Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Forty-One

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Miriya, Jordan, Ray Shero, & Therrien stood in the airport waiting for the plane from Germany to land. It was August third & training camp would be starting in a month & the season in two. The plane finally landed after they had been waiting for an hour & people started to file out of the gate. A guy who looked to be about seventeen walked out & you could tell that he was a hockey player. Miriya knew who he was because she had been there when he was drafted. He was about six foot two with long brown hair, about the length of Geno`s now & deep blue eyes.
"Hello everyone I`m John & this is Dominik," the man with Dominik said.
"Hi," everyone said.
Once they got Dominik`s stuff they made their way to the car. They threw the bags in the back of Miriya`s car, John & Dominik got in the back & they were off to Miriya & Jordan`s house.
"This will be your room, make yourself at home," Miriya said after taking Dominik to the guest room.
"Thank you very much," he said in very good English, but with a strong German accent.
"You`re welcome, is there anything you need Dominik?"
"Please call me Nik & when's dinner?"
"Not for a while Nik, there`s a five hour time difference from Germany. But do you want to go out for dinner or do you want me to make something?"
"Either one is fine with me."
"Ok, well I`m gonna go make dinner, but you can unpack & watch TV if you want."
"Ok, thank you again."
Miriya walked out to the kitchen just as Jordan was walking in the front door from dropping John off at his house.
"So what have you been up to since I left?" he asked.
"Just helping Nik get settled in."
"Dominik, the kid staying in our guest room, he told me that he wants to be called Nik."
"Oh, I didn`t know he spoke English."
"I didn`t either."
Miriya made chicken & pasta for dinner, which the three of them ate out on the patio.
"This is very good Miriya, thank you."
"You`re welcome Nik, so I was thinking, that we could show you around town tomorrow & maybe go down to the arena soon."
"So you can get used to the ice," Jordan said.
Miriya & Jordan did the dishes then gave Nik a tour of the house.
"And this is my favorite part of the house; the backyard," Miriya said walking back out to the patio. "But you already saw it during dinner."
"Would we be able to go swimming?"
"Sure, go ahead & get changed & we`ll meet you back out here in a few minutes," Miriya said heading back to the house.
Everyone changed & went back out to the pool; Miriya & Jordan were the first into the pool & were sitting on the wall in between the deep & shallow ends. Nik walked out in a pair of black swim trunks, Miriya when she heard the kitchen door close & was surprised with what she saw. Nik was built; he had a six pack & looked good for only being seventeen.
'Oh my God, if he wasn`t five years younger than me & I wasn`t married...damn!' Miriya thought.
The next day Miriya, Jordan & Nik got ready & after breakfast went to explore the city. Over the next few weeks they went to all the museums, on a Gateway Clipper ride down the river, & on the incline.
"I would have taken you to Kennywood & Sandcastle, but Miriya wouldn`t have been able to go," Jordan said.
"But that`s something you can look forward to if you make the team," Miriya said with a smile. "Training camps next week, do you wanna go down & practice today?"
"Sure, has been awhile since I was out on the ice."
After breakfast everyone changed into their practice clothes, threw some sticks & pucks into the trunk & went to the arena. They parked in the player parking lot & went in the "locker room door".
"In all the time the arena's been here I don`t think the door's ever been locked," Miriya said with a laugh walking into the hallway.
"Some crazy fan could get in," Jordan said.
"Wouldn`t affect me, I`m never down here."
They walked into the locker room & were about to sit down to put their skates on when Miriya looked up & saw two people laying on the bench at one of the stalls.
"Jamesy?" Miriya said walking over to him.
He jumped & almost fell to the floor, "Hey Staalsy, what`s up?"
"Nothin` much, who you got in my locker room?"
"Oh this is my girlfriend Brooke Myers, Brooke this is my good friend & the Pens announcer Miriya Staal."
"Nice to meet you," Brooke said.
"You too."
Brooke was a pretty girl; she looked to be about seventeen or eighteen, which was good because James was nineteen. She was about five foot five, had long blonde hair & dark brown eyes; she was wearing Hollister jeans, a pair of black & white Converse & a short-sleeve ACDC shirt.
"Well we`ll let you get back to what you were doing, we`re just gonna let the rookie get used to the ice before training camp," Miriya said with a laugh.
"Oh Dominik right?" Brooke said. "I watched the draft this summer."
"Yea," Miriya said. "Nik this is James McGuire he`s a Pens defenseman & his girlfriend Brooke. Guys this is Nik Vandershmut & he`s this year`s first round draft pick."
