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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Fifty-Five

Hey guys, life is getting less busy, thank god, I hope it stays that way. As I said I'm writing a Fleury story and it's still in the early stages, so look for the in the next month.

The Pens game last night scared me a little, I still don't know what to think of Chris Kunitz, and I miss Ryan Whitney... A LOT! For those of you who don't know I'm a Hawks fans as well so I'm proud of Jonny Toews. Congrats Jonny on your first NHL hat-trick, too bad it had to come against us.

I hope you all enjoy the chapter, comments are greatly appreciated.


“What do you name your child?” the priest asked as the close family stood at the baptismal font.
“Scott Patrick,” Miriya replied.

Next Cassie and Geno, who were to be the godparents, had to promise to lead Scott in the right direction and take care of him if anything were to happen to his real parents. “The father, the son, and the holy spirit,” he said making the sign of the cross on Scott’s forehead.

Christiano was also baptized that day, Miriya and Jordan being the godparents, then it was back to Miriya and Jordan’s for the party. As always there was plenty of food and lots of fun. Miriya and Jordan’s family were there which includes Cassie, Geno, Nathan, Sid, Michelle, and Christiano. Michelle and Sid’s families were also there, since it was Christiano’s party too.

At about two the house phone rang and a familiar voice was on the other end. “Nik, how are you?”

“I’m good, sorry I couldn’t come back for the party today. Tell Scott I say hi and give him a hug for me.”

“I will.”

“And tell everyone that I say hi and miss them. Erin’s here to visit so I’m gonna go”

“Okay, tell her I say hi. See you next month.” They both hung up and Miriya got everyone to shut up. “I just talked to Nik, he says hi and that he misses everyone. And he’ll be back in a month.”

Everyone went back to partying and Miriya decided to put Scott down for a nap and change into her bathing suit. Some of the other guest had also decided to swim. “So Mir, we’re still on for slip ‘n sliding on Friday, right?” Michelle asked.

“Pretty sure, hey Ryan would you want to come?”

“Um, slip ‘n sliding, like in someone’s backyard, aren’t we a little old for that?”

“One, you are never too old to slip ‘n slide,” Miriya said. “And two not in someone’s backyard, a bunch of us are going down to the arena and are gonna…”

“Wait, you’re going slip ‘n sliding in the arena?”

“She is the coach,” Michelle said.

“Sure,” Ryan said with a laugh. “I guess I’ll be there, what time?”


Once everyone was gone, except for Jordan’s family, Miriya and Jordan cleaned up while Marc and his wife Leah took care of Scott. Marc was doing most of the playing with the baby since Leah’s plump stomach got in the way. “Marc you’re so good with Scott,” Miriya said sitting down.

“It’s a thing he’s good with kids huh?” Eric asked.

“Yes it is,” he said rubbing his wife’s stomach.

“Three down, one to go.” Henry, daddy Staal said with a laugh.

“Yea, Jared you’re the only one left,” Jordan said.

“Hey, I’m not even married yet, give me some time.”

“Couple more weeks right?” Linda asked.

“Yep,” Andrea, Jared’s fiancée said with a smile and rested her head on Jared’s shoulder.

Friday finally came, but not quickly enough. Miriya and Michelle had had this planned for months but obviously couldn’t do it while the three girls were pregnant. So the third Friday in July finally came, little kids were at grandparent’s houses and the big kids were waiting outside the arena.

“The only time they lock the door,” Miriya said trying to find the right key. “You guys know they never lock the door, not even during games.” She finally found the key and everyone went down the long hallway to the locker room. Michelle went to the training room to get the speakers she had left there and Cassie went to the Equipment room to get garbage bags.

“What are those for?” Colby asked.

“Do you really want to slide on just the ice?”

“Sure,” he said flashing his signature grin. After everyone had stripped down to their bathing suits and Michelle’s iPod was hooked up to the speakers Colby decided to slide first. He started from the goal line and flopped down to the ice at about the blue line. When he stopped he pried himself from the ice to reveal a stomach as red as a tomato. Slowly he made his way to the bench where everyone else stood. “I think I’ll take one of those garbage bags,” this caused everyone to laugh.

Some of the guys decided to get competitive and see who could slide the furthest. No one blamed them; after all they are professional athletes who hadn’t been on the ice in three months. The girls and Ryan slid just for the fun of it and enjoyed watching Sid, Geno, Colby, and Jordan “race”.

