Sunday, June 29, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-Seven

Saturday morning Miriya rolled out of bed, got ready, & went to the store to get stuff for the party that night.
"Miriya?" someone said from behind her. "Miriya Soergel?"
She turned around & looked at the tall man who stood about three feet from her. "Matt, Matt Bloom?" she asked with a smile.
"I haven`t seen you in forever, how have you been?" he asked giving her a hug.
"I`ve been good, you?"
"Ok, what`s new?"
"I got married last August & announce for the Penguins."
"Matthew...oh there you are," a women a little taller than Miriya said. "Who is this?"
"This is an old friend of mine Miriya Soergel."
"Miriya Staal now."
"The Penguins' announcer?" the girl asked.
"Yes actually."
"Congratulations on winning the cup."
"Thank you."
"So Miriya this is my wife Jamie," Matt said.
"Well it was nice meeting you & nice seeing you again Matt, but I really have to get going."
She went to the checkout & the guy at the checkout counter smiled at her while he was bagging the groceries.
"Congratulations on winning the cup Mrs. Staal, can I have your autograph?"
"Sure why not." She signed a grocery bag & went out to the car.
"Mrs. Staal can we have your autograph?" A group of teenage girls asked in the parking lot.
"Sure, but call me Miriya," she signed for all of them, got a picture with them & was about to start her car when someone knocked on the window. She rolled down the window & the person's eyes lit up.
"Mrs. Staal could you please sign this for me?"
She got out of the car & gave him a hug. "Sure Mr. Pitts, who would you like me to make this out to?"
" it that`s ok?"
To: James Pitts, Miriya Staal PGH PENS
"Thank you Mrs. Staal," he said with a smile.
"You`re welcome, but James you`ve known me since ninth grade please call me Miriya."
"Ok, well thank you Miriya."
"You`re welcome," she said, gave him another hug, got in her car & drove home.
"Hey baby," Jordan said as Miriya passed him & into the kitchen.
She put the stuff down in the kitchen & walked back into the living room where Jordan was sitting on the couch.
"I swear it was see everyone you know day."
"Shopping was that bad?"
"I ran into Matt & his wife in the store then went to checkout & the cashier asked me for my autograph. So finally I got out to the parking lot & a bunch of girls ask me for my autograph. I get into my car & am ready to drive away when someone knocks on my window & it`s James. I signed for him & now here I am anything exciting happen here?"
"I woke up, ate breakfast, & took the pool cover off."
"Oh what an exciting day, I think I`m gonna take a nap for an hour then we can start getting stuff ready."
About an hour later Miriya got up off the couch, went into the kitchen, & made herself a sandwich. Jordan walked behind her & spun her around.
"I`m gonna go for a quick swim, you wanna come?" He asked after kissing her on the cheek.
"Sure I`ll meet you out there in a few," kissed him, then he went out to the pool & she went to change into her bathing suit. She walked back out in her black & gold bikini, put her towel down, went to the deep end & jumped in.
They swam for a while then went inside & showered. At around four Miriya put chips into bowls, made sure that there was ice in the drink bucket & picked out some music.
"Baby I`m gonna go start the burgers."
"Aww thanks, but you know I always grill."
I thought maybe you`d be nice & let me do it just once."
"I would let you, but you know that all the guys love my burgers."
"Fine you have all the fun."
Miriya headed out to the grill & added her dad's famous sauce to the burgers. At five forty-five the guys started showing up.
"Hey Jordan did you make the burgers?" Army asked.
"No Miriya did."
"Oh good it`s safe to eat them then," he said with a laugh.
Everyone grabbed a shot glass & filled it with something that was in Miriya & Jordan`s bar.
"Here's to a great season & what we have to show for it, here's to the cup," Sid said.
"Here, here," everyone said then drank their shot, everyone except Miriya.
Everyone put their glasses down & Michelle came over to Miriya, "Can I talk to you for minute?"
They walked into the kitchen & stood by the counter. "What`s up?" Miriya asked.
"Ok you were totally smashed the night before your wedding & a minute ago you didn`t even drink a single shot. What's up with you?"
"I`m pregnant."
"Oh my God, when did you find out?"
"Thursday before the game."
"Does anyone know?"
"Besides you & Jordan no, we were planning on telling everyone tonight."
They walked back outside & Jordan put his arm around Miriya.
"Everyone can we have your attention," Jordan said.
"Before you all get too drunk Jordan & I have an announcement to make," Miriya said & paused. "We`re going to have a baby!"
Everyone clapped & cheered & came over to congratulate them. Cassie was one of the first to come over. "I guess you`ll be taking me up on that baby-sitting offer." she said with a laugh.
"I guess so," Jordan said. He put his arm around Miriya`s waist & kissed her. "I guess so."
The next day after everyone left Miriya was cleaning up the yard & Jordan was making lunch. He set the food down on the dinning room table, went outside & put his arm around Miriya.
"So I haven`t told my parents yet, I was planning on telling them when we go up tomorrow with the cup," Jordan said.
"Sounds good to me, wonder how they`re going to react."
"I guess we`ll find out."
"Baby get up," Jordan said the next morning after kissing her cheek.
She groaned, got out of bed & got ready. Once they were both ready & everything was in the car they went to the airport, went through security, & went to the gate.
"I think we`re in the airport more than some of the pilots," Jordan said & put his arm around Miriya.
"I`d believe it," she said & put her head down on his shoulder.
"Daddy it`s Uncle Jay & Aunt Memo," A little boy said at baggage claim in the airport in Ontario.
The tall man standing next to him let go of his hand & the little boy ran up to Jordan & Miriya. Miriya dropped her bags, picked up the little boy & gave him a hug.
"Aunt Memo."
"Hey Adam how are you?"
"Good, where`s your cup?"
Miriya laughed as the tall man walked up to them & took Adam.
"Hey guy Congratulations."
"Thanks," they both said.
They all went back to Mom & Dad's house & were sitting in the living room taking pictures with the cup.
Later that night everyone was sitting around the table eating dinner & talking about the cup. The whole family was there Eric, Tanya, Adam, Marc, his wife, Jared, his fiancée Andrea, & of course mom & dad.
"Mom, dad, everyone, we have an announcement to make," Jordan said.
Everyone stopped talking & looked over at Miriya & Jordan.
"We`re gonna have a baby," Miriya said & smiled.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-Six

"Hey Staalsy."
"Yea what`s up Army?"
"What do you think our chances of wining this are?"
"The game tonight or the series?"
"I don`t know, both you guys & the Hawks are great teams & you`ve proved that to this point. I`m not one to make predictions so let`s just sit back & see how it all turns out."
"Alright, thanks Staalsy."
"No problem, good luck tonight."
"You too."
"A Chicago goal scored by Jonathan Toews assisted by Dave Bolland & James Wisniewski at 15:36, Toews from Bolland & Wisniewski at 15:36," The PA announcer in Pittsburgh said.
The Hawks had taken a 1-0 lead but that didn`t dampen the Guins mood, they still skated hard & made crisp passes. One of those passes that was made in the neutral zone was intercepted & taken back to the Guins zone.
"A Chicago goal scored by Cam Barker assisted by Rene Bourque at 18:56, Barker from Bourque at 18:56."
"Well Bourquey it`s the end of one & the Hawks have a 2-0 lead over the Guins."
"That`s true Staalsy but there`s still a lot of hockey left to be played."
Top start the period Kris Versteeg took a hooking call at 5:00. Staal`s line was out to take the face-off, to change it up Max took center & won the face-off. After some cycling they finally shot & it went passed the Hawks goaltender.
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number twelve Ryan Malone assisted by Jordan Staal & Max Talbot at 5:24, Malone from Staal & Talbot at 5:24."
Somehow Patrick Sharp managed to stuff the biscuit between the post & Fleury`s pad when he was down in the butterfly position to give the Hawks a 3-1 lead.
"A Chicago goal scored by Patrick Sharp assisted by Martin Havlat & Jason Williams at 10:03, Sharp from Havlat & Williams at 10:03."
"A Chicago goal scored by Patrick Kane assisted by Brent Seabrook & Duncan Keith at 13:08, Kane from Seabrook & Keith at 13:08."
"One minute remaining in the period, one minute."
The whistle blew & Jordan was slowly getting up from the ice. The trainer came out to help him up & handed him a towel. Everyone clapped as he skated to the runway & quickly went to the locker room. The ref went to the box & indicated the penalty.
"A Chicago penalty to Patrick Kane four minutes for high sticking at 19:13, Kane four for high sticking at 19:13."
Up in the commentator’s box it had just gone to a commercial & Miriya awaited the start of the third period.
"The Penguins make a whole sale change & the Staal line is out. Well Bourquey it looks like he`s fine & will just have another scar. He shoots, he scores Jordan Staal, he comes back from an injury to get the Guins back in the game."
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number eleven Jordan Staal assisted by number nineteen Ryan Whitney & number forty-four Brooks Orpik at :48, Staal from Whitney & Orpik at :48."
The game ended with the Hawks winning 6-4 with an empty-netter by Kris Versteeg at 19:36. The two other Penguins' goals were both even strength & scored by Tyler Kennedy & Sidney Crosby. Chicago's fifth goal was scored by Adam Burish at 15:02 from Jonathan Toews & Patrick Sharp.
Miriya & Bourquey stayed in the booth & did the post game which somehow was longer than usual & they did some paper work. Once all the paperwork was done Miriya went down to the locker room & Jordan was already showered & waiting by his stall.
"You`re late," Jordan said putting his arms around her.
"I didn`t know I had a set time that I had to be here."
"You don`t, but you`re normally down here earlier."
"I know, I`m sorry baby, I had some paperwork to do."
They head out to the bus & went back to the hotel. They changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth & got into bed.
"You played amazing baby," she said & kissed his cheek.
"I love you," he said & put his forehead against hers. She ran her hand along his cheek.
"Ahh," he said quickly pulling away.
"Baby I`m sorry," she said & kissed him then briefly pulled away, "Better?"
He pressed his lips back against hers, "Mmhmm," he said into the kiss & smiled.
"Well then Mr. Staal I take it we`re not gonna get much sleep tonight?"
"Nope," he said with a sly smile as she slid his shirt over his head.