Everyone talked for awhile then laced; Brooke & James laced up too just to help.
"Alright guys, no contact, that means you Jordan, we`ve got a baby to worry about."
Later that day after they had skated they went back to the house & each picked a bathroom to shower in. Jordan used the one attached to the bedroom, Nik the one attached to the guestroom, & Miriya used the one in the main hall.
Miriya was just getting out of the shower when the door creaked open. She quickly grabbed the towel next to her & wrapped it around herself.
"Oh Nik!"
"I`m so sorry," he said looking up."
"No it`s fine, do you need something?"
"There`s no shampoo in my bathroom."
"Oh," she handed him a bottle of shampoo.
"Again I`m so sorry," he said & walked out of the room.
Later that night Michelle & Sid were over for dinner, & they were all eating out on the patio.
"Michelle, I walked in on Miriya when she was getting out of the shower," Nik said in German.
"You did WHAT!?" she replied in German.
"Do you guys have any worst shire sauce?" Sid asked.
"No sorry, we`re out," Miriya said.
There was a long pause & Michelle & Nik looked at each other.
"How bout A1?" Sid asked again looking up from his steak.
"Nope sorry," Miriya replied again.
Again there was a pause.
"Sid I think I might have something in my purse, why don`t you go look."
"Michelle why do you have steak sauce in your purse?" Miriya asked.
"Always be prepared."
Sid & Jordan got up from the table & took their plates with them. They looked in Michelle's purse where they found a bottle of A1. They decided to let Michelle, Miriya & Nik talk so they stayed inside & ate at the coffee table in the living room.
Back out on the patio nobody was saying anything until Michelle decided to speak up, "So guys?"
"Yea that was really awkward," Miriya said.
"Miriya does Jordan know?" Michelle asked.
"No, but it`s no big deal. I`ll tell him later & I`m sure he`ll understand."
"I swear it was an honest mistake," Nik said.
"I know & Jordan`s an understanding guy."
"When Jamesy was hittin' on you last year," Michelle said with a laugh.
"Yea, he`s cool with Jamesy & I`m sure he`ll understand this."
Later that night Jordan was lying in bed when Miriya was in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She walked into the bedroom & sat down on the bed next to Jordan.
"Baby what was up with you & Nik at dinner?" he asked when she put her head down on his shoulder.
"Oh that...it`s not really a big deal," she paused. "This afternoon," she paused again. "Promise you won`t get mad at him?"
"Yes...wait did Nik do something?"
"No, well kind of. He walked in on me when I was getting out of the shower."
"WHAT?!" he paused. "He needs to go stay with someone else."
"Baby no, he`s a good kid & didn`t mean to. Training camp hasn't even started, baby just let him stay."
"I don`t know baby."
She moved so that she was straddling him & pushed him gently so that he was lying down. She ran her fingers through his hair & smiled. She kissed his cheek & he put his arms around her neck. He smiled, then their lips met & they both smiled into the kiss.
"Ok, he can stay," he said without pulling away.
The next morning Jordan rolled out of bed, put on a pair of Reebok shorts & a Bauer shirt & went to the kitchen to make breakfast.
"Morning baby," Miriya said putting her arms around Jordan`s waist.
"Hey baby," he turned to face her & gave her a hug. He kept his strong arms around her & looked into her eyes. "Baby you get more & more beautiful everyday."
She smiled & rested her head against his chest. "You smell good."
"That`s what you said when I was wearing my hoodie & you ended up with that, you wanna end up with this shirt too?"
"I wouldn`t mind, because then you would be shirtless."
"Thanks Captain Obvious," he said with a smile.
"You know what?"
"What?" he asked before kissing her.
"Morning guys," Nik while walking into the kitchen.
"Morning Nik," Miriya said after pulling away from Jordan`s soft kiss.
"So I head you guys talking last night & I`m all packed up, so who am I going to stay with?"
"Oh you head that?" Miriya asked & looked at Jordan.
"Well don`t worry about it, you`re staying here. So after breakfast you can go & unpack."
"Thanks Jordan for understanding."
"I know it was a mistake, it`s all good."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Forty

The next day Miriya was walking through the store trying to figure out what kind of chips she wanted. After finally picking up a bag of sour cream & onion chips she stepped back and ran into someone.
"I`m sorry," she said turing around.
"No it`s my fault," someone said with a familiar voice.
"Haley, Haley Brown?"
