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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Four

I know that it's been forever, but I hope that you enjoy this new edition. Comments are greatly appreciated. GO PENS! ♥

Chapter Seventy-Four

With the twenty-first came the start of the All-Star break, but Miriya still held practice that morning. "Alright boys, enjoy your break, I'll see you back here on Monday for practice. Sid, Jordan, Kris, Geno, and Nik I'll see you in Boston." The boys cleared the ice and as soon as she could Miriya made her way home where she finished packing her own things as well as Scott's for the trip. They had booked an extra night at the hotel so that they could have a romantic evening. Their flight was leaving at three which meant they needed to be at the airport by one. "Jordan you almost ready?" Miriya asked from the bedroom.

Jordan who had been showering and was now brushing his teeth opened the door saying, "Mhm."

"Spit and then speak," Miriya said with a giggle.

Jordan turned and spit the toothpaste in the sink before turning and saying, clearly this time, "Yes, I'll be ready to leave in like ten minutes."

"Alright Nik, I'll see you in Boston tomorrow. Be good."

"See ya."


The drive to the airport went quickly and the airport itself brought long security lines. Once they had made it to their gate they found somewhere to get something to eat. Broading call came and the Staal's found their seats in the middle of the plane. Take off and landing were relatively smooth, well as smooth as take and landing can be. Upon arriving in Boston they called a cab, and opened the door to their hotel room at about six-thirty.

Dinner was brought up by room service and the night was spent quietly... well as quiet as they could make it.

The next morning they went down to the lobby to get breakfast and looked around Boston for a while before the rest of the players started to arrive. All of the guys from Pittsburgh flew in together and met up with Miriya, Jordan, and Scott for a late lunch. "Long time, no see," Miriya said.

"So what's the deal for tonight?" Sid asked.

"Dinner with the rest of the guys, tomorrow we sign for the fans, then the skill competition, and finally Sunday is the game."

That night everyone met in the banquet room for dinner. Miriya had just sat down with the rest of the Penguins when there was tap on her shoulder. She turned to see a tall, handsome man with short brown hair, and who looked a lot younger than he really was. "Coach Staal!"

"Savvy! I haven't talked to you in forever, how are you?"

"Pretty good, working hard. Your team's kicking ass this year."

Miriya smiled and Sid got up from the table to join the conversation. "Marc."

"Sidney," Marc said extending his hand.

"I don't understand how you can be such good friends off the ice, but when you're playing talk shit and practically kill each other."

"You know how it is," Jordan said. "No friends on the ice."

With that being said everyone sat down to eat and finished their conversations after wards. Miriya took time to talk to all of the players from both conferences but spending the most time with Eric, Pat, Johnny, and Savvy. Haley watched Scott so that she could get used to taking care of a baby; she would be watching him during all of the fan appearances, skills competition, and the game as well.


Saturday morning the All-Stars met for breakfast and shortly after arrived at the Bank-North Garden where there were thousands of fans. Signing autographs and taking pictures took up most of the day and dinner was squeezed in before the skills competition. All of the players wore their teams jersey and waited in the locker room for introductions. Once introduced they stood on or around the benches as the first event was set to take place.

The first challenge was the fastest skater and two Penguins were involved; Sidney and Kris. The first few skaters rounded the last corner with decent times, Sid was the fifth skater, ending up with the fastest time with only one skater left. That skater was Kris, who quickly rounded the ice shaving two seconds off Sidney's time; getting a point for the East.

Accuracy was next and Geno who had joined the eight for eight club in oh-nine was one of those competing. He was the second shooter and eight for eight again, bringing the East another point.
To give the big All-Stars a break it was time for the Young Stars game in which Nik was participating for the second year in a row. As always the Young Stars game was high scoring and the East won it 12-11. The final Eastern goal was scored by Nik to complete his hat-trick, he had a goal in each period.

Following the Young Stars Game was the hardest shot in which no Penguins participated. On the jumbo-tron they showed Zedeno Chara's one-hundred mile an hour plus shot from 2009. Miriya sat on the bench watching the festivities and soon she found herself joined by a Versus reporter. Those who were watching on TV heard, "Hello I'm Bill Patrick and welcome back to Hockey Central. The Pittsburgh Penguins who have had what many would call an amazing season are well represented at this year's All-Star Game. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Kris Letang will compete for the Eastern Conference tomorrow, Nik Vandershmut participated in the Young Stars Game earlier tonight for the second year in a row, and lastly Penguins' head coach Miriya Staal is the East's assistant coach; Versus James Waters is standing by with Miriya, James."

"As Bill said the Penguins are well represented in Boston this weekend. Now Miriya, what were your thoughts when you were asked to be the Eastern All-Stars assistant coach?"

"At first I was shocked but really excited. Of course my team was a big part in all of this, if they weren't playing as well as they have been there's no way that I would have been chosen for this position."

"Staalsy you've gotta watch me!" Savvy said from the ice.

"Alright Staalsy, one more question," James said. "There are so many great players here this weekend, what's it like coaching a bunch of guys you're normally playing against?"

"I haven't really done much coaching and tomorrow I'm going to leave most of it up to Mike. But as you said there's a ton of great players, a lot of them who are friends of mine , so it's a lot of fun to get to see them. Normally they're on the other side of the score sheet so it's fun to be on the same side."