"Good evening everyone & welcome to game two of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins & the Chicago Black Hawks."
"Well Staalsy the Guins are coming off a 6-4 loss the other night to this Hawks team."
"But it`s not because of a lack of hard work, I talked to the team this morning & they`re ready for this game."
"A Chicago goal scored by Rene Bourque..." The PA announcer said at 16:59 of the first period.
"Bourque's goal gives the Hawks a 1-0 lead, but Bourquey you know that the Guins have been a great come from behind team for the last seven or eight years."
"A Chicago penalty Rene Bourque two minutes for tripping at 4"30.
"He shots & scores, what a beautiful goal," Miriya said just twenty-seven seconds into the power play. "Scuderi ties it up at one at 4:57 of the second."
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by Rob Scuderi assisted by James McGuire & Marc-Andre Fleury at 4:57..."
"He shoots & it`s in, Evgeni Malkin gives the Pens a 2-1 lead."
"Staalsy you said it before, they`re a good come from behind team & in less than a minute they get two goals to take the lead."
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by Evgeni Malkin assisted by Mark Eaton at 5:42, Malkin from Eaton at 5:42"
To finish the game the Guins scored two more goals, Kris Letang from Brooks Orpik at 14:16 of the second & Ryan Whitney on the power play unassisted at 12:33 of the third. They left the arena with at 4-1 win & the next day headed to Pittsburgh with the series tied at one.
"Jordan Staal at 19:38, Talbot from Malone & Staal at 19:38."
"A beautiful save made by Fleury," Bourquey interrupted Miriya`s call of the game.
"But the rebound gets passed him & the Hawks tie it up at one at 13:13. David Koci from Cam Barker & Dustin Byfuglien."
"Armstrong has the biscuit in his own end, almost off-sides on himself. Drop pass to Malkin, Malkin slap shot, blocker stop, rebound Sidney Crosby, he shoots & scores. Sidney Crosby gives the Penguins a 2-1 lead at 17:35 of the second," Miriya said.
"At 8:16, Bolland from Wisnieski & Keith at 8:16."
"Well Staalsy the game is tied at two & when we come back it`s overtime between the Pens & Hawks."
"A Chicago goal scored by Kris Versteeg from Cam Barker at 3:15..."
"Well folks that`s it for tonight the next game is here in Chicago Friday night, until then goodnight," Bourquey said.
The next day Miriya & Jordan slept in & spent the day at home watching movies from when they were growing up. Cassie, Geno, Sid & Michelle went out to lunch. They were sitting in a booth waiting for their food.
"So what do you guys wanna do today?" Sid asked.
"Well we`re going to Miriya & Jordan`s for dinner, but before that I have no idea" Geno said.
"You know what I haven`t done in a long time," Michelle said as the waitress set the food on the table.
"Nope," Cassie said.
"Bowling," she said with a smile.
That`s what they did, after they were finished eating they head to the local bowling alley. It was the third frame & Sid walked up & grabbed his neon green ball. He put some spin on it, but it was a little too much & it went into the gutter about halfway down the lane.
"It`s ok baby you still have another turn," Michelle said & gave him a hug as they waited for his ball.
He picked it up, slid his fingers into the holes, & went to roll, somehow his foot slipped out from under him & the next thing he knew he was sitting & the ball was rolling down the lane.
"I don`t know how you did that, but I`m sure it hurt," Geno said trying to hold back his laughter.
"It did hurt," he said with a laugh. "I have no idea how that happened."
They finished their game, Geno won & went to Miriya & Jordan`s house for dinner. 'Ding Dong' 'BARK, BARK' Mo can up to the door & started jumping up & down.
"Mo get down," Jordan said opening the door. "Oh hey guys come on in, Miriya`s in the kitchen finishing up dinner."
Once everything was ready everyone sat down in the dinning room for dinner.
"So how was your day today?" Geno asked.
"Good, we slept in & watched movies," Jordan said.
"Did you actually watch them or did you 'watch' them?" Cassie asked making air quotes.
"Believe it or not we saw the whole movie," Miriya said with a smile. "How `bout you guys?"
"We went bowling," Cassie said putting food on her plate.
"Geno won & Sid fell on his ass," Michelle said & laughed.
"It`s a good thing our chairs are padded huh Sid?" Jordan asked with a smirk.
The next day, Thursday they went to the airport & were on their way to the windy city to take on the Hawks in game four.
"I sure enjoyed my two days off Staalsy did you?"
"I did Bourquey, hello everyone & welcome to game four of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Hawks lead the series 2-1 but the Guins have been playing well."
Crush's stick went across a Hawk's stick & it broke, a Penguin got a hold of the puck & the ref blew the whistle, "Two minutes for slashing."
"Well Staalsy we`re forty seconds into the power play, Malkin`s penalty kill line is out & the face-off is in the Guins zone."
"What is the Bourquey, Kennedy is going to take the face-off."
"The Penguins have something up their sleeves right now."
"He wins the draw, carries it up, cross ice pass, Malkin one timer. He shoots & scores Evgeni Malkin gives the Penguins a 1-0 lead with a short handed goal at 4:30."
"A Chicago goal scored by Duncan Keith assisted by Brent Seabrook & Adam Burish, Keith from Seabrook & Burish at 6:13," the PA announcer said early in the second.
Nine minutes later they did it again taking the lead at 15:29, Patrick Kane took a slapper & put it behind Fleury, Patrick Sharp & Dustin Byguglien assisted.
Chicago scored again at 3:34 of the third, Jason Williams from Jonathan Toews & Cam Barker. But at 4:30 Keith put Letang into the sailing hard into the boards. He was slow getting up but when he did everyone clapped & he skated slowly to the bench.
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number six James McGuire assisted by Marc-Andre Fleury at 5:04, McGuire from Fleury at 5:04 a power play goal."
Five minutes later at 10:43 the Guins got another goal to tie it up at three with help form Jordan Staal. With a little less than a minute left Fleury went to the bench so that they could have an extra attacker out. Rene Bourque scored an unassisted empty-net goal at 19:42 to take game four & to lead the series 3-1.
It was back to Pittsburgh that night & the next day was game five, the only first period goal was scored by Rene Bourque from Dustin Byguglien at 5:39.
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number three Mark Eaton assisted by number nineteen Ryan Whitney & number thirty Dany Sabourin at 6:26, Eaton from Whitney & Sabourin at 6:26," John Barbaroe said in the second period as the sell-out crowd sat back down.
"Two minutes holding the stick," the ref said as Tuomo Ruutu skated to the sin bin at 13:00.
"Kennedy from Hall & Christensen at 13:13, a power play goal."
The Guins came away with their second win of the series to make it 3-2. Game six was going to take place in Chicago on Tuesday which meant that they had a day of rest & day of travel. On the day off nothing super exciting happened, the guys all got together at the arena to work on stuff to get their momentum going into the next game.
"Baby I`m gonna go," Jordan said as Miriya roller out of bed at nine that morning.
"Where you going?" she asked walking into the bathroom.
"They guys, we all thought we should get together & use our day off to practice & keep out momentum."
"I wanna come," she said with a smile.
"Alright, I`m gonna grab something to eat, I`ll meet you in the car in like ten minutes."
"Kay," she said walking to her dresser as Jordan went out to the kitchen. She put on a pair of shorts & a Guins t-shirt, which was her normal practice clothes & appropriate for the warm weather that awaited her outside. After putting on a pair of flip flops & grabbing a pair of socks she went out to the kitchen, grabbed a banana & went out to the car.
The makeshift practice went well & ended at somewhere around twelve. A bunch of people decided to go to Eat `n Park to get lunch.
"So Sid where`s Michelle?" Miriya asked.
"At home, she was asleep when I left."
"So what do you think of the series now?" Army asked.
"Like I said before I don't make predictions, we'll see what happens. there`s two game left and you're down in the series, but you're a great come back team. If the Hawks don't win Tuesday then we'll find out on Thursday now won't we."
"I guess so," Geno said.
The next day they went to Chicago, they got there at around one and went off to do their own things for the rest of the day. To start the game Tumo Ruutu scored an unassisted goal at 4:56 of the first. Sidney Crosby tied it up at 10:55 of the first with help from Evgeni Malkin and Colby Armstrong. The Guins took the lead at 41:20 of the second with Evgeni Malkin scored from his knee with Sidney Crosby and James McGuire. But the Hawks tied it up at two at 11:07, Kris Versteeg scored with help from Patrick Kane and Tumo Ruutu.
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by Brooks Orpik from Kris Letang and Marc- Andre Fleury at 1:04, Orpik from Letang and Fleury at 1:04"
But the Hawks tied it up again at 5:56 a goal by Patrick Sharp from Cam Barker and Duncan Keith. Only a minute later the Hawks took the lead when Adam Burish scored with help from Dave Bolland and Brent Sea back at 7:07. With a little lest then four minutes left Ryan Whitney found a space between the goalies pad and the side post pushing the puck in at 16:15, Mark Eaton and Ryan Malone received the assist. And at the end of a back and forth regulation game was tied at 4-4.
"This year's playoffs have been filled with over time games. the dramatic came seven that the Penguins here went into triple overtime and would have went to a forth but Brooks Orpik with just seven seconds remaining. Game three of this series went to double over time and Kris Versteeg got his team the win with a goal at 3:15."
"That's true Bourquey; we'll see how this one ends up."
The first over time went scoreless and second over time started.
"Malone cross ice pass to Talbot, he shoots stopped, rebound and Jordan Staal scores to win it in double overtime. The Penguins are going to play a game seven against these Chicago Black Hawks in Pittsburgh on Thursday night," Miriya said and smiled.
The next day was spent on the bus until two o'clock when they got back to Pittsburgh. Everyone rested and prepared for game seven, a hockey players dream to complete for the Stanley Cup in a game seven of the finals.
"Chicago penalty to Jason Williams two minutes for interference at 3:47..." John Barbaroe said early in the first.
"Ten seconds left on the power play Malkin, he shoots and scored with just four seconds left on the power play."
"A Pittsburgh goal scored by number seventy-one Evgeni Malkin assisted by forty-four Brooks Orpik and number nineteen Ryan Whitney at 5:43, Malkin from Orpik and Whitney at 5:43 a power play goal."