"Yea, Miriya?"
"Oh my God I haven`t seen you in years how have you been?"
"I`ve been good you?"
"Same I didn`t know you still lived in Pittsburgh."
"I don`t, I`m living in Chicago now & am engaged to Patrick Kane. I`m just here to visit."
"When are you leaving?"
"Tomorrow actually."
"Oh, are you busy tonight?"
"No we should do something, we need to catch up."
"Dinner with me & Jordan?"
"Sure why not."
They talked for a little longer than both went to check out. Just like every time as soon as Miriya walked out of the store & into the parking lot she was asked for her autograph. When she got home she put the groceries away then sat down on the couch next to Jordan & kissed his soft check.
"You wanna help me make dinner?" she asked.
"Sure, what`s the occasion?"
"My friend Haley's in from Chicago & I haven`t seen her in years."
"Ok what do you wanna make?"
And what would I do, you don`t let me touch the grill."
"You can make your special fries."
"Ok," he said & kissed her.
At Michelle & Sid`s house Chelle was sitting on the couch watching TV, & Sid was doing laundry in the basement.
"Oh shit, goddamn washer!"
Michelle ran downstairs where she found the laundry room covered in soap & water. "Baby I`m not gonna ask, just clean it up."
Sid cleaned up the mess then went back upstairs & found Michelle sitting on the couch. "I`m sorry about the mess baby, but it`s cleaned up & I re-washed the clothes that got all soapy.
"Good you should be sorry," Michelle said in a bitchy tone.
"Baby I think you should take a nap."
"You think I need a nap, why am I bothering you?"
"No baby, that`s not what I said."
"Maybe I will go take a nap," she said then stormed off to the bedroom.
An hour later Michelle came back into the living room where Sid was watching Rocky. She sat down on the couch next to him & kissed his check placing her hand on his chest.
"I take it you`re in a better mood now?" Sid asked putting his arm around her.
"Yea, I`m really sorry for being a bitch before, I`m not mad at you about the mess."
"I know baby, I guess I should get used these mood swings. I wonder how Jordan`s dealing with it all?"
Back at Jordan & Miriya`s the doorbell rang & Mo of course ran to the door barking.
"Mo down," Jordan said opening the door. "Hi Haley how are you?"
"I`m good, this is my fiancée Patrick, but you two already know each other."
They went into the living room & waited till Miriya said that dinner was ready.
"Can I get you guys drinks?" Jordan asked.
"Sure two beers," Haley said.
"And water right?" Jordan asked Miriya.
"Yep, thanks babe."
"Water, you`re lame," Haley said with a laugh.
"That`s about all I can drink with the baby coming."
"Aww you & Jordan are having a baby."
"Just another Staal to add to the league," Jordan said with a laugh.
After dinner they decided to go for a swim. Miriya mostly stayed in the deep end with Jordan & Haley & Patrick were splashing & dunking each other in the shallow end. But after a while they got bored & decided to play Marco Polo then just chill in the hot tub.
"So Jordan how's you cheek?" Haley asked.
"Good it healed pretty well actually."
About half an hour later they got out & got dressed. Miriya went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate while Jordan, Haley, & Patrick went & sat in the living room. Miriya was about to put the hot chocolate mix into the water when Jordan`s arms slid around her waist, then up to her stomach.
"How's my baby?" he asked.
"I`m fine."
"I wasn`t talking to you," he said & spun her around. "I was talking to the baby."
"Oh well the baby is fine," she said then Jordan kissed her.
"I love you baby," he said pulling away. "That time I was talking to you."
"Oh well I love you too."
"Hey guys are we gonna get hot chocolate soon?" Patrick said from the living room.
"Sorry about that." Miriya said hanging Haley & Patrick their hot chocolate.
"Well it was great catching up with you, but we really have to get going," Haley said.
"Ok I`ll see you guys at the start of the season," Jordan said.
"You`ll be the first to get an invitation the wedding."
"Thanks, bye guys," Miriya said.
Everyone hugged then Haley & Patrick left, Miriya went to start cleaning up.
"Baby don`t worry about it, I got it."
"Thanks babe, I`m gonna go take a shower."
Miriya showered while Jordan cleaned up then went & lay down. Her eyes were starting to close when Jordan walked in & sat down on the bed next to her. She crawled over to him & sat on his lap.
"I love you Miriya," He said & pulled the hair tie from her hair. Her long, black, wavy hair fell to her shoulders & Jordan smiled. "I love you hair."