"Thanks Staalsy, back to the action on the ice."

Miriya looked back to the ice where the break-away competition was bout to start. Creativity was the most important thing when it came to break-aways and the puck didn't have to go in the net. Each player had one minute to go on as many break-aways as possible. Jordan and Marc were competing and both did well. The fans decided the winner, for the first time it wasn't Ovechkin but Savard. "Good job Savvy," Miriya said patting his shoulder as he skated past the bench.

The last event of the night was a shoot-out in which every player participated. It lasted quite a while as some beautiful goals were scored, as well as some fantastic saves which sent the skater to the showers. It ended when Pat Kane blasted a shot top-shelf, stick side, sending all of the players to the locker room and the fans home.

Upon arriving back at the hotel Miriya changed Scott into his pajamas and put him to bed. She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and she leaned back against his tall frame. "Big, bad All-Star coach," he placed a kiss on the top of her head. "You ready for tomorrow?"

"Mhm, are you?" She asked after spitting the toothpaste into the sink.

"Yes. You know what I love about playing in the All-Star game?" Miriya looked up at him. "It's not stressful like every other game. We go out there and play well for the fans but it's a chance to relax and not worry about standings."

She turned with a smile and kissed his lips. "We'll I'm glad you're enjoying being an All-Star, you've always been mine." Jordan smiled at this and soon his lips were back on hers and he pushed her against the wall. "Who's room is next to ours?" Miriya asked pulling away from the heated kiss.

"It think it might be your best friend Savvy," he said while pulling her shirt up. Miriya smiled removing his shirt as well and reconnected their lips.


The next morning Miriya walked out of her room with Scott and Jordan as Marc was coming out of his.

"You have a good night?" Marc asked with a smile.

"Yes, sorry about that."

"It's cool, it actually wasn't that bad. Besides, how else are you gonna get another little Staal? Scott's such a cutie."

"Thanks Savvy, you going to breakfast?"

The four of them went down stairs where there was breakfast for all of the All-Stars. After breakfast there was a morning skate where the teams got to actually be a team. The East was looking good with the Penguins centering the top three lines and overall everyone was playing as a team. the West was also looking good, but the East knew that they could take them.

Following the morning skate fans were waiting outside for autographs and once they were satisfied the players went back to the hotel to get something to eat and take a short pre-game nap. Arriving back at the arena the East pulled their red jerseys on and anxiously awaited the announcement of both teams. The starters for both teams stood in their respective runways while the rest of the team stood on the ice. The coaches stood on the benches awaiting the opening face-off. Miriya stood on the East's bench along with head coach Mike Babcock. He had been fired from the Wings in 2011 and had been coaching the Rangers following that.The Rangers had been having a good season but the only reason Mike was chosen over Miriya was because he had more experience, and Miriya was okay with that.

After the National Anthem came the opening face-off which lead to an Eastern Conference goal; Sidney Crosby from Zach Parise and Eric Staal. the game was exciting and just like all All-Star games it was high scoring. It was tied at ten until the clock displayed thirteen point two seconds. Jordan scored the winner with an assist from Eric Staal and Marc Savard, a line of all centers. The Eastern Conference bench and their fans rose to their feet as they won yet another All-Star Game.

Following the game the players finished getting things signed by the rest of their team and while walking out signed for fans who were waiting. Arriving back at the hotel Miriya put Scott to bed and packed most of her stuff since the Penguins would be leaving the next day after breakfast.
Monday morning Miriya and Jordan with Haley, Pat, Eric and Savvy. "I'm gonna miss you guys, it's been great to hang out with you. Pat and Haley, again congrats on the baby. Eric, oh my brother-in-law, I love you. Savvy, I miss hanging out with you, but you're coming to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks and we'll have to hang out, okay?"

"Yep, we should skate together."

"Sounds good to me, good-bye guys. I'd love to stay but we've got a plane to catch." She stood from the table and hugged everyone from both teams before leaving. All of those in the Penguins' organization went to the airport to fly back to Pittsburgh to continue to dominate the National Hockey League.


"Morning baby," Jordan said Tuesday morning.

"Good morning my love, you ready to hit the ice?"

"Yep, I'll try not to beat Parent up tonight."

Miriya laughed, "Sounds good to me. Are you and Nik meeting me at the arena?"

"Yep, I'll see you there. I love you coach Staal." Miriya smiled, Jordan kissed her lips and she left for the arena.

Morning skate had ended and everyone was just about ready to leave but were killing time and just sitting around the locker room. "First game back from the All-Star break, we've all gotten some rest but let's not let that affect our game, okay?" She looked around the room and saw a delivery man walking in. "Can I help you?

"Yes coach Staal I'm hoping that you can," a sly smile came to his face and he pulled a gun from his pocket. "Staal, Malkin, Crosby, Eaton, Orpik, Letang, Laraque, and Malone out, everyone else sit down and shut up!"

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It's been a while...

Hey everyone,
I know that it's been a while, but it's really stressful around here as those of you who know me in the real world see in texts and on facebook. Before I even think about updating this story though I need an opinion... I have come to start to lose interest in this one, it's not as well written as I thought it was when I was writing it, and it seems like I have a lot of useless chapters in it. So what I want to know is there anyone who still reads and likes this story? Your comments would be greatly appreciated! GO PENS and HAWKS! ♥