The Guins took the 1-0 lead to the first intermission and came out with a smile to start the second. At 14:29 Jordan Staal scored to take a 2-0 lead with help from Ryan Malone and James McGuire. And four minutes later Sidney Crosby netted the Pens third goal of the night, Colby Armstrong and Kris Letang assisted at 18:52.
"A Chicago goal scored by Martin Havlat assisted by Tumo Ruutu and Jason Williams at 2:30, Havlat from Ruutu and Williams at 2:30," John said in the third.
"This is it Bourquey, there's just ten seconds left. Its game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Black Hawks verse the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh. The Guins are up 3-1 and the face off is in the Hawks zone."
"You said it Staalsy, the Guins have the chance to bring Stanley Cup number three to the Burgh."
"The pucks dropped, Jordan Staal won it back to his defense, Ryan Whitney, he winds up, just five seconds, Bourquey, Whit shoots but is stopped, Staal tries for the rebound but the final buzzer goes off. The Pittsburgh Penguins have just won the Stanley Cup!"
"Congratulations on a great season Staalsy, it's been great calling games with you," Bourquey said during the commercial break.
"You too Bourquey," Miriya said taking her headset off then ran out of the commentators box and down to the ice surface.
Sid skated to the table at Center ice and picked up the cup. The smile on his face was unbelievable, like never before. Everyone was getting the cup and being interviewed. it came to Miriya who raised it above her head. Jordan skated over to her and got a picture with her and the cup > Army came over and took the cup from them.
"You did amazing boys, all your hard work finally paid off," Miriya said loud enough for the team to hear.
"You were right Staalsy this was our year," Bugsy said.
"Congrats baby," Miriya said. "The third cup has finally come."
"I don't think anything could make me happier," Jordan said with a smile.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Miriya paused. "Jordan, we're gona have a baby!"
"I love you," he said, picked her up and spun her around.
"I love you too," She said and he kissed her.
"When did you find out?"
"This morning, but I didn't want you to focus on anything but the game."
"We have to fix up a room and get clothes and think of a name."
"I know baby, but right now, tonight let's think about the win, let's think about the cup."

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Stal Story] Thirty-Five

Later that day Miriya woke up earlier than Jordan from the pre-game nap & decided to make a nice game night dinner.
"Mmm something smells good," Jordan said while yawning & walking into the kitchen.
"Pasta," Miriya said & went to the dinner room to set the two plates down.
By the time they were eating it was about four-thirty & they both went to get ready for the game. Once they got to the arena the entire team looked really nervous.
"Ok boys it`s not game six in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. You don`t have to worry about winning, it`s not game seven it`s game six & you`re leading the series three game to two. You could lose this one & come back & take it in game seven, but that`s not what I want & I`m sure that`s not what you want. But for now just calm down, good luck, & just go out there & have fun."
The guys started suiting up & Miriya went up to hers spot in the booth after one last kiss. Seven-thirty finally came & it was game time.
"Hello everyone & welcome to game six between your Pittsburgh Penguins & the Boston Bruins. The Guins are leading the series three games to two & could move on to the Eastern Conference Finals with a win tonight. Knock on wood," She said just before she knocked on a little block of wood she had with her.
"Ladies & gentlemen Elvis has just left the building, Jordan Staal & Evgeni Malkin both have hat tricks tonight, the Guins lead the B`s six to two, & there`s just over two minutes left in this game six. The B`s could come back but with the way Fleury`s playing tonight it`s highly improbable," again she knocked on wood.
"We`re going to the Conference Final baby," Jordan said when Miriya walked into the locker room.
"I know baby, congrats on your hat trick," she said & kissed his cheek.
Jordan went to shower & Miriya went over to Geno. "Geno congrats on the hat trick, you boys really deserved the win."
"Thanks Mir."
"Hey Staalsy."
"Yea Army what`s up?"
"What got into your boy today?"
"Oh nothing," she said trying to look innocent.
"Right, well keep it up," he said with a laugh, gave her a hug, & walked away.
Back at the house that night Miriya went to take a shower, she turned the water on to just the right temperature; since she had music on her didn`t hear the door click closed. The next thing she new there was a set of strong, gentle arms around her stomach.
"You my big bad hockey player are amazing," he said as he spun her around.
He pushed her against the wall & she put her arms around his neck, "I love you."
"I love you too Jordan."
The next morning Miriya woke up & went to the living room to watch TV so that she didn`t wake Jordan up. She turned on ESPN & the standings for the semi-finals came up. Pittsburgh had beaten Boston four games to two, Carolina beat Washington four games to three, Chicago had beaten Vancouver four games to three, & Los Angeles beat Anaheim four games to one.
Jordan woke up, heard the TV & knew where Miriya was. "Morning baby," he said with a raspy voice & coughed.
"Baby you were fine last night, what happened?"
"I don`t know, but my throat hurts."
"You stay in bed & I`ll take care of you today."
"But I was planning on going down to the arena to skate," he tired getting out of bed.
"No skating for you, get back into bed & I`ll go make you toast & tea."
Jordan got back into bed & pulled the covers back up. Miriya kissed his forehead & went to the kitchen. She came back with tea with honey & lemon, some toast with butter & grape jelly, & some fruit.
"Here ya go, eat up."
"Can I watch a movie?"
"Yes Jordan you can watch a movie, what would you like to watch?"
"Potc 3."
Miriya put the movie in & sat down next to Jordan on the bed.
"Mommy will I be able to play when the next series starts?" he asked in a little kid voice.
"If you stay in bed, sleep, & do what tell you to do today you`ll be better by tomorrow & I`ll let you go skate."
"Ok, come here my big bad hockey announcer."
Miriya moved over next to him, put her head on his shoulder, & he put his arm around her. For awhile they were both saying lines from the movie, but then they both fell asleep. Just as Will was coming back to see Elizabeth & his son Miriya woke up. It was about eleven forty-five so she went to the kitchen to make lunch.
Jordan yawned, "Do I smell tomato soup?"
"Yes you do," Miriya walked into the bedroom with two bowls of soup, saltine crackers, & ginger ale.
"I know you were watching ESPN this morning, did you happen to see who we`re playing in the conference final?"
"I did, we`ll be seeing a lot of Eric," she said with a smile.
"Oh boy, it`ll be like that year when the Ducks played the Devils & the Niedermayer brothers were playing each other."
"Yea but that was more intense, that was for the Cup this is just the conference finals."
"True, who`s playing for the West?"
"The Hawks are playing the Kings.
Two days later Jordan`s cough was gone, & not much later it was time to start the conference finals. Game one, two, & five were in Pittsburgh, three & four were in Carolina. The Guins started off the series well & won game one three to one, but the Canes came back & took game two with a three two overtime win. The Penguins took the lead again winning game three five to four, but game four left the series tied at two when the Canes mustarded up a three two win. Five was taken by the Pens four two, but again the Canes came back in game six with a three one win.
"Alright boys, don`t be nervous. Yes it`s game seven in the Conference Finals, but you`ve played hard all year & have made me proud to be your announcer. I want you to go there & have fun, don`t concentrate on winning, concentrate on being the best that you can be. I love you boys & good luck," Miriya said before leaving the visitor's locker room & going up to the press box.
"I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting game," a smile came to Bourquey's face.
"Me too."
"Good evening everyone & welcome to game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals, where tonight the Carolina Hurricanes take on your Pittsburgh Penguins. The series is tied at three & both teams have an equal chance of moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals."
"That`s exactly right Staalsy & I have a feeling that we have an interesting game ahead of us tonight."
"At the end of one it`s Carolina with a goal from my brother-in-law Eric Staal & Pittsburgh nothing," Miriya said at the end of the first period stating up at the score board.
In the second the Guins got their first goal of the game at 3:02, Jordan pushed the puck behind Ward with some help from Ryan Malone & Ryan Whitney. Twelve minutes later Malkin netted a goal to give the Guins a two one lead, it came at 15:06 & the helpers went to Sidney Crosby & Colby Armstrong.
The clock was winding down, two minutes left Cole got a pass in the slot & one timed it to tie the game at two. It was scored at 18:27 & Ladd & Gleason received the assists.
"Bourquey called it at the start & it has turned out to be an interesting game. At the end of forty minutes the Canes & the Guins are tied at two. Both Staal brothers scored the first goals for their respective teams, Evgeni Malkin scored to give the Guins the lead but Eric Cole tied it up late in the period."
"We have twenty minutes left to play & I`m excited to see who comes out with the win."
"We`ve got a lot of talent & they`ve put on a great show so far, we`ll see which group of super stars can pull it off."
Both teams skated back out & five minutes in the Canes took the lead again. Mike Commodore had gotten a lead pass in the defensive zone from his goalie Cam Ward & was off on a breakaway. But exactly one minute later at 6:15 Crosby netted the Guins third goal to tie the game. Malkin got his second point of the night & Mark Eaton also helped out.
"Staalsy at the end of sixty minutes of play we`re tied at three, from here we go to a twenty minute sudden death overtime period."
"For those fans who don`t know, if the two teams are still tied at the end of the first overtime it will not got to a shootout like in the regular season. The playoffs are the only time that teams can go to more than one overtime period."
"Thanks Staalsy, well here's the opening face-off."
No one scored in the first twenty minutes & it was the first time that Miriya was going to announce a game that went to more than one overtime period. The second overtime ended in the same way as the first, with the Guins & the Canes tied at three. The third overtime was about to start & everyone on the bench looked tired, but the fans in the stands were cheering for the home team & waiting for a winner.
The opening face-off was dropped to start the third overtime & the seconds slowly ticked off the clock high above the ice. Both team were making crisp tape to tape passes & had great rushes just as they had throughout the rest of the game.
"Fleury makes a beauty of a pass out to Penguins' defenseman Kris Letang. Letang takes it up to just outside the hash. If the Guins want to end this they have to do it quickly they have just over ten seconds left. Letang passes to his defense partner Brooks Orpik, there`s no one on him."
"No one knew he made the pass Staalsy."
"Orpik he shoots, did it go in? It did Brooks Orpik shoots & scores. An unlikely goal scorer in the Penguins' number forty-four, but he wins the game in triple overtime against the Carolina Hurricanes to take the Guins to the Stanley Cup Finals."