"I love your`s too," she said running her fingers through his long dirty blonde hair. They stared into each others eyes then their lips met. "I love you," she said pulling away briefly.
"I love you too," he said as Miriya slid her hand up his thigh. He slid her shirt over her head & she did the same with his then ran her hand along his smooth muscular chest. She kissed his cheek, then his lips as he smiled; she pulled away & kissed down his chest & stomach to his belly button. He ran his hand down her arm, grabbing her hand she looked & kissed his soft lips again. He ran his hand along her cheek & pushed her hair to one side then kissed her neck. Up until this point Miriya had been straddling Jordan, she got up, slid further onto the bed, and laid down. Jordan crawled over & straddled her hips. He kissed her stomach, put his hands on the bed by her head & kissed the tip of her nose.
"I love you," he said then left a soft kiss on her smooth lips. She of course kissed back & deepened the kiss.
"You too," she said without pulling away from the kiss.
He pulled away & left a gentle kiss on her shoulder. She rolled over to her stomach & he started massaging her shoulders. He kissed down her back to the top of her shorts; she smiled & moaned into the pillow. He lightly slapped her ass & she turned her head so she could see him. They both smiled then he massaged her back, while doing so he kissed her neck & shoulders. He left one last kiss on her right shoulder blade after finishing the massage then kissed her cheek.
"You are the most amazing man I`ve ever met in my life," she said turning to lay on her back.
"I try," he said & kissed her. "You`re not too bad yourself."
"Oh, that`s how you feel about the person who's carrying your baby?" she asked with a smile.
"No baby, you are my pride & joy, you mean everything to me & I don`t know what I would do without you."
"Let`s hope we don`t find out anytime soon."
"Well you know that I will never leave you & I plan on spending the rest of my life with you, no matter how long that life may be," he said before kissing her.
"Goodnight baby," she said after pulling away.
"Goodnight love of my life," he said & kissed her cheek.
The next morning Jordan walked into the living room rubbing his eyes & found Miriya sitting on the couch.
"Morning baby, why are you wearing a hoodie, it`s the middle of July."
"Cause I found it this morning. I haven`t seen it in years & it used to be yours," she said with a smile. She uncrossed her arms to show him the front of the dark blue hoodie that said 'Thunder Bay'.
"I remember giving that to you."
They had been going out for about three months so it was early January, right before the Cats, Bolts, & Thrashers road trip. Jordan had picked Miriya up to take her to the game & was wearing a dark blue hoodie. When he got there he got out of the car to give Miriya a hug.
"Hey baby how was your day?" he asked as her walked into the driveway.
"Good your`s?"
"Good," he gave her a hug & kissed her.
When she pulled away she rested her head against his chest. "You smell so good," she said with a smile.
"Thank you."
They got in the car & went to the Mellon. Once they got into the locker room Jordan took his hoodie off & threw it to Miriya who was leaning against the counter in the lounge.
She smelled it again then asked, "What do you want me to do with it?"
"Keep it so you can always have a part of me with you."
Back at the house Miriya put her head down on his shoulder after he put his arm around her.
"I wore this hoodie all the time, until I moved in & I never remembered where it was."
"Well not that you found it you can start wearing it again."
"Sounds good to me," She said with a smile. "But for now I`m gonna take it off cause it`s hot, but I just wanted to show you that I found it."
'Buzz' Miriya`s phone vibrated on the coffee table.
"Hey Scotty what`s up?"
"Nothing much Underwood you?"
"Um nothing really, what are you doing today?"
"Gonna go swimming you guys wanna come over?"
"Sure we`ll be over in a little bit."
Michelle & Sid got there about ten minutes later & everyone changed into their bathing suits. Everyone walked out to the pool & did a cannon ball into the deep end. After a while of messing around playing games, dunking, & splashing each other they got out of the pool & went over to the hot tub.
"You guys got plans for tonight?" Miriya asked.
"Nope," Sid said putting his arm around Michelle.
"We could have a movie night & you guys could stay here, we can lend you some clothes & there`s the spare bedroom.
"And there`s food left over from last night when Haley & Patrick were here," Jordan said.
Later they ate dinner at the table on the patio & had Kool-Aid.
"So that new guy they drafted this summer is coming over at the beginning of the month to get used to the city," Sid said.
"Dominik Vandershmut right? Jordan asked.
"Yep & he needs a place to live during training camp," Michelle said.
"Well he could live here, but if he makes the team he better like kids," Miriya said with a laugh.
