a kiss?"

"Sure babe. I thought that while we were doing anything team related I had to act like we were just friends; after all, you are my coach."

"Well everyone knows about it, so you have the same restrictions as Jordan."

"Okay," he said with a smile and kissed her check. "I'll see you out there coach."

The boys went back to the ice and Michelle got to work. She rolled up Miriya's track pants to reveal a knee that had already started to bruise. "We're not worried about the bruise, right?"

"Yeah, it's out again. Just work your magic and put it back in again."

Within fifteen minutes Miriya's knee was back in place and all that hurt was big purple mark. She grabbed a pair of shorts from the locker room and wrapped her knee in ice. "Thanks Dr. Crosby," she said as Michelle put the plastic wrap down.

"No problem, get out there coach."

When she took the ice again the entire team applauded. "Thanks boys but I've come back from worse. Get back to work."

When practice ended Miriya headed home for her pre-game nap and a pre-game meal of steak that Erin had prepared for them. "So Miriya, how's your knee?" Jordan asked.

"Good, I can't believe I lost my edge like that."

"Yeah, you did go down pretty hard," Nik added.

After the table was cleared everyone left for the arena, the entrance to the parking lot was surrounded by fans awaiting the arrival of anyone who was willing to give an autograph. Miriya rolled her window down and signed for a few fans before pulling into her spot.

The fans above cheered for the three of them as they made their way from the car to the arena. Once they made it inside Jordan turned one way to go to the locker room with Scotty and Miriya the other to go to her office to prepare for the game.

Even though she was new to this she had her pre-game ritual down like she had been doing it all her life. She took her gold Penguins' chain from the picture of Hedberg on the shelf behind her desk and kissed it before placing it around her neck. With her stereo all the up she turned on 'Don't Stop Believing' to get herself pumped up. When the song ended she made her way to the locker room to give her pre-game speech, after all of the players arrived of course.

"Coach, are you going to listen to that before every game?' Colby asked.

"Yes Colby, do you have a problem with that?"

"No but…"

"Do I question any of you about your pre-game rituals?"

"No but could you at least turn it down?"

"Sure Colbs, I'll turn it down."

"I can't believe you questioned Miriya and listening to Don't Stop Believing. You don't mess with Mir and her song," Michelle said with a straight face.

That was the last thing said before the boys hit the ice for pre-game skate.
Both teams looked strong early but the Guins managed to cash in first. Jordan put it in top shelf with help from Max and Brooks at four thirty-two if the first period. The crowd went crazy the second the red light went off to signal Jordan's second goal of the season. Also in that period Marc made a glove save as the Flyers' rookie Steve Williams was in on a one on oh. He took the shot from the hash and Marc whipped his glove out to cover the open part of the net, the Guins' keeping the one goal lead.


"Yeah coach?"

"Keep scoring goals like that and you may out score Sid this season," she placed her hand on his back. "Keep up the good work."

They headed out for the second period and again the Guins struck first. Marc had played the puck behind the net and up to Colby. Army took it up to the blue line where he passed it to Sid who spilt the D and spun around putting the puck stick side of the Flyer's goalie. Sid's first goal of the season came on the power play at six forty-three.

Six minutes later Geno notched his first goal of the season with help from Whit and Jamesy. The wrister from the slot went in at twelve thirty-six. Marc made another amazing save, this time diving across the net to stop a Ryan Parent slap shot. With a three-nothing lead the boys and Miriya made their way to the locker room with wide smiles.

The boys were ready to go out for the last twenty minutes and hold on to their lead. However early in the frame Jordan had the puck behind the Flyers' net and waited for Max to get to the corner so that he could pass it out. After the pass had connected and play had moved to the front of the net a Flyer came charging in, dropped his shoulder and slammed Jordan hard into the end boards. Jordan still lay on the ice, obviously in pain, and play finally stopped when the Flyers' goalie had the puck in his glove.

There was no sign of a penalty being called causing Miriya to call the officials over to the bench as the trainers went to tend to Jordan behind the net.

"Are you kidding me, how can you not call a penalty on that. There's at least three things that could be. First of all, interference, that was definitely a late hit. Two, boarding, there was no way in hell that was a clean hit, he clearly dropped his shoulder. Three, charging, three or more strides before checking and opponent. He was in front of the net before he hit him. Have you guys read the rule book?"

"Yes Mrs. Staal we have. There is no penalty and when your husband is cleared from the ice play will resume."

The officials skated away as Jordan was helped off to the locker room. "Son of bitches."

"Staalsy, you okay?" Eats asked looking back.