Miriya did the closing segment then headed down to the locker room. Everyone was gathered around Brooksy & cheering knowing that they had finally made it. After eight years of hard work they were finally going to the Stanley Cup Finals. Miriya looked at her cell phone & saw that it was almost one o'clock but didn`t care.
"Brooksy I never would have expected you to score the game winner. Not that I doubted you or anything, 'cause I don`t doubt any of my boys. What I`m trying to say is good job, it was a great goal."
"Thanks Staalsy," he said giving her a hug.
Jordan walked over & tapped her on the shoulder. "Did you see Eric`s face when we won it?"
"I did baby, not as well as you, but I could see it."
"Priceless, were going to the finals & I`m going to take a shower."
"Ok baby," she said & gave him a kiss on the cheek.
He went to the showers & Miriya went to Jamesy's stall.
"What`s up Staalsy?"
"Just wanted to say that I`m sorry for giving you such a hard time at the beginning of the year. You`ve worked really hard & deserve to be on this team."
"Hey no hard feelings & thanks. I`m sorry for hittin' on you in training camp, you & Gronk are perfect for each other."
"Thanks, are you gonna be at Geno & Cassie`s wedding?"
"Yep, wouldn`t miss it. I love spending time with the team."
"Gronk, how are ya?"
"Pretty good, baby you know who won for the West?"
"Yea for once their game ended before ours, you`re gonna be playing the Hawks."
"Sweet," James said. "Well I`m gonna get outta here, see ya soon."
"Hopefully not too soon," Jordan said as James started to leave. "Alright baby let`s get outta here."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-Four

They got to Buffalo, went to the hotel to unpack, & then went to practice. Since the team has been working so well all year the practices were kept short & everyone worked hard. Practice ended with some suicides & a scoring/goaltending, the on where everyone on the team stands as close to the goal as possible & tries to push the puck behind whoever's in goal.
After showers everyone left the arena to find something to do with the rest of the day. Sid & Michelle went to go see a movie with Cassie & Geno; Miriya & Jordan were roaming the streets with gloves & sticks in hand; hoping that they could find a pick up game somewhere. They walked for a while & found a group of kids putting on ice skates at the side of a pond.
"Can we get in on the game?" Jordan asked.
"Sure, you`re Jordan Staal right?"
"Yep," Miriya & Jordan sat down on a bench to put their skates on.
"She`s gonna play too?" One of the boys asked.
"You think I can`t play?"
"I didn`t say that," he paused. "What position do you play?"
"Defense & don`t start with the you`re too short to play D you should play wing or something. I`ve gotten that all of my life."
"Yea, I wouldn't under estimate her, she kicks me ass all the time," Jordan said & gave her a hug.
"Wait are you Miriya Staal, the Penguins` announcer?"
"Last time I checked."
"Wow can I have you both autograph something for me?" He handed them a sharpie & puck.
They both signed, after tying their skates it was off to the ice. After Miriya handed out a few hips checks, blocked a couple shots & took a few of her own the guys stopped making fun of her & tried to avoid being on the other side of her slap shot at all costs.
There was no set time for the game & they stopped playing when it got dark. Everyone shed their gear, said good-bye, & left the pond. When Jordan & Miriya were about five minutes from the pond it started to snow. They both looked up at the sky, then down at each other & their lips met. Once they pulled away they continued to back to the hotel, hand in hand, & catching snowflakes on their tongues.
"I love you baby," Jordan said after pushing her against the wall when they were back in the hotel room. "You kicked ass today."
"Thank you & I love you too," she said then kissed him.
'KNOCK, KNOCK' Jordan pulled away & opened the door. "Hey Cass what`s up?"
"Nothing much, I take it you guys found a pick up game?"
"Yea, but they weren`t gonna let me play til they found out who I was," Miriya said.
"But then when they did she threw a few checks & they all shut up. She basically kicked their asses."
"Good job Mir."
"Thank you how was the movie?"
"It was ok, that is what I saw of it."
"I`d ask Sid or Michelle about it but I know they were worse than you were," Jordan said smiling.
"Yea, but you know you wouldn`t be much better."
"We never said that we would be," Miriya said & laughed.
"Hello?" Cassie asked when she picked up her cell phone. Miriya & Jordan couldn't hear what was being said on the other end so they sat & waited. "That was Geno," she said after hanging up. "We`re going to dinner, you wanna come?" "Only if we`re allowed, you sure you two don`t wanna be alone at dinner?" Miriya asked.
"Yea it`s cool if you come, I`m gonna go change so I`ll meet you down in the lobby.
Cassie went to her room; Jordan & Miriya changed out of their snowy clothes & went down to the lobby.
"Look Mommy it`s Jordan & Miriya Staal," a little boy said while passing through the lobby.
"It`s not very nice to point & I don`t think that`s them," his mom said pulling him along.
"But mom it is, can I see if they'll sign something for me?"
"Do you have anything with you?"
"No, but I can run & get something." He ran to his room & got a Penguins' jersey. He ran back & up to Jordan & Miriya.
"You`re Penguins' fan?" Jordan asked.
"Yea, I`m in town to see the game tomorrow."
"Well it`s good to see a fan," Miriya said.
Both Jordan & Miriya signed the jersey. "Thank you," he said & ran back to his room.
Geno & Cassie came to the lobby hand in hand; Miriya & Jordan were sitting on a couch waiting.
"So how have you guys been?" Geno asked.
"Good, a Guins fan found us, so we gave him an autograph," Jordan said.
"Sweet, well let`s go eat," Cassie said.
They went to dinner& had a lot of fun. They walked out of the restaurant & started back to the hotel when it started to snow again. Miriya & Jordan being the little kids that they are started skipping down the street.
"They`re such little kids," Cassie said & smiled.
"Yea, but while they`re off being five year olds I can do this" Geno said & kissed her. She of course kissed back.
Miriya & Jordan had skipped to a little park & Jordan had pushed her against a tree. Some snow fell from the branch above Jordan`s head.
"What was that for?"
"What, I didn`t do anything."
"Sure you didn`t." He threw a snowball at her.
She ran but he caught up & tackled her into the snow. They looked into each other's eyes, their lips inches apart.
"I love you."
"Well I love you too Jordan," She said just before his lips closed down on hers.
Geno & Cassie pulled away & decided to look for Miriya & Jordan. About five minutes later they found them in the middle of the park covered in a thin blanket of soft white snow. Miriya pulled away from the passionate kiss when she heard footsteps crunching in the snow & turned to see who it was.
"Oh hey guys, how are you?" she asked.
"We`re good, you guys done being five year olds?" Cassie asked.
"Yea I`m back to being twenty-five," Jordan said with a frown.
"Good it` s freezing out here, let`s get back to the hotel," Geno said helping both Jordan & Miriya stand up.
It continued to snow as they finished walking back to the hotel & it started to snow harder once they made it inside.
"Look how pretty," Miriya said. "I wanna play."
"But it`s too cold to 'play' outside, let`s go up to our room where it`s warm," Jordan said with a smile.
"Keep your clothes on your two," Geno said in a joking tone.
"Hey we`re married you can`t tell us what to do," Jordan said & his smiled widened.
"Goodnight guys," Miriya said as Jordan grabbed her hand & lead her to their room.
"Now where were we?" Jordan asked when they got into the room. Miriya pushed him against the wall & he put his arms around her waist. "Oh yea right here," He said & kissed her.
The next day the game went well & the Guins won 6-3. Jordan had a six point night, three of those being goals.
"Well that'll do it for tonight; Bob Grove is next for Penguins' hotline. Until next time this is Miriya Staal & Phil Bourque goodnight everyone."
"Good job tonight Staalsy."
"You too Bourquey, well I`m gonna go see Jordan."
Miriya ran down to the visitor's locker room & interviews were over. The whole team was standing around Jordan congratulating him.
"Baby you are amazing," Miriya said & kissed him on the cheek. "If my hat would have reached the ice from where I was sitting I would have thrown it."
"Don`t worry about it, you got to announce the best game of my career."
"I know baby, a six point game, you...I love you."
"Well I love you too," He kissed her. "I`m gonna shower."
Jordan walked to the shower & Miriya felt a tap on her shoulder. "What`s up?" she asked turning around.
"I don`t know what you did last night but Jordan played amazing today so keep it up," Colby said with a laugh.
"Alright, no problem," Miriya said & smiled slyly. "Good game tonight Army, I was saying your name a lot."
"Thanks Staalsy."
Back at the hotel that night Miriya pushed Jordan onto the bed & kissed him. "Congrats on a good game baby."
"Thanks," he barely got out before Miriya`s lips were pushed against his again. "I love you," he said after pulling away for a brief second.
"You too," she said into the kiss.
The Guins finished the season first in the league & won the President's trophy, but the Red Wings weren`t too far behind for second. In the east the Guins beat the Panthers four games to one, the Bruins beat the Thrashers four games to three, the Canes beat the Lightning four games to two, & the Caps swept the Sens four games to none. In the West quarter-finals Vancouver beat the Red Wings four games to tow, the Hawks beat the Sharks four games to three, the Ducks beat the Oilers four games to one, & the Kings beat the Flames four games to three.
Two weeks past & it was the start of the semi-finals, round two of the playoffs & everyone was nervous. The Bruins were going to be playing the Guins who had home ice advantage. The Pens had won the first two games, the B`s had come back o tie the series at two each after four games. Game five though fell on a Friday & the Guins won it in Pittsburgh. Game six was the next day & back in Boston. Though it would have only been a five hour drive on the bus they caught a plane so that they would all be back with enough time to get a good night's sleep before the game.
"Morning baby," Jordan said & kissed her cheek before rolling out of bed.
"Morning," she looked at the bedside table clock. "Mmm, it`s only seven-thirty, we`re taking a pre-game nap right?"
"Yea probably around two, but for now I`m gonna go shower, then I`ll make some breakfast."
"I love you," she said & smiled as Jordan walked into the bathroom. Once the water had started Miriya rolled out of bed, walked to the bathroom door & knocked.
"May I join you?"
"You may."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-Three

September started and Jordan and Miriya went back to Pittsburgh. The tenth came and Miriya back into the bedroom and set a tray down on the nightstand.