"I`m sure he will, he doesn`t turn eighteen until September," Michelle said.
After dinner Sid & Jordan cleaned up & did the dishes while Miriya & Michelle went to the living room to pick out some movies. Jordan & Sid came out of the kitchen with chips, popcorn, & some IBC root beer.
"So what are we gonna watch?" Jordan asked sitting down on the couch next to Miriya.
"Pirates of the Caribbean & Miracle," Michelle said excitedly.
They watched Pirates of the Caribbean first & ate all the food & each drank two bottles of root beer.
"You guys wanna go for a swim before we watch the other movie?" Miriya asked while standing up to stretch.
They all changed into their bathing suits, turned on the patio lights, & jumped into the pool. They spent about half an hour in the pool then went inside to change. Everyone went to change into their pajamas before watching the second movie, Michelle & Sid borrowed some clothes from Miriya & Jordan. Miriya was wearing her old CAPA gym shorts & a t-shirt, Jordan was wearing a pair of blue Reebok sweat pants & a white t-shirt. Michelle had borrowed a t-shirt & a pair of Penguin pants, now Sid on the other hand walked back into the living room & everyone else just laughed. His shirt was Miriya`s favorite of Jordan`s it was gray, had a shamrock on the front & said LUCKY on the back. But the shirt was not what was so funny; the pants that he has borrowed were black & about four inches too long.
"Very sexy Sid," Miriya said looking at the pant legs that hung over Sid`s feet.
"I know right?"
"Hey it`s not his fault he`s like five inches shorter than me," Jordan said with a smile.
"Ok, let's just watch the movie," Michelle said sitting down on the couch.
They put the movie in; well Miriya did when she was forced to not be lazy. Instead of sitting back down on the couch next to Jordan she straddled his legs & put her arms around his neck.
"I have to say that that shirt look so much better on you," she said with a smile.
"Thanks, the pants do too."
"No Scotty, the pants look better off," Michelle said with a laugh.
"Very true Underwood, very true."
Sid picked up the remote to push play & they decided to watch the previews just to make themselves feel old. Think about it the movie did come out in like 2004.
"I love you baby," Miriya said then kissed him.
"And that is why you`re pregnant," Michelle said with a laugh.
"That's very true," Jordan said after pulling away.
"Ok guys let`s watch the movie," Sid said as the movie started.
Miriya got off Jordan`s lap & sat down next to him & rested her head on his chest. The movie ended at around mid-night, everyone was still awake but there was no food left on the table.
"I`m hungry," Miriya said when the credits started.
"Me too," Michelle said. "Ice cream?"
"Sounds good to me, boys you want some?"
"YAY, mid-night snack!" Jordan said jumping up off the couch.
"I`ll take that as yes," Miriya said with a laugh. "Sid?"
Sure, why not."
They all went to the kitchen & got four bowls & spoons. Jordan got the ice cream out of the freezer & Michelle opened up the fridge.
"YAY...chocolate syrup."
By the time they were done looking through the cupboards & the fridge there was a ton of stuff to pick from. Of course there was ice cream & chocolate syrup, but there was also sprinkles, cherries, pineapple, marshmallows, M & M`s, whipped cream, peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, caramel topping, gummy bears & chocolate chunks. All four of them piled everything on top of four scoops of vanilla ice cream.
"You boys are gonna have to work this off tomorrow," Michelle said taking a bite of ice cream.
"Yep, training camp is coming up & you need to be in shape," Miriya said. "We`re supposed to be fat."
"Scotty you got," she said pointing next to her lower lip.
"I`ll fix that," Jordan said then kissed her.
"Whoever said you get less sexual after you`re married didn`t know us," Michelle said with a laugh.
"Well guys I`m really tired, so I`m gonna go to bed," Miriya said after finishing her ice cream.
She put her bowl into the sink & headed to the bedroom. Jordan walked in & took his sweat pants off after closing the door.
"My favorite boxers," she said looking at his blue & white plaid boxers.
He smiled & got into bed next to her. He kissed her cheek then turned out lamp next to the bed. "Goodnight baby, I love you."
"Night babe, love you too."

Monday, August 4, 2008

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Thirty-Nine

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On the morning of the ninth Sid rolled over in bed, "Happy Birthday," he paused realizing that Michelle wasn`t there. He walked in to the bathroom & saw Michelle sitting by the toilet leaning on the bathtub/ shower, her hair pulled back & drifting off. He leaned down & knelt next to her.