"I've seen too many hits like that go bad. There could have been three calls on that play, he should be suspended at least one game, depending on the extent of the injury. And I'm not just saying this because he's my husband or even because he's someone on my team. If Jordan would have thrown that hit I'd say that he should be suspended and he probably would be."

"I know. He'll be fine."

"Thanks Eats, Whit and Jamesy are out there double shifting it, get out there."

On that shift Scuds picked up the puck along the boards and slid a cross ice pass to Eats. Mark took it up to the slot where he dropped in back to Nik. With a one-timer from the hash Nik pit it past the goalie to give the Guins a four-nothing lead.

"Good job boys, that's for Jordan."

Three minutes later Ryan Parent picked the puck off Geno's stick and headed the other way. His break-away ended with the puck behind Fleury, the unassisted goal was scored at ten oh three.

"He should at least still be in the box if not thrown out of the game."

When the final buzzer rang Miriya quickly made her way to the training room to check up on Jordan, before even giving her post game speech to the boys.

"Michelle, how is he?" She asked before even entering the room.

"He dislocated his right shoulder, I popped it back in. He shouldn't need surgery, but the only way to tell is an MRI. He also messed up his right wrist pretty bad, I'm pretty sure it's broken. We're sending him to the hospital to get an MRI and a cast, he'll be out four to six weeks."

"Okay," she said with a sigh. "I've gotta go face the boys and the press. I'm so sorry baby, it's not fair that you were hurt two games into the season. But I've gotta go before the press starts an angry mob."

"It's not your fault babe. But I won't go to the hospital until you're with me."

"Aww I'll see you later, I love you." She lightly hugged him and left a kissing on his cheek before going to address the team.

When the post game speech had been given Miriya made her way to her post game press conference . From the second she stepped into the room reporters were yelling questions.
"Coach, how do you feel about Jordan getting hurt?"

"I feel that the officials did not make the necessary call at the time. He could have been seriously injured, but in any case a penalty should have been called."

"Is there any word on how serious the injury is and how long he'll be out?"

"I'm not at liberty to disclose the injury, but the word from Dr. Crosby is that he will be out anywhere from four to six weeks."

"How do you plan on handling this loss?"

"It is a loss, Jordan is a key player, but we'll fight through it."

Finally, she was done answering questions and made her way back to the training room where Jordan was waiting. Michelle had wrapped his wrist in an ace bandage, it wasn't doing much, but it would help until they got to the hospital. He also had a bag of ice on his shoulder to try to help keep the swelling down.

The three made their way out to the ambulance, Jordan and Miriya obviously in the back and Michelle in Miriya's Stang. Without sirens or flashing lights they drive for two minutes before arriving at the hospital.

Jordan first had an MRI which showed that there wasn't enough damage for surgery to be needed. His wrist was then put in a cast and within a few hours of arriving they walked out the front doors to find where Michelle parked.

Nik had taken Scott home with him and they were sound asleep when Miriya and Jordan arrived home after dropping Michelle off at the arena.

The next morning it was off to practice where Miriya would be making line changes and Jordan would be taking care of Scott, to the best of his ability, he was still pretty injured. When the boys hit the ice Jordan took a seat on the bench and watched what he was missing out on.

"Baby look," Jordan said holding his right arm up. "I had all of the guys sign it."

"You're such a little kid," she tried to hold her laughter in. "But I love you."

The boys ran warm-ups and waited at center ice for instructions.

"Alright, Hallsy you're taking the third line and Ben you're centering the fourth. Let's see how these two lines look now."

Practice went well and when it ended the boys showered and made their way into the sunny October day. There was a crowd waiting outside for autographs, as usual.

"Jordan, Jordan can I have your autograph?" the fans asked as he and Miriya walked towards them, Miriya always signed for everyone there following practice.

"I would love to sign for you guys but I can't, I'm sorry."

One fan booed and the others around him joined in.

"He said he was sorry that he can't sign for you. If you're going to be made at anyone its Ryan Parent, he's the one who hit Jordan last night."

With that being said Miriya turned back towards the car and she, Jordan and Scott walked through the parking lot to their car and left without another word.

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Sixty-Two

Friday came and with it the last day before the home opener. Miriya had managed to stay calm thus far, even through the continuing newspaper articles of her predicted failure. One that the team enjoyed was entitled 'Beginner's Luck' it went on to say that the four preseason games were won out of pure luck and that once the real season was under way she was surely in for failure.

"There you guys go, good pass, good save Flower. Get back D get back, there you go, good, Sid pas. There you go Nik, Army's in front. Good Job Arms, let's run it again boys."

For some reason now more than ever Miriya felt like a coach, like she had the power to control her team. She thought this as she watched her first line run a scoring play.