She kissed Jordan and his eyes slowly opened. “Good morning baby, happy birthday.”
“Thank you,” Miriya handed him his breakfast. “You made me breakfast?”
“For your special day.”

A week later training camp started and Miriya hung out with Steigy, Errey and Bourquey.
“Come on boys, work hard,” Miriya yelled from the bench. “So who`s the new kid, number six?”
“Canadian, defenseman, pretty sure his first name’s James,” Bourquey said.
“Think he`ll make the team?” Steigy asked.
“He looks like he could. But we got a lot of training camp left,” Bob said. “You know Miriya he keeps looking over here.”
“Yea I did notice, I`ll have to straighten him out later today.”
When the scrimmage was over everyone went to the locker room to shower.
Jordan tapped Miriya on the shoulder, spun her around, and kissed her, “How was your first day?”
“Good, pretty easy too, all I had to do was sit and watch you guys work.”
“Well baby I`m gonna shower, then we can go do something.”
“Ok, I need to talk to one of the new kids.”
Jordan kissed her then went to the showers. Miriya went to find number six. She finally found him in the visitor’s locker room.
“Hey number six,” He turned to face her. “You`re a rookie right?”
“Yeah, James McGuire from Winnipeg Manitoba.”
“Miriya Staal, first year announcer. You`re doing good out there, but if you`re gonna make the team you have to understand one thing.” She showed him her wedding ring. “I`m taken and if you mess with me you`ll have the entire team to deal with.”
“There`s no way old enough to be an announcer or be married. Who are you married to?”
“There you are baby I`ve been looking for you,” Jordan said and put his arms around her waist from behind.
“Jordan this is James McGuire, rookie defenseman. James this is my husband seventh year center Jordan Staal.”
“Nice to meet Mr. Staal.”
“Well good luck in the rest of camp and welcome to Pittsburgh,” Miriya said as James walked to the showers.
“What was that all about?” Jordan asked before kissing her.
“Oh he was checking me out during warm-ups so I figured I better set him straight. I told him that if he makes the team he has to understand that I`m yours and that if he messes with me he`ll have to answer to the entire team.”
“Oh you could take him,” he said with a laugh.

A few days later all of those who were left in training camp took a trip to West Pointe After a two hour scavenger hunt/hike it was time for one last exercise.
“Ok cadets, you fight until you are forced to stop. Whether that be because you are in too much pain to continue or you run out of ammo. Good luck troops, move out.”
Click, click, click…paintballs whizzed by but Miriya dodged and ducked to avoid being hit. Someone did hit her from behind though; she went to lean against a nearby tree. Someone from the other side walked passed.
“You ok?” James asked. “Let me help you.” He went to help her up and as soon as she was on her feet she pulled the trigger and a paintball went right to his stomach.
“Damn, I`m sorry I was just trying to help.”
“No I didn’t mean it like that, I`m sorry I was going to do that to anyone from the other side.”
Training camp and the pre-season ended, it was finally time for the start of the season. The arena was ready, the team was ready, and the fans were ready. The morning skate went smoothly, the starting line up was posted in the locker room and everyone went to do their pre-game routine.
“You nervous?” Jordan asked Miriya when he woke up from his pre-game nap.
“Nope, it`s not my first time announcing, I mean I know I`m not an intern anymore, but I`m ready.”
Once everyone was at the arena it was time for Miriya to start her announcer duties. She walked into the locker room with Jordan, said hi to the team and ran into Bourquey.
“Hey Staalsy, you wanna do an interview before the game?”
“Sure, who am I gonna talk to?”
“Yeah I guess I`ll do it, when?”
“Fifteen minutes.”
Fifteen minutes later Miriya had a microphone in her hand and was standing next to James.
“I`m here with Penguins’ rookie defenseman James McGuire. James this is your first National Hockey League can you tell me what you`re feeling?”
“I`m nervous, excited, happy, mostly nervous though. I think that every guy is before their first game especially in front of the home crowd.”
“You grew up in Canada, how does it feel to be playing against a Canadian team in your first game as a Penguin?”
“I grew up in Winnipeg, the closet team was Calgary. I grew up cheering for the Flames and it`s a dream come true to be playing against them at all. But playing them in my first NHL game makes it that much better.”
“Thanks James, good luck tonight.”
The camera went off, James went to his locker and Miriya went to see Jordan.
“Good luck tonight baby,” Jordan said and kissed her.
“You too, that goes for all of you, kick some Flames ass.”
“No problem Staalsy,” the team said.
Miriya got one more kiss from Jordan and headed up to the commentator’s box. At about six forty-five she made sure that she had all her game notes, that her chair was the way she wanted it, and that`s when she started to get nervous.
“Staalsy you ready?” Bourquey asked as they put their headsets on.
“As ready as I`ll ever be, I`m doing the opening to the pre-game right?”
“We`re on in five,” Ray Walker said from the other side of the room.
That five minutes went quickly and it was time for the pre-game show.
“Good evening everyone and welcome to Consol Energy Center where tonight your Pittsburgh Penguins open their season against the Calgary Flames.”
The opener went well, the Guins won, and Miriya announced for the first time with just one other announcer. The season went on and went well, throughout the season they had amazing wins and very few losses. All of the lines worked well together. The road trips were fun for both the team and Miriya. She was happy that she got to go on all the road trips. The goalies were amazing and barely ever allowed a rebound. The centers were winning face-offs, the goal scorers were scoring, the passers were making beautiful passes, and the defensemen were keeping the puck in the offensive zone as much as humanly possible. Sid, Geno, Flower and Jordan made the All-Star team again and the East won.
In late February everyone met at the arena at seven am for a road trip. Once everyone was on the bus they started off towards Buffalo and stopped after about an hour to stretch. Michelle and Sid stayed on while everyone else got food and stretched their legs. Back on the bus Sid started tickling Michelle and she tickled back. After about two minutes they were both laughing so hard that they both fell off the seat. They were stuck between their seat and the one in front of them. At this point everyone was getting back on the bus.
“Head count,” Colby said as Therrien started counting to make sure that everyone was on the bus.
Somehow out of nowhere Michelle’s shoe flew across the bus and hit Miriya in the back of the head. Everyone looked to the back of the bus and Miriya threw the shoe back.
“Colby go see what’s going on back there, and find out where that shoe came from.”
Colby walked to the back of the bus and saw Michelle and Sid kissing on the floor. “Coach they`re having sex!”
“No we`re not,” Michelle said.
“Shh,” Sid said and kissed her.
“Sid, coach we`re not. But we are stuck.”
Somehow after a few minutes they managed to get out from between the seats and were greeted by Colby, Jordan, Miriya, Geno, Cassie, and Therrien.
“First you do it in my living room while playing twister and now on the bus,” Jordan said with a laugh.
“What about a twister board?” Geno asked.
“Nothing,” Michelle said. “We did not do it at Jordan`s on the twister board, we fell amd made out for a few minutes. And today we were having a tickle fight, fell and got stuck. That`s all it was I swear.”
“Alright but you guys are sitting in the front of the bus for the rest of the trip,” Therrien said.
The rest of the team watched as they took the walk of doom to the front of the bus.

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-Two

The next three weeks went by quickly & everyone got more nervous, especially Miriya. After dinner was over after the rehearsal dinner Miriya stopped Jordan on the way to his car.
“Baby have fun tonight, but please don`t get arrested again.”
“Ok baby sounds good, I`ll see you at four tomorrow afternoon. You have fun too.”
“I will, I love you.”
“Love you too.”
Jordan gave her a hug & kiss & they both headed off to their parties. Jordan got to Geno`s house with the rest of the guys& they had fun. Miriya got to Michelle’s house & all her friends, players girlfriends & wives were there.
“Hey Mir you wanna do shots?” Michelle asked.
“Sure why not.”
They did some shots of whiskey, vodka & tequila. After all that Miriya was stumbling around & having a good time. That`s when Laura brought out the Smirnoff. By eleven-thirty Miriya was passed out on the couch.
The next day Miriya woke up & everyone got ready. At a little before four everyone was ready & waiting at the church. It was St. Sebastian’s church, the church that Miriya went to when she was growing up. The flowers in the church were fresh red roses just like the bouquets. All of the usher had seated people & looked handsome, they were Miriya`s brother Thom, Brooks Orpik, Rob Scuderi, Max Talbot, Ryan Whitney, Erik Christensen, & Mark Eaton. All the grooms’ men walked out to the front of the church. Their tuxes were black & so were their vests, the shirts were white & the ties were dark blue. Eric, Colby, Chuck, Marc-Andre, Geno, Jared, Marc, & Ryan stood in front of the church & waited. Sid was Jordan`s best man & was keeping him calm.
The music started & the bride’s maids started down the aisle. They all looked very pretty in their sleeveless mid-shin, midnight blue dresses & black flats. Michelle, Sam, Amanda, Laura, Lauren, Vicky, Elizabeth & Laina walked down the aisle then it was time for Cassie, the maid of honor. Brittany Marc-Andre’s daughter had on a short sleeve, floor length, white dress; she had red rose petals in her basket & walked down with Adam who was Eric’s son. Finally it was time for Miriya to walk down the aisle with her had. Her dress was sleeveless, floor-length, was white & had no train. Her hair was in a twisted up-do; her make-up was light but looked good, light blue eye shadow, light eyeliner, & cleat lip gloss. When they got to the end of the aisle Miriya`s dad handed her over to Jordan.
It came time for the vows & Jordan started. "Miriya I knew from the first time I saw you tat you were going to play a special part in my life. You`re always there for me & you became part of the Penguins' family with me. You`ve sat on planes & buses for hours just so you can be with me, & waited up many nights just for me to call. You make me smile after a loss & after a win you make it even better. The second you walk into a room I don`t have to turn around to know it`s you, my heart starts racing. Asking you out on that day so long ago was the best thing I`ve ever done, it changed my life forever. We`ve had so many good times together with friends, family, & the team. I know I`ve talked about hockey a lot, but it`s what brought us together & what`s kept us together. It`s not just our careers it`s our life. And I promise to love you with all of my heart until the end of time."