After a while ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ came on and everyone looked at Miriya. It was here song and it needed to be played if the Guins were losing otherwise there was no hope of a comeback. When the intense rendition of Journey’s song was over Natasha Benningfield’s ‘Unwritten’ came on and Colby stood at center ice singing. Everyone laughed as Michelle went to sing with him. Everyone along the boards clapped when the song ended before sliding a few more times.

“Do any of you boys wanna skate?” Everyone was silent. “Okay, as your coach I’m telling you that you’re gonna go change and put your skates on. I know none of you have started training yet.” The four Guins hurried to the locker room, Michelle, Cassie, and Mel followed to put their skates on too. “Ryan you wanna skate?”

“I don’t have skates with me.”

“You’re in a hockey arena, I’m sure we can find you a pair.” She said with a laugh. “Cass, can you hook Ryan up with a pair of skates?”

“I’m sure we can find some.”

Once everyone was changed and laced up they headed back out to the ice. Since they had just walked on it in tennis shoes it was still glassy smooth and felt good under Miriya’s skates as she stepped out from the runway. She let the arena take her thoughts as she glided down the ice; she loved the atmosphere of the arena, she felt at home there, even more than at her own home. She breathed in the scent and smiled, it mostly smelt of ice, yes ice has a smell. She loved the smell more than anything, anything other than the way Mellon Arena smelt. There was a very slight difference between the way the two arenas smelt, so slight that many people didn’t even notice, Miriya on the other hand did.

She past the bench for the second time and sped up, still not going full speed, but pretty fast by most standards. After three laps she decided that she should stretch before she got hurt. Rounding the ice a few more times she stepped behind the crease and looked up at the stands. “MIRYA!” a voice called down the ice pulling her from her thoughts.

“RYAN!” she said turning around. Everyone was skating and have a good time, and continued to do so for about an hour and a half before heading to the locker room.

“Bye Miriya, thanks for inviting me. We should hang out more often.”

“We should, well during the season a bunch of us get together for movie nights on Fridays, you and Deb should come, and you can bring Jess.”

“Alright, let me know when and I’ll try my best to be there.”

“See ya best friend,” she said giving him a hug.


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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Fifty-four

I'm home sick so I thought I would treat you guys to a new chapter. I know it's a short one compared to my usual chapters but I'm sure that's better for you guys. =] I know also know that this is a cliffhanger, but that's how "Haley" wanted it. It leaves it open to the imagination. I hope you guys enjoy the chapter and feedback is greatly appreciated.


"I'm so glad they decided to have the wedding in Pittsburgh and not Chicago," Miriya said to Jordan as they got into bed the night before the wedding.

"Me too, I've enjoyed not flying anywhere since the season ended."

"No flying until training camp. Thank God your family's coming here for Scott's baptism so we don't have to worry about going to Canada."

"I'm glad that's next week, we can finally get you grandma off our back. 'When are you gonna get that baby baptized?' I'm sorry but she gets annoying after a while."
"A while, really babe?"

"I don't wanna talk about it," he said with a laugh.

The next day Miriya made sure that everything was packed for Scott's 'sleepover' with Nathan at Aunt Cassie's. After the two minute drive to her best friend's house Miriya took Scotty from his car seat and walked with Jordan to the front door. "Hey guys," Geno said opening the door. "Cassie's asleep; Nathan kept her up all night."
"I remember those days, the first two weeks I barely slept except for pre-game naps," Jordan said.

"Yea, he's so cute when he's not crying though."

"That how they all are," Miriya said with a laugh. "Well Scotty, Mommy and Daddy have to go, but you be a good boy for Aunt Cassie and Uncle Geno."

"Thanks again," Jordan said handing the diaper bag to Geno.

They arrived at the church at around five and found a seat in the middle of the left side. The entire row in front of them was filled with Hawks and their hatred for the Guins had at least lightened since they talked to Miriya and Jordan until right before the service started. Miriya looked around the church at the neatly placed red roses and white cloth that had been placed in the center aisle and led to the alter.

