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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Sixty-Six

With the start of November came the Pens’ first loss, they had gone nine and oh and obviously Miriya and the boys were upset. The final score had been three to one and the Devils’ third goal was scored into an empty net. Miriya had addressed the press as quickly as possible and tried to make the team feel better about the loss before making her way to her office.

She sat at her desk going over every play in her head, trying to figure out what she had done wrong. She had gone through all of the first period when her door creaked open and there stood Jordan with Scott’s car seat in hand. “Baby, you okay?”

“Yeah, fine, just disappointed about the loss.”

“Babe listen; we’re nine and one ten games into the season, that’s amazing. I know that even you didn’t think that the season would start out this well. The guys are out there playing hard every night; it’s just tonight New Jersey played a little harder. Don’t worry it’s not like we’re on a ten game slide or anything, it’s one loss. I think we can get through it.”

“I think so too,” she said standing and making her way over to him. He wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head against his chest. “I just can’t wait until you can get out there again and help kick the rest of the NHL’s ass.”

“Believe me baby I can’t wait either, only a few more weeks and I’ll be back on the ice.”


A few days later practice was about to start and Jordan was in the locker room, sitting at this stall. “You know how I used to talk about wanting a motorcycle?”

“Yeah,” Jordan said looking up from the stick he was taping.

“Well do you think I should get one?”

“I don’t know, it’s up to you.”

“Okay, there’s someone else I have to talk to about it,” she kissed his cheek and left him to finish taping his stick. She walked up the runway and found Kris working on his slap shot. “Kris, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yeah coach what’s up?” he said stepping onto the bench.

“It’s not about hockey; it’s kind of a personal question.” He took his gloves off and helmet off before running his fingers through his hair. They sat in silence for a moment as Miriya tried to think of a way to word her question. “So I was thinking of getting a motorcycle, but I had to see if it was okay with you first. I know that you lost your best friend to a motorcycle accident, but then there’s TK.”

The look on Kris’s face quickly changed, he was no longer smiling but now sat with a solemn look on his face. “Tyler’s had his Harley for forever so he’s fine. I mean I still worry about him but he knows what he’s doing. Really it’s up to you whether or not you get it, but if it was me I wouldn’t.”

“Then I won’t get it.”

“Don’t let me make the decision for you.”

“No Kris, it really means a lot that you care about me. I know how hard Luc’s death was for you,” she paused for a moment thinking of Kris’ best friend who had died years before. “I don’t want you to worry about me so I won’t get it.”


“Anything for you babe,” she said giving him a hug. She quickly kissed his check and looked into his dark brown eyes. “Alright, I’m Coach Staal again until the end of practice.”

“Yes Mrs. Staal,” he said with a smile putting his helmet back on and stepping on to the ice.


Over the next two weeks the team picked up four wins in five games and this time Miriya took the loss a little better than she had the last time. This loss had come in a road game, the second of the trip. But two wins followed, the second at home.

The next day Jordan stepped out onto the ice for the first time since his injury, well the first time with the rest of the team. When he picked up a puck along the boards and began stick handling a wide smile came to his face. “How’s the wrist Jordan?” Miriya asked stepping on to the ice.

“Surprisingly it feels great,” he said, taking a shot that hit the back of the net.

“You’re looking good, what did Michelle say?”

“I’m healthy enough to play; now I just have to wait until you and Ray give me the okay.”

“We’re not putting you in cold, practice this week and see how you feel.”

The rest of the guys came out onto the ice and as usual practice started when everyone was at center ice stretching. Stretching was followed by some shooting and passing drills and finished with a short scrimmage.

When it ended most of the guys were still on the ice and Miriya pushed Jordan over to the penalty box. “Good practice today Staal.”

“Thanks coach.”

“Technically I’m not your coach right now, practice is over.”

“Really?” he asked, a sly smile forming on his lips. All Miriya could do was smile as Jordan pushed her back against the glass and his lips pressed hard against hers for a passionate kiss.

“You two should really get a room,” Colby said from the ice. Jordan’s lips never left Miriya’s as he kicked the penalty box door closed. “I guess that works.”


The week passed and Friday afternoon when practice had ended all of the guys had gone to the locker room, except for one. The one who remained was working on his stick handling and without more than a glance Miriya knew exactly who it was. She watched from the edge of the runway without a word and couldn’t help but smile. After a slapper from the point in the far end he started towards the runway. “What do you think coach?”

“How’s centering the third line tomorrow night sound?” At this a smile appeared and he stopped inches from her, pulling her into a hug. “You’re welcome, go get showered so we can go home.”

The next day morning skate went well and Jordan looked good back on the third line. He had gone to the weight room for some last minute strengthening before the game and that’s where Miriya food him. “Jay, I know that you want to be ready for tonight’s game but I don’t want you to overwork your wrist. I don’t want you to pull a Max.”

“Alright, let me go grab my stuff and we can go.”

Once they arrived home they showered, slept, ate and got Scott ready before returning to the arena. Minutes before the pre-game skate Jordan pulled his game jersey for the first time in over a month and you could see in his eyes that he was excited to be taking the ice again, especially at home. As he stepped out onto the ice his face lit up as the crowd cheered.