"Jordan you changed my life the second you walked into BC that day. It was one of the best day's ever, I was meeting who I thought was one of the greatest people alive. You started out as my hero & as time went on we became closer & you`re my best friend. You`ve always been there for me, making me smile when I`m sad & holding me close while I`ve cried. I never thought that I would love anyone as much as I love you or have someone love me as much as you do. Then you brought me into the Penguins' family & it was more than I could ever ask for, I made so many friends & love ever single one of them. Hockey brought us together& nothing will tear us apart, hockey is what we live & breathe. You are the ice beneath my skates & you mean more than anything in the world to me. I have loved you for six years with all of my heart & I promise to love you the same & more until the end of time," she smiled.
"Do you Jordan take Miriya to be your wife, to have & to hold, to love & to cherish, in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, for richer or poorer till death do your part?"
"I do."
"Do you Miriya take Jordan to be your husband, to have & to hold, to love & to cherish, in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, for richer or poorer, till death do your part?"
"I do."
"By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband & wife, you may kiss the bride."
Jordan`s soft lips pressed against Miriya`s & they both smiled into the kiss.
Once the wedding was over all the guests head to the reception hall & everyone in the wedding & the close family of the bride & groom stayed at the church for pictures. Once the pictures were done the bridal party & family got on the trolley & went to Chadwick Reception Hall. The hall was lit with candles; the tables were arranged throughout the hall with paper table covers & crayons so that kids could draw. The bridal table was raised & had glasses with each person's name engraved. The three tier cake sat on a side table it was black & white & had been made by Miriya`s grandma. On another side table there were cookies made by Miriya`s family, chocolate covered strawberries, & a chocolate with lots of stuff to dip in.
"Ladies & gentlemen please join me in welcoming for the Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Staal," The DJ said as Jordan & Miriya walked in. Everyone stood & clapped, a big smile came to Miriya`s face as they walked to the center of the dance floor.
From this moment by Shania Twain came on. "Miriya I love you so much & I`ve waited so long for this day."
"I love you too, more than anything. When you first came to the team I only dreamed of meeting you & now I`m going to spend the rest of my life with you," She lifted her head from against his chest & her lips met with his with a passionate kiss.
Once the song was over they walked to their seats at the head table, but barley sat down before it was time to go to the buffet to get food. The food was great there was chicken, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, salad & bread. Shortly after dinner started the "bartender" went around filling the adult's glasses with champagne & the minor's glasses with non-alcoholic champagne. Cassie & Sid walked over to the DJ's table & picked up the microphones. 'Ding, Ding, Ding' filled the room as spoons clinked against the glasses, Jordan & Miriya quickly kissed & looked towards Sid & Cassie for their speeches.
Sid looked at Miriya & Jordan & smiled. "Jordan & I have known each other for seven years. Now this isn't going to be one of those speeches where I talk about when Jordan was little & how we got in trouble together, if you want to hear about that Eric would be the guy to talk to," he paused & everyone looked up at Eric who sat two three seats from Jordan. "We were drafted a year apart & I can remember when he made the team right out of training camp how happy he was to be playing in the NHL, I think that today he may be happier than he was then. His first season was amazing & I think he did better than eve he thought he could. But then next season something changed & for the better," He paused for a brief second. "He walked into a sports store in the mall one day before a game & met a beautiful girl, who was & still is the team's biggest fan. Yes after she joined the "family" he still goofed off in the locker room, but really what hockey player doesn`t?" All of the players, Cassie, Michelle & Miriya laughed. "But he knew that once he hit the ice he had to go back to being a professional hockey player of he would have to answer to her." Miriya smiled. "She`s been there for the team no matter what win or loss, keeping us all in line. If it wasn`t for that day in the mall I would have never met my beautiful wife Michelle." He looked at Michelle & they both smiled. "Thank you Miriya for bringing her to that game. I wish you both the best of luck in the future even though I know you don`t need it."
"I`ve known Miriya for fourteen years. We`ve been through our ups & downs, but we`ve been there for each for as long as I can remember. I`m honored to say that she found someone new to share her love for hockey, friends & anything else that you can imagine. I`m so happy that you two found each other, I want to thank you for making my best friend in the entire world so happy. I also want to thank you for taking her off my hands & giving me a break for once, just kidding." She looked at Miriya & smiled. "Hey maybe now you can make that part from my one story true. Now you guys can actually go to the ho-ho, get chased by the po-pos, who said no no, go to the ho-ho then eat it." Jordan looked really confused; Miriya laughed & put her hand on his shoulder. "Anyways I wish you two the best of luck. And Miriya I`m glad you found someone who can handle you. Last but certainly not least, congratulations! Oh & just remember if you ever need a baby-sitter you know who you call...I love you guys."
After everyone was done eating Miriya & her dad walked out the middle of the dance floor & "I Loved Her First" by Heartland came on. About three-quarters of the way through the song Jordan put his hand on Miriya`s shoulder.
"May I cut in?"
"Of course," he gave Miriya a hug & went back to his table.
"Did I tell you that you look beautiful today?"
"You did but thank you, you`re looking good today too. Not that that`s different from any other day."
Later that night after the party died down they said good-bye to everyone then went back to their house & went to bed.
The next morning Miriya woke up to the sound she hadn`t heard in a while. It was the annoying 'Ring, Ring' of the alarm clock on her phone.
"Good morning Mrs. Staal," Jordan said kissed her cheek.
Miriya couldn't help but smile when she heard the name Mrs. Staal. "Good morning baby, what time is it?"
Jordan looked at the clock on the bedside table. "Three-thirty."
"Are you serious? We only got home an hour ago." "I know baby, but we need to get ready to go to the airport. That is if you still want to go."
"Me not want to go to Scotland, are you crazy?"
"No I`m not crazy." Miriya just stared at him for a minute. "Ok, I`m not crazy all the time."
"That`s what I was looking for."
Jordan wrapped his arms around her & kissed her. They both slowly rolled out of the bed after pulling away. Once they were both ready they headed out to the car & made sure that everything they needed was there.
"I love you so much baby," Jordan said on the way to the airport.
"I love you too, more than anything."
"Together forever."
Once they got to the airport they parked the car, unloaded the bags, & walked to the baggage check. After standing in line for longer than they expected to at five fifteen am they walked to security. The line at security was practically non-existent compared tot that of the baggage check & they made it through in under ten minutes.
"Breakfast?" Jordan asked. "'Cause you know that the stuff they give you on the plane isn't very good."
"Well actually when I went to Scotland the first time they food they gave us was actually pretty good."
"So I take it that we`re not gonna get something to eat before we leave?"
"I never said that, maybe something little."
They walked to a little convenience store & bought a pack of gum, two packs of brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, & a bottle of cherry Pepsi to share.
Once they got on the plane & took off it was about seven am, they got an English breakfast at about eight.
"So what did you think of the food?" Miriya asked when Jordan had finished eating.
"Well I ate it all didn`t I?"
"That doesn`t really mean anything. You could have just been really hungry, that`s how I am sometimes. It doesn`t matter what you put in front of me, I`m so hungry that I`ll eat it."
"Well that wasn`t the case with me, I like the food, it was good."
"Good `cause that`s the kind of food you`re gonna be eating the whole time we`re in Scotland."
"Oh God, you`re not gonna make me eat anything weird are you?"
"Not anything that I haven`t tried already, ok?"
Jordan nodded his head, he yawned & laid his head down on Miriya`s shoulder. A stewardess came& took all the breakfast stuff, Miriya put the tray tables up & gently rested her head on Jordan`s.
"I love you Miriya."
"I love you too," Miriya said then they both fell asleep.
When they woke up it was lunch time; they ate lunch, & then decided to listen to music. Miriya took out her iPod, she handed one headphone to Jordan, & put the other in her ear. Once it finally turned on an old country song came on. Miriya mouthed the words, "Three words, two hearts," But was cut off when Jordan`s soft lips pressed against hers.
"One kiss," Jordan said after pulling away.
Miriya smiled & put her head on Jordan`s shoulder, "Ha-ha, you`re the pillow now."
"That`s fine by me," he said & put his arm around her.
A few hours later the plane landed at the airport in Glasgow, it was three pm in Pittsburgh, but eight pm in Glasgow. Finally after getting off the plane after a long eight hour flight they went to look for their bags. On their way to the baggage claim they saw a man holding a sign that said, 'Staal'.
"Hello you must be the Staals," The man said in a thick Scottish accent.
"Yes it`s nice to meet you Mr..." Miriya paused.
"Just call me Patrick."
"It`s nice to meet you Patrick."
"Well we should be getting your bags."
And with that they were off to get their bags. As you would expect it took a while to find the bags, but luckily nothing was missing. The ride from the airport to the hotel took an hour, but what they could see of the scenery was beautiful. After arriving at the hotel they unloaded their stuff, checked in, & went up to their room.
"Do you wanna unpack tonight?" Jordan asked laying his suitcase on the bed.
"Sure it`ll give us more time to do stuff tomorrow."
After everything was unpacked Miriya put her Penguins pajama pants on, brushed her teeth & crawled into bed.
"It`s only six-thirty at home," Jordan said.
"Yea well it`s eleven-thirty here & I`m tired."
"Ok baby, well goodnight," Jordan said & put her arm around her.
"I love you Jordan."
"I love you too," He said & his lips found hers.
Once they pulled away they fell asleep & slept peacefully. The next morning at about eight Miriya slowly opened her eyes & smiled remembering where she was.
"What are you doing up?" Jordan asked.
"I could ask you the same thing," Miriya said with a smile looking over to his side of the bed. "I had a good sleep did you?"
"I did, are you hungry, we could order something from room service."
"Sounds good to me."
They ordered food & waited for it to arrive. Once they had finished eating Miriya went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She put the tooth brush down on the sink & walked out into the bedroom where she found Jordan sitting on the bed.
"What`s up?" Miriya asked still standing in the door way.
"Oh nothing," he said with a smile & flashed the DO NOT DISTURB sign.
"Oh I like nothing," she said with a giggle.
Jordan opened the door, hung the sign on the outside handle, & quickly closed the door again. He put his arms around Miriya`s waist & pulled her close. She looked & he smiled that sweet seductive smile that just comes naturally.