The priest made his way to the front of the church followed by Patrick and the groom's men. All of the guys looked good in white tuxes with baby blue ties. Standing there calmly were Pat's teammates Kris Versteeg, Cam Barker, Brent Seabrook, Adam Burish, Patrick Sharp, and Jonathan Toews. Anastasia, Hollie, Amanda, and Carlee made their way down the aisle in baby blue, sleeveless, knee length dress with bouquets of red roses.

Jacob the ring bearer and Abby the flower girl made their way slowly down the aisle. Red rose petals gracefully fell to the white cloth up until the aisle where Jacob and Abby found their seats.

Everyone stood as the music started and Haley came down the aisle with her dad. He handed her over to Patrick and went to his seat as they both smiled. They went to the first step and the ceremony started with, "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today…"

When it came time for the vows Pat spoke first, "Haley, you are my best friend. You are the season I wake up each day. You are your own person and blow me away each and everyday. Your beauty and personality are why I wake up each day. I've always loved you and I promise to as much and more, forever."

She couldn't help but smile as she ran her hand down her silky white gown, the long train behind her. She looked into Pat's eyes as she started to speak, "Patrick, you helped me through the toughest times in my life and show me how to have the greatest. You are the only person I trust with my heart, you showed me how to love. Just know that I will always love you no matter what. You're my sweetest hello and hardest good-bye. Thankfully I won’t have to say good-bye, forever."

"Do you Patrick take Haley to be your wife…?"

"I do."

"Do you Haley take Patrick to be your husband…?"

"I do."

"…I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

They both smiled and their lips met as everyone in the church stood and applauded. Everyone filed out of the church and to the reception at the Hard Rock Café. As always the bridal party stayed behind for pictures, shortly thereafter they also made their way to the reception.

"Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kane."
After dinner and the first dance Miriya and Jordan made their way to the head table. "Congrats guys, thank you so much for inviting us," Miriya said.

"No problem, congrats on getting the coaching job. It's amazing, you've only been working for the Guins two years and already you've announced the Stanley Cup win against us and not are going to coach the greatest team in the league."

"But no pressure," Haley added.

"No, none at all."

"It's okay, she works well under pressure, you should see her on the ice."
"Thanks babe, well again Congrats guys."

They went back to their table and as they sat down a slow song came on. "Baby you wanna dance?" Jordan asked.

"Sure, why not." They went out onto the dance floor and Miriya rested her head against Jordan's chest. She listened to his steady heart beat and breathed in his scent; this of course causing her to smile. "Can you believe it baby, we've been married for almost two years."

"I know, it feels like only yesterday that we started going out."

"My heart still skips a beat when I see you," he kissed her cheek; she smiled and her heart sped up.

Haley and Pat left for the airport that night and went to Jamaica for their two week honeymoon. As soon as they got there they went to their hotel and closed the door…

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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Fifty-Three

HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!! I would just like to wish the Steelers luck in the Super Bowl today. Kick some Cards ass!!!


The team sat silently for a moment before Colby spoke up, "Staalsy, we'd love for you to be coach. One question though, could we call you coach Staalsy?" Everyone laughed at this and looked questioningly at Colby. "No I`m being serious, could we call you coach Staalsy?"

"I`ll have to think about it Colbs."

"Okay coach."

"I`m not your coach yet. You have to finish off this playoff stint under Therrien and then you will be mine."

Later that night the boys showed up at the arena a little nervous of what could happen that night. However they pushed all thoughts of losing far from their minds when the sound of the crowd hit them as they went out for the pre-game skate.

"Well this is it until October folks, the Guins lose in five games to the Toronto Maple Leafs. You have to wonder if Therrien will be back for another season of if there will be a new face on the home bench next year."

"We'll find out soon enough Bourquey, goodnight ladies and gentlemen."

Once they were off the air Phil turned to Miriya, "So you gonna take it?"

"Yep, the guys want to call me coach Staalsy," she couldn't help but laugh at this. "All I have to do is tell Ray and the job is pretty much mine."

"Congrats Staalsy, you work so hard for this team. You made an amazing announcer and I`m sure you`ll make a great coach too, you've got the skills."

"Thanks Bourquey, these past two years have been great. I`ve loved working with you, but now I`ll be down there," she gestured towards the ice. "And not up here. I should go tell Ray I`m gonna take the job." She walked into the locker room just as reporters were walking out and general manager Ray Shero was walking in. Therrien who normally came in to talk to the boys at this point was nowhere to be seen. "Where's Mike?"