"Nice poke-check Conks, this is what I wanna see tomorrow night. Second line, you're up." Geno's line stepped onto the ice and ran the same drill, Jordan and Adam's lines following that.

Miriya blew the whistle after Marc had covered the puck, signaling the end of the drill. "Scrimmage, losing team does suicides."

"What do we get if we win?" Max asked.

"To go to the locker room and shower while your teammates do suicides, sound okay Maxi?"


The top two lines were to play against the third and fourth lines. The top two lines, team A, had Brooks, Tanger, and Jamesy for D. Team B, the third and fourth lines, had Whit, Eats, Scuds, and Ric.

"Coach we're down a D," Bugsy pointed out.

"Well, I was going to be mean and say just rotate, but since I'm nice I'm going to play D with Jamesy."

Team A now wore wide smiles, team B complained about how it wasn't fair. Miriya said nothing more and just skated to the bench to wait for her turn to hit the ice. On her third or fourth shift Max was behind the net after the puck, Miriya, being the physical defenseman that she was laid a hard check on him, causing the glass to rattle.

In the end team B won by one goal; they headed to the locker room while team A, including Miriya went to the goal line.

"Wow coach I didn't think you would do suicides too."

"Well I was part of the losing team wasn't I, Eats?"

At that point the whistle blew causing the losing team to speed down the ice. After a few minutes Miriya told the boys to hit the showers and everyone headed to the locker room.

Max still sat at this stall waiting for Miriya. "And they say girls can't hit," he said with a laugh.

"Sorry, you should be used to physical defensemen now," she paused. "Ones who are six-three, two-twenty not five-one, one-twenty, on a good day."

"You’re right, I'm sorry coach."

"Good you should be," She said jokingly. "I'll see you in the morning."

Morning skate went well the next day and everyone, including Miriya, was ready for the game that night. Her pre-game nap was shortened more than it would have been when Scotty started crying. Once he was giggling again Miriya figured that it was time to get ready for the game.

Dressed in her new black pin stripe suit she made her way to the arena. She left Scott with Jordan were Mel would soon be picking him up to watch him during the game.

The boys wandered into the locker room and once they were all dressed in their black jerseys it was time for the pre-game skate.

Miriya had gone to the locker room to talk to Cassie and Michelle and she could hear the crowd's cheers from there.

It was finally just minutes before everyone was to talk the ice and Miriya made her way to the center of the locker room. "Alright boys, you know the crowd out there is crazy, can you feel the intensity? They're out there cheering like it's the Stanley Cup Finals," The guys all smiled at this. "Now there are people who don't believe in us, well they don't believe in me. We won all four of our preseason games and they called it beginner's luck. Let's get out there and show them that we can play, that we can win!"

As always with the home opener the coaching, equipment, and training staff went out and were announced. They stood on the bench as the arena was dark except for the circling spotlights.

"And your head coach, Miriya Staal!" The crowd erupted with cheers as the spotlight moved to Miriya and she waved to the fans.

The announcers for the Habs though, were not so nice. "Staal, who lead her team to four wins in the preseason, sure looks professional tonight, but that doesn't mean that she has what it takes to lead a team. As she said, we'd have to wait and see. We're just minutes from the start of the home opener, we've waited, now let's see."

The players were announced and skated out one by one as the crowd cheered and chanted their names. The lights came up and the anthem was sung by Pittsburgh favorite, Jeff Jimmerson.

The stating line-up of Sid, Colby, Nik, Brooks, Kris and Marc stood only the newly cleaned ice awaiting the drop of the opening face-off. The crowd was deafening, even after the drop of the puck.

About three minutes in Nik had the puck in the neutral zone, after intercepting a Habs' pass. Taking it up to the offensive zone he dropped it back to Sid. Sid carried it to the hash before centering to Colby. With a quick one-timer he flipped it up over Carey Price's shoulder giving the Pens a one-nothing lead at three twenty-one.

The crowd was insane and the boys on the bench could barely hear Miriya yelling, "Good job."

At fifteen minutes the Habs were called for hooking and the rookie slowly skated to the box. The Habs dumped it in right off the face-off and the top D went back to pick it up from behind the net. Scuds stick handled for a few seconds before taking it up. Once he got to the point he put it across to Eats who let a slapper rip. The shot was blocked in front by a Habs' defenseman but picked by Hallsy who put it up, top shelf.

"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number eighteen Adam Hall assisted by number seven Mark Eaton and number four Rob Scuderi at fifteen forty-three, a power play goal."

At the end of twenty minutes the Guins were up by two and smiled filled the locker room. And when they went back out for the second the crowd was somehow louder than they had been.