"I never could resist that smile," Miriya said just before he kissed her. She smiled into the kiss & only pulled away for a brief second to slip Jordan`s shirt over his head. Their lips met again & this time it was more intense, Miriya ran her hand up & down Jordan`s bare back. Again they pulled away & Miriya`s shirt , penguin pants, & Jordan`s Reebok sweatpants fell to the floor.
Jordan stood in his blue & white plaid boxers & Miriya in her blue underwear & bra.
"I love you," He said & gently pushed her onto the bed. "More than anything."
"I love you too."
From there everything just went naturally. A good while later Miriya rested her head on Jordan`s chest & drew circles on his smooth stomach. Jordan was playing with her hair & they were both smiling like never before.
"Greatest time of my life," Miriya said with a smile & turned so she was facing Jordan.
"You & me both baby, you & me both."
"I`m gonna go shower then we can go explore the Royal Mile & stuff."
"Baby don`t leave me."
Miriya tired to get up but Jordan grabbed her hand. She turned around to face him again & he was giving her the puppy dog eyes.
"If there`s one thing that gets me more than your smile it`s when you do that."
He smiled & she sat back down on the bed. She leaned down & kissed him & ran her fingers through his blonde hair. She pulled away, ran her hand along his chest, kissed him on the cheek, & went to take a shower.
Once they were both down showering & they dressed they left the room hand in hand & to explore the beautiful land of Scotland. After watching the sunset they went back to their room, Miriya went to brush her hair & Jordan sat down on the bed.
"You my husband are the greatest man I know," Miriya said after sitting on his lap.
"You my wife never seize to amaze me," he smile.
Jordan slid further onto the bed & he kissed her. One thing led to another & next thing they knew it was the second best experience of the day. They both fell asleep, Miriya with her head resting on Jordan`s chest & he had his arm wrapped around her.
"Good morning beautiful," Jordan said then kissed her cheek.
"Good morning indeed," She said with a smile. "I`m gonna go shower , then maybe I can go pipe on a corner."
She kissed him on the cheek, ran her finger down his chest & went to take a shower. About a minute after the water was turned on Miriya felt a set of strong arms around her waist. He spun her around, pushed her against the wall & kissed her.
"So glad I`m not paying that water bill," Jordan said with a laugh.
"That`s more water than I`ve used in my life."
"I love you."
"I love you too, I`m gonna go put my piper uniform on & go find a corner."
"YAY bagpipes, but what about food?"
"We can grab something," she said buttoning up her dress shirt.
She had her entire uniform on within five minutes which is impressive for a piper uniform. Dress shirt, tie, Glengarry, spourin, kilt with kilt pin, piper socks, Gilles, & a sgian dubh (Scottish knife). Jordan took her hat & put it on.
"Baby you`re so cute," She said taking the hat off. "No on looks good in a Glengarry, you can`t even pull it off & that`s sad."
They left the hotel & found a good corner, Miriya had tuned up before leaving the hotel so she put her case down, opened it, & started playing. About an hour later she took the money from the case put in her spourin & put her pipes away.
"Now we can get food," she said shaking her spourin.
They went & got food then explored downtown Edinburgh some more.
The next day they decided to just hang out at the hotel & be boring. Miriya was at the desk in the hotel checking her e-mail on her laptop. ' - Mike Lange Retires.' She clicked the subject & opened the e-mail. 'Penguins announcer of 35 years announced his retirement earlier today, he will be missed by fans of all ages. Lange will be replaced by up & coming Pittsburgh native Miriya Staal...' There was more written but she was too excited to read anymore.
Just then the song that was playing on iTunes changed. Miriya started singing, "How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it?"
"Pretty bad," Jordan said with a sly smile.
She turned around to face him, "Baby, I got the job!"
"How do you know, you never got a call or anything."
"They probably called the house, but I still get those fan e-mails & just read it."
He read to himself at first then, "Will be replace by Pittsburgh native Miriya Staal, oh my God baby you got the job!"
"I know," She smiled & Jordan gave her a hug.
She looked up & their lips met. Next thing you know there`s clothes scattered across the floor & Jordan was asleep, his arm around Miriya, her head resting on his chest, she was still awake & smiling.

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty-One

Back in Pittsburgh it was sunny & warm on the morning of July 15th. Miriya rolled out of bed & went to the kitchen where she found Jordan making pancakes.
"You`re so good to my baby, are you gonna stay like this after we get married?"
"I would think so, now sit down & eat."
After breakfast Miriya wrapped Cassie`s present & they watched some TV. At around eleven-thirty they went out to the car & a few minutes later pulled up to Chuck 'E Cheese where they were meeting Cassie. They met Cassie & Geno in the parking lot & walked inside.
"We`re here to celebrate a birthday," Geno told the lady at counter with a smile.
"Oh how old is the person turning?"
"Twenty-three," Cassie said looking very embarrassed.
"Oh, do you want the birthday crown?"
"Yea sure, why not I`m still a little kid a heart."
Cassie put the crown on & they went to find a place to sit. Fifteen minutes later their pizza was at the table & the four of them finished all of the pizza in less than ten minutes. Once they were done they went to play games, Cassie went to her favorite game, it took no skill at all but it was a whole lot of fun. All you had to do was put the token in & hope that it knocked one or more off the trays inside.
"Damn I only have two tokens left, Geno go get me more!"
He ran over to the token machine & came back with a handful of tokens. Miriya & Jordan had found the air hockey table.
"You wanna play?" Jordan asked.
"Me play hockey are you kidding? Why would you ask that question?" She put two tokens in & the game was ready to start. "Hope you`re ready to lose."
Lose was exactly what he did, Miriya played amazing defense & scored the winning goal.
"Best two out of three?" He asked with a smile.
They played for a long time & had to constantly get more tokens, so did Geno & Cassie. Each time they would have to get more they would alternate between the two of them & made sure that no one took their game. After three long hours of playing Cassie picked up her mass amounts of tickets & Jordan dropped his "hockey stick".
"My hand's all cramped," He said looking for sympathy.
"You could have given up a long time ago."
"No I couldn't have, I had a chance to beat you."
"Baby we spent twenty dollars on air hockey, I beat you twenty-five game to fifteen," She said with a smile.
"So that doesn`t mean anything."
"I think is does, I`m better than you at hockey on videos games, I`m better on the ice, & I just proved that I`m better than you at air hockey."
"Fine, you win. But you always win, I wanna win sometime."
Miriya just laughed & they got up to the prize counter where Cassie & Geno were. "Can I help you?" The guy asked.
"Yes, give me as many fun dips as I can get."
The guy looked at the receipt from their tickets & rolled his eyes. "I`ll be back."
He came back & had two boxes of fun dip. "Two hundred fun dips."
"Holy crap, how many tickets did you guys have?" Jordan asked.
"Six thousand exactly," Cassie said with a laugh.
"Holy shit, geez Cass we thought it was bad when that time we got twenty-six fun dips."
They all headed home as soon as Cassie & Geno walked in their front door Geno Jr. jumped up at them.
"Hi there cutie how are you? You`re such a good puppy, yes you are, yes you are."
Later that night back at Miriya & Jordan`s house they were sitting on the couch watching TV. Miriya had her head on his shoulder; he had his arm around her & was holding her hand. She lifted her head to crack her neck but when she looked over towards Jordan he kissed her. She put her arms around his neck & deepened the kiss.
He pulled away for a brief second, "I win," he said.
"Mhm," she smile & pushed her lips back against his.
At around eleven after making out on the couch for about an hour Jordan picked her up & she wrapped her legs around his waist. Without pulling apart they made it to the bedroom & lay down on the bed. Miriya pulled away only for a brief second to slip Jordan`s shirt over his head. Within a few minutes Jordan was in just his boxers & Miriya was in her bra & underwear. Jordan reached back to unhook her bra but she pulled his hand away.
"Sorry baby, we both got a little carried away."
"Yea, one more month though & we`ll be married & be in Scotland."
"I can`t wait."
Miriya put on her pajamas & got back into bed next to Jordan.
"I love you my Angel."
"You haven`t called me that in years."
"I know but you are my angel."
"Well thank you & I love you too my big bad hockey player."
Mo ran into the room & jumped onto the bed, he curled up between Miriya & Jordan.
"You want some loving too?" Jordan asked.
"Alright since you`re so cute we won`t throw you out," Miriya said scratching behind his ears.
Michelle & Sid came home at the end of the month & Sid was really tan. The day they got back they went over to Miriya & Jordan`s house for a game day. 'Ding Dong!' Mo tan to the door & started barking.
"Mo stop it," Miriya said walking up to the door. "Michelle, Sid!" She said with a smile. "Mo get down!"
"It`s ok he missed us," Michelle said petting him. "So how have you guys been?"
"Good, how was it?" Miriya asked giving them both a hug.
"It was amazing it was so beautiful. The food was amazing, the people were so nice, the sand was so soft."
"Wow," Jordan said with a laugh. "Sounds like you guys had some fun."
"Hey Jordan, how ya been?" Sid asked.
"Good, I`d ask you the same question but I can guess by the look on you face."
They all went to the kitchen & ate the lunch that Miriya & Jordan had made.
"So Jordan did you make this by yourself?" Sid asked.
"No Miriya helped me."
"Wow for once," Michelle said with a laugh.
"No she helps me a lot, I just like making her breakfast & stuff. I mean she does so much for me it`s the least I can do."
"Aww I love you baby," Miriya said putting her head on his shoulder.
After lunch they went to the living room & set up the board to play monopoly. That game went on for about two hours went finally everyone ran out of money but Jordan. After monopoly it was time to play twister.
"You two wanna go first?" Jordan asked.
"Sure why not." So Sid & Michelle stepped up to the mat & Jordan spun the spinner.
About ten minutes later the spinner was spun, "Left hand green!"
They both went to move & fell, once they were both on the floor they started making out.
"Alright, alright not in my house," Jordan said with a smile.
They rolled off the mat & over to the spinner. Miriya & Jordan were ready to play.
"Let me just tell you guys that you suck. Cassie & I played in the summer after sixth grade for an hour without falling. But we both had to stop cause the party was over, but we both laid there for like ten minutes afterwards cause our backs hurt so bad.
"Did you guys ever rematch?" Sid asked.