"He's cleaning out his office. I overhead the boys talking about you being coach and figured you were gonna take the job."

"He's not gonna wait until locker clean out day?"

"I guess not, hey guys!" The room fell silent again. "Meet next years coach."
Everyone's eyes lit up and smiles were on all of their faces. It was the happiest they had ever been after losing a playoff series. They could all feel that something good was going to happen in the coming season.

With Saturday came the day most dreaded by all hockey players, locker clean out day. It meant the season was over and you needed to find something to do until September. The room was empty within an hour, but the guys slapped on the skates for one last 'practice'. Cassie watched Scott and Christiano on the bench while Miriya and Michelle skated with the team.

It had only been a month since Scott was born but Miriya almost had her figure back. She had been working hard to slim down and gain more muscle, not that she needed it. Michelle had also been working to gain her figure back and just like Miriya seemed to be achieving her goal. Now Cassie on the other hand was seven months pregnant and seemed to be quite content sitting on the bench keeping an eye on the babies.

"I love thunder storms," Sid said as the rain poured down later that night.

"Mmhmm," Michelle said just before the thunder clashed. The sound made her jump closer to Sid.

He couldn't help but laugh as he tightened his grip around her. "I remember when I found out you were afraid of thunder."

"I don't, can you tell me?"

It was the first summer they were together, 2008, and it rained a lot that summer. Miriya and Jordan were still in Canada so Michelle was with Sid a lot. They were at his place of residence, otherwise known as Mario Lemieux`s house. They were watching a movie in the basement since their plans of a bike ride were ruined by the rain. Sid had grabbed a blanket and candles just in case.

"Megatron, that's what they call him," both Shia LeBeouf and Michelle said as the thunder clashed.

She jumped and Sid brought her closer. "I take it you're afraid of thunder?"

"Just a little," she jumped again as the storm moved closer. The TV went black and so did the room with another clash of thunder. With a stick of a match the room was filled with light again, along with the smell of fresh peaches.

"Okay I remember that day," she rested her head on his shoulder. Another clash of thunder came and of course she jumped.

At the Staal house Miriya and Jordan sat on the couch watching the storm through the kitchen door. Nik was playing with Scott on the floor. Outside the storm moved closer and as it did the thunder crashed louder. One crash seemed as though it was right above the house and Scott started to cry.

"Aww Scotty it's okay, come here sweetie," Miriya said getting up from the couch and taking Scott from Nik's arms.

The rest of April and May past, most of the team had stayed in Pittsburgh so they wouldn't have to come back for Miriya's birthday party or the birth of Cassie and Geno's first baby. As with every pregnancy no one knew exactly when the baby was going to be born, but she was due on June seventeenth, Miriya's mom's birthday. Just as Miriya and Michelle, Cassie wanted to be surprised when she had the baby, so she never found out the sex.

June came, and with it Miriya and Michelle were in the best shape of their lives. They went down to the arena to work-out every other day while Sid and Jordan watched the kids. On days they weren't working-out they watched the kids as Sid and Jordan took advantage of having the arena weight room.

After leaving the arena Miriya decided to stop at Giant Eagle in Waterworks to pick-up some groceries on the way home. Again she was looking at chips when she backed into someone. "I`m so sorry, this is the second time this has happened," she said turning around. "And both times I've known the people."

A smile came to the person's face. "Miriya Staal, the Penguins' announcer Miriya Staal?"

"Well Penguins' coach now, but how are you Ryan, I haven't seen you since that summer at Guyasuta."

"I know, I`ve been good, you?"

"Good, we really need to catch up, it's been too long."

"We should, when are you free?"

"I'm free tomorrow if you wanna come over for dinner."

"Okay, I`ll see you then." he gave her a hug and they both finished their shopping.

Miriya walked through the front door to find more people tan were there when she left. Then she remembered that it was movie night with "the guys". Only four of them were really guys, Sid, Geno, Nik and Jordan, unless Colby and Mel stopped by. Cassie, Michelle, and Erin were also there. They didn't get to have these much during the season because there was either a game or they were on the road and couldn't decide whose room to do it in.

Everyone showed up this time and they all waited for the pizza guy to arrive with their dinner. Once all of the pizza was gone and the little kids put to bed in Scott's room it was time to pick a movie.

"What about Transformers?" Michelle asked.

