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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Sixty-Four

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating much lately, but I haven't gotten any writing done on any of my three stories since school ended. I have however been working on two one shots. One is about Andrew Orpik, the brother of Penguins' defenseman Brooks Orpik. That one shot is currently posted and it would mean a great deal if you guys checked it out and commented. The other one shot is about Eric Godard and should be posted in the next few days. In the mean time please enjoy this chapter, comments are greatly appreciated.


Wednesday morning there was no practice and the team would be training and bonding. Miriya rolled out of bed for the first time in months on her own. No alarm had sounded and Scotty had no cried. Her eyes had fluttered open out of a peaceful sleep and she went to see if Scott was awake yet. He still lay soundly sleeping in his crib and Miriya couldn’t help but smile. She made her way back to bed and lay back down next to Jordan. “Scotty okay?”

“Yean, he’s still asleep. You ready for training?”

“Sure, am I able to do it?”

“I’m sure that you can do most of it. I won’t make you do push-ups. When we go dragon boating, if you’re wrist starts to hurt then you can just sit, but you’re not getting out of it.”

He placed a kiss on her cheek and got out of bed. “I’m gonna see if Scotty’s up yet.”

Miriya still lay in bed, thinking about the last few years. When she was fifteen she could have never imagined being as happy as she was. She had all that she wanted in great friends, a talented, supportive, sexy husband, and a beautiful son. The big house and expensive cars were just perks when it came along with living her dream. Her train of thought as broken when Jordan sat down next to her.

“Thank you baby.”

“For what?”

“Helping to make my dreams come true,” she smiled, resting her head on his shoulder. “You’re the reason I had enough confidence to go for the announcing internship. You’re the one who motivated me to work hard for the announcing and now the coaching job. You’re the reason that I’m happily married, and in love, and have a beautiful son. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but you did most of that on your own.” He brought his lips down to her and smiled. “I love you baby.”

“You too.”

Jordan pushed Miriya back onto the pillow and reconnected their lips. He leaned forward and let out a sigh of pain. He pulled his lips from hers and the weight from his wrist.

“Aw baby, let’s not do that anymore. Rest wrist and I’ll go make breakfast.”


Everyone stood at the ninth street bridge ready for the day’s training, dressed in shorts and t-shirts. “Okay boys, stretch out, I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I don’t think I can handle anymore injuries,” she looked to Jordan with a smile.

After stretching the team ran from the bridge, past PNC Park, and down to the steps by Heinz Field. Everyone has arrived in good time and was given a short time to sit and talk amongst themselves. “Alright boys, sits-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks.”

“But coach, the ground is gross,” Colby said in his fake gay voice.

“Well Colbs, would you rather run to the bridge and back again?”

“Nope I’m good, sit-ups and push-ups sound great.”

Miriya couldn’t help but laugh at this as the team got down to do sit-ups. Jordan did sit-ups and jumping jacks but when the guys did push-ups he sat by and watched. Miriya walked along the side of the river to make sure that everyone was working, and thought about how much she loved being with the boys.

The dragon boating instructors waited down by the river with two boats, paddles, and a pile of life jackets. After everything was explained and everyone was divided into groups they put their life jackets on and got into the boats that sat bobbing on the water. The safety boat trailed behind the two large boats and had offered for Miriya and Michelle to ride along with Cassie and Mike Yeo, but they refused.

“Oh boy, Colby’s in the boat with us Chelle,” Miriya said before climbing in.

“Colby, I swear if you make us tip there’s going to be hell,” Bugsy said from the front of the boat.

Surprisingly both boats made it safely back to the dock and everyone shed their life jackets before heading up to the grassy area. Everyone sat down on the steps at the large statue until Miriya told them that it was okay to leave. The guys headed their separate ways; most of them to their cars and home. Jordan and Miriya however crossed the bridge and made their way to the fountain at the point.

“Why are you such a great coach?” Jordan asked climbing up onto the edge of the fountain.

“Because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be your coach,” she said, smiling.

“Good point.”