"No we were both too crippled," she said with a laugh.
"Alright, right hand blue," Michelle said after spinning the spinner.
The game went on & on & no wiggled. Finally after an hour & twenty minutes Jordan started to fall & grabbed Miriya`s leg so that she would fall too.
"You cheater, I would have won," Miriya said when she fell on top of Jordan.
"Well you broke your`s & Cassie`s record. I never thought that would be able to play for that long."
"We`ll we`re gonna go, we still have to unpack & stuff. But I`ll talk to you tomorrow," Michelle said.
"Ok, bye thanks for coming over," Miriya said & hugged them both.
Once Sid & Michelle walked out the door Miriya & Jordan sat down on the couch. "You know they`re not gonna unpack," Jordan said with a laugh.
"Oh I know, I think it`s funny how they think we`re gonna believe that."
"Yea, so I`m hungry but don`t think I would be able to stand long enough to make dinner. So you just wanna order a pizza?"
A little later the pizza got there & they ate the large pizza & thing of bread sticks in under five minutes. After they were done eating they sat for a little while longer on the couch watching TV.
"Oh my God my back hasn't hurt this bad since that day I broke my record for riding the Thunderbolt."
"Damn you rode that thing like eight times."
"I really like it though it`s my favorite ride & it was ten times."
"I know you do, well my back hurts too but your`s is probably worse. So if you fix mine first cause it won`t take very long, then I`ll do your`s until it doesn`t hurt anymore."
"Do you have any idea how long that'll take?"
"Yea, but you`re worth it."
"Aww baby I love you," She went to kiss him but a peck was all she could manage before she pulled away cringing because of her back.
"Ok baby let's go." Jordan picked her up & carried her to the bedroom.
She sat back up & took Jordan`s shirt off; he laid down & Miriya massaged his back for about ten minutes.
"Baby I`m sorry I can`t sit up anymore."
"It`s fine my back feels better anyway, thank you."
She lay down & Jordan started on her upper back. An hour & a half later Jordan laid down next to her, she had fallen asleep about twenty minutes before. He kissed her cheek & closed his eyes to go to sleep.
"I love you baby & thank you," Miriya said in a sleepy voice.
"You`re welcome baby, I love you too."

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Thirty

Friday July twelfth 2013 a bunch of girls were at Miriya`s still new house & all the guys were at Sid`s house. As you would expect at both parties there was alcohol & Michelle was pretty drunk by eleven-thirty.
"I swear Michelle if you`re drunk during your wedding."
"I won`t be, don`t worry," she said stumbling over to the couch to sit down.
"You better not be, do you know how pissed Sid would be?"
"Never mind, don`t worry just go sleep it off."
The next morning everyone who was still at Miriya`s woke up to get ready. Jordan came home to get his tux then went back to Sid`s house to hang out with the rest of the groom's men.
"So Michelle you nervous?" Miriya asked while the bride's maids were doing each other's hair & make-up.
"A little, I`ll probably be worse later."
Two-thirty came & it was time, everyone was ready & waiting inside of Epiphany church which sits directly in front of the arena. It was where Michelle's grandma got married do it was special for her to be getting married there. The flowers in the church were calilies, lilies, & hydrangeas. The groom's men walked out to the front of the church all smiling. It was the entire team & they all looked very handsome in their rented tuxes. The pants & jackets were black, gold vests, white shirts, & shiny black shoes. The bride's maids started down the aisle Dena, Zena, Nina, Sara, Jackie, Amy, & Sarah. Miriya & Sammy who were the maids of honor followed. All of the bride's maids had gold flowing dresses with embellished busts. Jordan & Sid were talking at the front of the church, Jordan being the best man was trying to keep Sid calm. Shea, Michelle's cousin the ring bearer & all her little girl cousins, the flower girls walked down the aisle. Shea looked like the rest of the guys in his little tux, & the flower girl's dresses were pale gold.
The organist started to play a soft Beethoven melody; Michelle stepped out into the church & started walking down the aisle with her dad. She looked beautiful; her make-up was natural with purple & golds that enhanced her eyes & skin. Her hair was in a soft up-do with crystal pins, a tiara, & a long vial. Her dress was gorgeous, a flowing white gown, it had a long train, lacy corset & thin lace straps.
"Daddy don`t let me go," Michelle said half-way down the aisle with tears of joy in her eyes.
"You`re the one who wanted to do this so suck it up."
"I know, I think I`m fine."
They got to the end of the aisle & her father handed her over to Sid.
"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join these two hearts in holy matrimony."
It finally came time to say the vows & Sid started. "You`re eyes caught mine that special day. I never told you this but I was also really afraid to talk to you. You were wearing a black polo & jeans & I thought you were the best thing in the world. You got your dad to like me, I know that was though. We have gone through so much these past couple years. You called me every night you weren`t with me just to say goodnight. Your little blushing thing you do drives me crazy & every time you talk I fall deeper & deeper in love. You are my world, my everything, & my love, forever & ever. I promise this can`t help falling over & over in love with you."
Michelle smiled & another tear fell to her cheek. "I would watch on the ice & only dream if what you were like in person. I finally got that chance one day & totally freaked out. You laughed & smiled & at the moment I was yours. Our first hug, our first kiss, the first time I drove your car off the road," Everyone laughed. "When I see you my world lights up, I smile, my heart races, & I get the same feeling as I did when I first met you, minus the spazzing. You make my day better, my night softer, & my world go crazy. I love you more than I`ve ever loved anyone; it was love at first sight, & love forever. I promise to keep this feeling as long as I`m alive. So this is love what my heart has been waiting for." She smiled & stared into Sid`s brown eyes.
"Sidney do you take this women to be your wife, to have & to hold, to love & to cherish, in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, for richer or poorer, `til death do your part?"
"I do," He said & smiled.
"Michelle do you take this man to be your husband, to have & to hold, to love & to cherish, in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, for richer or poorer, `til death do your part?"
"I do," She smiled & yet another tear fell form her eye.
"You may kiss the bride."
Sid & Michelle leaned in & kissed, it was a short kiss so everyone in the church wasn`t grossed out. After the ceremony was over the bridal party walked to the back of the church, Michelle & Sid of course went first, then each bride's maid walked out with two groom's men. Jordan, Miriya, & Sammy were the only exception to that. Finally all of the guest filed out of the church & waited outside for the newly weds.
The door slowly opened & Sid & Michelle walked out hand in hand, with wide smiles. They talked with some people for a while then the bridal party & families went back inside for pictures. All the guests on the other hand were waiting at the reception in the arena; the families joined them after pictures. The "hall" was just as beautiful as the wedding itself was. The table clothes were black & gold, the seat covers were white with gold bows. There was a sign outside of the arena that said 'NO PRESS'. The cake sat on a side table, it was chocolate cake with chocolate mouse, & the icing was white with pale gold details.
"Ladies & gentlemen please join me in welcoming for the very first time Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Crosby!" The DJ said, then everyone clapped & Sid & Michelle walked in with smiles like never before.
After dinner ended & everyone had their fill Sid & Michelle went to the center of the dance floor & Inamorata by Dean Martin started to play. When that song ended Michelle's dad cut in & Unchained Melody by the Platters came on. The first two songs ended & some people crowded onto the dance floor. Both Miriya & Jordan who couldn't dance only went out on slow songs.
Eleven-thirty came & things started to slow down but there were still a lot people there. The entire team was still there & they were sitting around & talking since none of them could really dance. Sid picked Michelle up bridal style & ran out of the hall.
"What`s his hurry?" Miriya asked.
"What`s not his hurry?" Jordan replied.
Miriya slapped his arm, "Baby!"
Outside the arena Sid & Michelle headed back to Sid`s house to get their stuff. They walked out the front door & a black limo was waiting to take them to the airport. After security checks & baggage they made it to their gate with forty-five minutes until their boarding call. They walked down to a little store to grab something to eat.
After take-off Michelle laid her head down on Sid`s shoulder.
"Goodnight Mrs. Crosby, I love you," Sid said with a smile.
"I love you too Mr. Crosby, goodnight."
The next morning they woke up just before the plane landed. "Baby look out the window."
They looked out the window & the sun was just coming up. "It`s so beautiful."
After landing they left the airport & headed to their hotel in Florence to check in & drop off their stuff. Michelle sat down on the bed & within a few minutes was asleep; Sid covered her with the blanket & kissed her cheek. He left the room & went to a small market around the corner. When he returned to the room Michelle was still sleeping, she did wake-up about half an hour later to find Sid sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.
"Hey baby, did you have a good sleep?"
"I did. So what are we gonna do today?"
"Picnic on the beach, that`s if you want to."
"Sounds good to me."
The picnic went well; they had grapes, cheese, wine & chicken. When it was over they moved closer to shore. It was the Adriatic Sea & it was beautiful. Sunset came, it was warm & there was no one else on the beach. The water was clear blue & it was a perfect day. The water was lapping at their feet when he laid her down on the soft white sand. He kissed her & ran his hand up her body. Sand was all over her body but she didn`t care because his warm skin was against hers. He kissed down her chest & it happened perfectly.
A few days later Michelle was out of the hotel room shopping, but when she came back she just stood in the door way & laughed. Sidney was in his boxers & a sombrero dancing to 'Our Song' by Taylor Swift.
"Wow baby I leave you alone for an hour & this is what happens," She said still laughing.
He quickly turned around to the door & took the sombrero off. "Um hi baby."
"Hi you are so weird."
"So do we have anything planned for tonight?" Sid asked giving her a hug.
"Yes, but we don`t have to be there until six-thirty."
"Oh really?" He glanced at the clock then gently pushed onto the bed.
At six-thirty they got to the restaurant, the first restaurant since they had arrived in Italy. Once they were seated Sid picked up his menu, looked at it & looked at Michelle.
"I can`t read any of this, it`s all in Italian."
"It says..." Michelle read everything on the menu out loud first in Italian then in English.
"I didn`t know you could speak Italian."
"You never asked, I`m fluent in Italian & German."
"Wow!" Then the waiter came & took their orders.
Once they had eaten & paid they headed to the next part of the romantic evening. When they got to the museum it was all lit up & it was beautiful. After their private tour they headed back to the hotel for some more fun.