"We watched that last week," Erin replied.

"We really need to find a better way to do this so we don't have to shit here and try to decide every week," Nik said.

"It's a good point, but we're only doing this two more times before training camp. Nik you're going back to Germany for a while and everyone has vacations and stuff planned. But when we do all decide to get back together during camp we'll come up with something," Miriya said from the couch in between Jordan and Colby.

"How about Lord of the Rings?" Mel asked out of nowhere.

"Which one?" Jordan asked.

"Not the third one, I want to get some sleep tonight," Cassie said.

"Which one is the second one?" Colby asked.

"Two Towers," Sid said from the floor. "What about that one?"

"Sounds good to me," Geno said getting up and going to the movie shelf.

They started the movie at about eight-thirty; Miriya and Cassie who loved the movie when it first came out couldn't help but say every line. That's how it was every weeks, someone would say every line, and if not every line there would be an occasional chime in for a really good one.

At about nine-fifteen a little face appeared at the end of the hallway. "Jamie aren't you supposed to be asleep?" Colby asked with a smile from the couch.

"I`m not sleepy," no one in the room could help but smile at how cute the five year old was. "Can I watch the movie with you?"

"Sweetie this movie is kind of scary, I don`t want you to get nightmares."

"Don`t worry mommy I won't get scared."

"Come on Mel, he'll probably fall asleep anyway."

"No I won't daddy, but thank you for letting me watch the movie." He climbed onto Colby's lap and within ten minutes he was asleep.

"I`ll be right back," Army said carefully getting up off of the couch.

"Colbs, just put him on my bed so he doesn't have to sleep on the floor in Scott's room."

"Thanks Staalsy."

The next day Miriya made dinner as Jordan took care of Scott. At around six there was a knock on the door and Miriya quickly made sure that everything was ready before opening it. "Ryan," she said giving him a hug. "You remember Jordan and this is my son Scott," she said taking Scott from Jordan's arms so he could shake hands with Ryan.

"Nice to see you again Ryan."

"You too Jordan. You guys remember Debra and this is our daughter Jess."


"Miriya, it's been a while."

"It has, how old is Jess?"

"She just turned three last week, Scott's so cute how old is he?"

"He`ll be three months tomorrow."

"Oh yea baby that reminds me, he rolled over for the first time yesterday."

"Well you look good for only having him three months ago," Ryan said.

Miriya smiled and said, "Well dinner's ready if you guys are hungry."

Almost all of the team was at Miriya and Jordan's house for her twenty-fourth birthday party. As always they had caked before opening presents.

"Happy… oh shit."

Everyone stopped singing at looked over at Cassie who stood at the side of the table.

"Geno you're gonna be a daddy real soon," she said grabbing her stomach. A smile came to his face as they started towards the door.

"You guys go ahead, we'll call the hospital and tell them you're on your way. We'll meet you there."

"Thanks Staalsy," Geno said helping Cassie out the door.
Nik went to the door to help out, "I`m gonna go with them. I`ll see you there."

They made it out to the car and were off to the hospital. The rest of the team wasn't too far behind and filled the labor and delivery floor's waiting room.

"I`m glad we had the party early," Miriya said resting her head on Jordan's shoulder. It was about one and the party has started at noon. All they had really done was eat and talk, well more like mess around than talk. But that's about all the team was good for other than playing hockey that is. Really the team was full of jokesters so it was hard to ever have a dull moment with them.

In the waiting room the guys played cards and watched TV, Cassie's room however was a little more exciting. Her contractions were getting closer together and Geno's hand was getting redder with each one. "I`m sorry if I` hurting your hand," she said after a contraction past.

"It's fine baby, I`m here for you," he brushed a strand of hair from her face and kissed her cheek.

She smiled and another contraction came. The burse came about half-way through to check up on Cassie. She quickly walked back to the door and called for a doctor.

"I think it's time to start pushing," he said when he came into the room.

After fifteen minutes of intense pushing a little Malkin came into the world. The team filled in, but Miriya was the first to hold the baby, after Cassie and Geno that is.

Nathan James Malkin was born on Miriya's birthday June eighteenth, at three oh one pm. He had chocolate brown eyes like both of his parents a bit of brown peach fuzz. He was seventeen inches and five pounds three ounces. Neither of his parents had ever been happier.