They sat at the point for a while before enjoying the sunny October day. After a while though they made their way back home where Nik and Erin were playing with Scott.

“Nik, you’re going to be such a great dad someday.”

“Thanks Staalsy,” he said smiling. “Oh, Erin made lunch.”

“You two are amazing,” she said turning towards the kitchen.


That night Jordan put Scott to bed while Miriya showered. He passed the time channel surfing as he waited for his wife. The water shut off and a few minutes later Miriya entered the room with a big Penguins’ t-shirt. The “C” in the upper corner is what drew Jordan’s attention. “Really babe, Sid?”

“Sorry babe, the shirt was clean.”

“Well let’s get rid of it and make it all Staal,” he said seductively.

“I like the sound of that, Mr. Staal.” Miriya made her way to the bed, inching the shirt up as she went. Though it only took a few seconds for her to make it to the bed Jordan looked as though he was going to pounce. She crawled onto the bed, the shirt still covering most of her body. Jordan pulled her to him and quickly brought the shirt over her head just before bringing her lips to his. “Wow babe, you’d think you were deprived,” she said pulling away, keeping her lips just inches from his.

“I’m sorry baby,” he kissed her. “but you’re just so sexy.” Miriya couldn’t help but giggle as he pressed he pressed his lips to hers again.


“So Jay, how’s your wrist after last night?” Nik asked at breakfast the next morning.


“You guys really need to do something about how loud you are, I’m right down the hall.”

“Sorry,” Miriya said with a smile. “Come on boys we’ve gotta get to morning skate.”

The dishes were cleared from the table and everyone left for morning skate. They had just finished laps when Miriya called Sid for. “Yeah coach?” He asked stick handling the air.

“Where’s your wife?”

“She had a doctor’s appointment, she’ll be here for the game though.”
Miriya sent him back to practicing as she skated among the guys to make sure that they were working. They ran a few passing drills and then scrimmaged to get ready for the game that night. When practice ended the team headed home for their pre-game rituals.

Sid entered his house to find it unusually quiet and went to search for his wife. “Hey baby,” he said peaking into Christiano’s room. Michelle sat in the rocking chair in the corner looking at her son, Christiano, who lay asleep in his crib.

“Hey, can I talk to you?” Sid nodded. “Sid,” she paused. “We’re going to have another baby.”

Sidney’s face lit up and he pulled her from the chair. He lifted her from the ground, spinning her around and pressing his lips to hers. He led her to their room and sat down on the bed after removing his t-shirt. He sat there, his eyes and lips hungry for her.

“What about you pre-game nap?” Michelle asked sitting on the bed next to him.

“It can wait, I’ll just go in a little later today,” he said placing a kiss on her cheek.


Sidney woke up from his pre-game nap and went to shower as Michelle went to make a quick pre-game dinner.

The few people who usually awaited Sid’s arrival were still there when he got there an hour and half later than normal. “Hey guys, sorry we’re late.”
“It’s okay Sid, good luck tonight.”

The guys suited up, went out for the for pre-game skate and awaited the start of the game. Miriya had made her pre-game speech and asked if anyone had anything else to say before they took the ice.

Sidney stood up from his stall and Michelle came from the doorway and they met in the middle of the room. “There’s going to be another Crosby in about nine months,” Michelle said with a wide smile.


Kayla Elizabeth said...

Aww! More babies! :)

Carrie said...

One: Sid and Michelle make me smile. Like big time, lol. You can never have too many Crosby's, haha.
Two: Miriya and Jordan are adorable. I guess his wrist must not hurt too bad, lol.
Three: I love this story like crazy and can't wait for another update. :)

Sam said...

Ooh, another Crosby!! =)

Great chapter, everyone is so cute. I love this story, it's kinda obvious, so please post more! =)

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im soo sorry it took me forever to read!
but colby cracks me up! hahaha.
and i'm soo happy there's another crosby coming! that's exciting.
i love hockey babies.<3
and jordan man, he just keeps on going. xD

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I absolutely love this!! Great Job! :) More please soon! I love this story!