The Guins didn't score in the second, the Habs did however. Jason Williams, a rookie scored at six fifty-four to bring the game a little closer.

Hard hits were thrown and for no reason Brooks got a five minute boarding major after throwing a clean hit. Miriya called the officials over to argue the call, but the refs took the Habs side.

The third however went more the Guins way. Mid-way through the period Jamesy got the puck in the defensive zone and showed off his stick handling skills. He took it up to the neutral zone before giving Geno a lead pass. A quick cross ice pass was given to Crush who snapped it between Price's pads and the post at seven fifty-five.

The Habs received a tripping call at eighteen thirty causing their coach to call a time out. Seconds after play began again Price quickly skated to the bench so that they would be back at five skaters. Tanger passed the puck across to Brooks who passed it up to Jordan. Jordan let a slapper rip from the hash.

The crowd, team, Miriya, and Jordan went crazy. The Habs put their goalie back in knowing that there was no chance of a come back. Jordan's first goal of the season was scored at nineteen minutes, a power play, empty net goal.

"Coach, coach," The reporters said. "What do you think of what the newspapers have been saying about you?"

"I say look at the way the boys are playing, we're winning games and people can think what they want."

"Do you feel that you have what it takes to coach this team all year, you're only twenty-four."

"If I didn't think I could do the job I would not have taken it when Ray offered in April. And as for being twenty-four, the youngest coach in NHL history was twenty-four. I'm only five months younger than when he started."

After a few more questions of that nature Miriya made her way to the locker room where most of the boys were already showered and pulling on their suit jackets. Mel came in from the lounge with Scott and handed him to Miriya before leaving with Colby and Jamie.

With Scott asleep in his crib Miriya stepped into the bedroom where Jordan sat on the bed. "Babe you look amazing in that suit, did I tell you that?"

"You did, great job tonight."

"It's all on you coach, if it weren't for you there's no way we could have won." She smiled widely while taking off her suit jacket. "Let me give you a hand." Her white blouse was
unbuttoned and off in record time, and her pin stripe pants followed just as quickly. She stood in just a lacey tan bra and matching underwear. "Babe I think since you became my coach you got sexier."

"Really? Well last time I checked you were pretty sexy yourself, let's make sure. Jordan quickly took off his own suit jacket off and was helped with the rest by his lovely wife. "Yeah, you're still pretty sexy."

She looked him up and down, stopping briefly at the area covered by a thin layer of black cotton. With a giggle she looked back up to his beautiful blue eyes, which were now looking over Miriya, stopping at the perfect, full breasts only partly covered by a thin layer of fabric. His seductive smile drew her to him, she ran her hands over his muscular chest and stomach as his roamed her toned stomach, breasts and well toned thighs.

He picked her up and a smiled that he loved spread across her face. "I love you coach, congrats on the win," he said and finally kissed her. All of the fire that could be seen in his eyes was poured into this kiss.

"I'll try to coach you to more win if it gets you like this." He laughed and pulled her lips back to his.

They made their way to the bathroom where the remaining clothing was shed. After awhile in the shower they went back to the bedroom to finish their intense night.

"I love you Miriya Lauryl Staal, I'm so glad that I met you."

"I love you too, but don't think I'm gonna go easy on you at practice in the morning."
He laughed and placed a kiss on her check, it felt like a feather compared to the rest of the night. "Goodnight beautiful, I'll see you bright and early for practice."

"Goodnight handsome."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting Young Sidney

So this is where you're going to want to kill me. *sheilds face* Sidney Crosby pulled out of the parking lot and decided that he was going to sign. We were told to get in an orderly line and that he would sign for all of us. We all got in line, I was either the third or fourth. My friend had my jersey down at the light and was trying to get Geno to sign for me, the attempt was unsuccessful. So I thought to myself, "What am I going to have him sign." I looked down at the Guins shirt I was wearing and said, "Okay he's going to sign my shirt." I got up to his car, handed him the sharpie and he signed my shirt, on the stomach of the Penguin and I'm sure you know where that falls. Yes Sidney Crosby touched me! Sorry I'm okay again. My camera which was hanging on my wrist accidently bumped his car and I apologized at least three times, he was a sweet heart and said, "Don't worry about it." I thanked him for signing my shirt at least three times. The funny thing was the whole time I was standing less than a foot from the man, when he touched me, when I touched his car, I wasn't thinking "Oh my God it's Sidney Crosby," No, I was thinking, "Wow his beard looks good in person." I know I am such a lame and probably the only female Penguins' fan who would be thinking that while that close to Sidney Patrick Crosby. After I walked away there was about a three second span that I turned into a puck bunny, jumped up and in a little kid voice said, quietly, "Sidney." Overall it was a good time.