"Happy Birthday baby."
"Thanks baby," she said weakly. "For future reference, what would you wanna name our kids?"
"Elliott, Bradley, Dylan, Russell."
"Well you have nine months to decide on a name or two," she said with a smile.
His eyes lit up & he was glowing with happiness. She looked up & he kissed her stomach. "I guess those fantastic night paid off huh?"
Michelle laughed, Sid picked her up & couldn`t be happier. "I love you so much & I`m happier than ever before." He spun her around & ran his hand down her body, stopping at her lower stomach. "One more time for good measure?" he asked with a laugh.
"Sure one more."
"There`s something even more beautiful about you right now," Sid said as Michelle lay on the bed in Sid`s boxers & a bra. "I can`t wait."
"Me either," Michelle said & quickly got out of bed & ran to the bathroom. All Sid could do was laugh.
Later that day Miriya & Michelle were on their way to pick up some bagels. While they were at a red light Michelle asked, "So had it been hard for Jordan to keep his hands off you for the past month?"
Miriya giggled & smiled, "Is that a good answer?"
"Yea that`s good."
At the arena Jordan, Erik, & Kris went into the locker room & picked up Sid`s phone to call Brooksy & tell him to come to practice. Kris noticed that a little business card had fallen to the floor. He picked it up, giggled, & showed it to Erik.
Erik being the cute Canadian that he is yelled, "Why does Sid had an appointment at Magee!!!"
Jordan quietly looked over his shoulder, "Hmm maybe that`s where Mir & Michelle went this morning."
"We`re going to have a baby," Kris said.
Jordan laughed & just then coach Mike Yeo walked into the locker room. "Sid`s gonna have a baby!" "Sid`s gonna have a baby!" Erik said.
Mike hit him across the head & said, "Oh Crush, Sid isn't having a baby Michelle is. And so is Miriya...we have two on the way!"
The team walked in, found out & was really excited. Miriya & Michelle walked into the locker room, everyone clapped, & there was baby's breath at Sid & Jordan`s stall. Sid who had been warming up on the ice walked in with a surprised look.
"I guess you guys know."
"Yea but EC here thought it was you," Mike said with a laugh.
Practice took place then everyone went back to the locker room where they found Miriya & Michelle's parents & a birthday party for Michelle. After the team had showered everyone ate pizza & before cake Sid & Michelle walked to the center of the locker room & stood on the penguin.
"Everyone Michelle & I have an announcement to make."
"We`re going to have a baby!" Michelle said as everyone clapped.
"So you think that the league can handle another Crosby?" Max asked Michelle.
"As long as he`s as amazing as his daddy," she said & kissed Sid on the cheek.
"This was fun & all but why did we have this practice? I mean it`s July," Colby said.
"Army you knew this practice was gonna happen. We had it planned to celebrate Michelle's birthday but everyone didn`t want to fly in because of that. And since no one has touched the ice since we won the cup we figured that we'd practice so no one would lose their touch," Miriya said.
Everyone ate cake then it was present time, she got a lot of random assorted stuff. Then it came time for Colby to give his present.
"So your present is at your house," Army said.
Later that night Sid, Michelle, & Colby got home & went down to the basement. And there stood a set of wooden bunk beds.
"Oh my God Army this is amazing," Michelle said.
"I saw them & thought you could use them in the future, I didn`t think you would need them anytime soon. But I guess I was wrong."
"Aww thanks Army, Sid aren`t these beds amazing?"
"They are really nice, thanks Armpit."
"No problem, anyone wanna try them out with me?"
"I do," Michelle said with a smile.
"You have fun with that I`m going upstairs," Sid said & hugged Michelle.
"Goodnight baby," Michelle said & kissed him.
"Night man," Army said.
"Night Army, night Chelle," he said & went upstairs.
"Matching comforters," Michelle said with a smile. "Aww Army."
"And the bog down in the valley-o," both Army & Michelle sang. They had been singing camp songs for about an hour, then decided to say their prayers.
Sid had come down to the basement about twenty minutes after they had started singing & neither Michelle nor Colby knew.
"Hey Michelle," he said in a little kid voice.
"Yea Army?"
"You`re my best friend & I love you!" he said & poked his head over the edge of the top bunk.
"I love you too Arms always, you`re my BF4L."
A giggle was heard & it wasn`t Army or Michelle. They looked around & saw Sid sitting on a bean bag chair in the corner.
"I wish I would have taken you guys up on that offer," Sid said with a laugh.