“We’ve been playing well all season and I hope to continue to do so tonight, and for all of the remaining game. Jordan’s back in the line-up so Max and Tyler you may have to look up before you make passes since you haven’t played together in a while. Jordan, I know that we’re playing Philly and they’re the team that hurt you but please do not go after Ryan Parent. If he messes with you and you feel the need to fight you can, just don’t get called for instigating. But a fight would definitely make for a good comeback and so would a goal or two. Alright boys, let’s get out there and kick some Philly ass.”

Everyone hit the ice and the second line was out for the opening face-off. Forty seconds in the third line hit the ice while the pick was in the neutral zone. TK picked it up along the far boards and was off into the Flyer’s zone. A crisp cross ice pass connected with Max’s stick and he put it up to the net where Jordan tipped it in for his third of the year and first since returning. After his usual fist pump he went to the boards for the “huddle” with his line. After a pat on the back he got a little more than that, Ryan Parent came up and slashed the back of his leg.

“You’ve got to me kidding me,” he said stepping on to the bench. “Did you see that?”

“I did, but I’m not going to argue it, you know the relationship between the officials and me.”

For the rest of the first period every time Jordan was on the ice Ryan Parent seemed to be too. Three-quarters of the way through the period the puck was in the Flyers’ end and their winger tried to get it out but Eats had other plans. After holding it in he slapped it towards the net from the point at fifteen forty-five to notch the Pens second goal of the game, unassisted.

For the remaining few minutes Jordan and Ryan both took the ice for two more shifts and both times whenever Jordan was along the boards he was on the receiving end of a few illegal hits.

It was the start of the second and one last dirty hit that pushed Jordan over the edge. “I’ve had enough of you Parent, let’s go.” And with that both sets of gloves were on the ice and the two combatants were circling at center ice. Now a much better fighter than in his first few seasons Jordan grabbed a hold of Ryan’s jersey and started throwing lefts. Ryan got one good punch in just before Jordan took him down to the ice and the officials separated them. The crowd was insane as they showed the replay on the Jumbotron and Jordan watched from the penalty box.

When the two teams went to their respective locker rooms the score was still two-nothing. “Gronk.”

“Yeah coach?”

“All you need is an assist in the third to get the Gordie Howe.”

“I’ll try my best; I take it you’re not made about the fight?”

“Me, Coach Miriya Staal, mad about a fight?” She asked with a laugh, the team joined with a laugh too. “It was a good, necessary, fight. He was beating up on you out there and I’m glad you dropped the gloves when you did.”

The third period started out rather quickly as Brooks and Kris passed the puck back and forth in the defensive zone as the front line changed. Brooks made one last pass to Kris before Jordan in the perfect position for a lead pass. The Flyers were stuck in a change and Jordan was off on a breakaway and beat the goalie, short side with a snap shot from the slot.

No much later Jordan was back on the ice for the face-off in the neutral zone. It was won by the Flyers who tried to take the puck into the Pens zone. At about the blue line Jordan picked it off the winger’s stick and was off the other way, all alone. His wrister went top shelf as the goalie went down and he stayed down as the team came to congratulate Jordan. The crowd erupted with cheers as hats fell to the ice from all around the arena. As Mike Lange would say, “He was smiling like a butcher’s dog” as he was practically tackled by his line mates.

The guys went to the bench as the hats were cleared and Miriya tapped Jordan on the shoulder. “I guess this beats getting the Gordie Howe,” she said with a smile.


The game ended with a score of the Penguins four and the Flyers zero, the guys practically attacked Jordan as when they got to the locker room. Miriya decided that she would join in the celebration before addressing the press and gave him a pat on the back as the guys cleared to their stalls. She pressed her lips to his but pulled away when Colby cleared his throat.

“Come on coach, save it for when you get home.”

“Not a bad idea, thanks Colbs,” Jordan said with a smile.

With that Miriya went to address the press.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Sixty-Five

The boys had beaten the Sens three to one; Miriya did her usual post game press conference, and soon after made her way to the locker room. “Hey babe,” she ran her hand over Kris’ clean black t-shirt and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

The next day at practice Ben approached Miriya, “Coach can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up?” They sat down on the bench and Miriya removed her gloves.

“Are you cheating on Jordan?” Ben sat on the bench with a look on his face that Miriya was sure it had never held before, this was the most serious she had ever seen the boy.

“No,” she said taken aback. “I would never cheat on him; I love him more than anything in the world. The whole Kris thing had been going on for years and Jordan knows about it, and really it’s practically his fault…” She went on to tell of when they had played seven minutes in heaven years before. “That’s the only time his lips have ever touched mine. We only kiss each other on the cheek and we are both happily married, okay?”

Ben nodded. “And as I said, I would never cheat on him. Once I thought he was cheating on me and I don’t think that I’ve ever cried so hard in my life. Not only was I mad at him for being with someone else, but I love him too much to be without him. The thought of not being with him hurts too much.”

“What happened that made you think he was cheating?” Ben asked, playing with a water bottle that sat on top of the boards.

Miriya walked into the locker room after the game, making her way to Bugsy’s stall to wait until Jordan has finished with his interviews. It was early in the oh eight, oh nine season, Miriya and Jordan had been together for about a year. Ryan’s stall was across the room from Jordan’s and Miriya stood facing Ryan as she spoke with him about the happenings on the ice that night.

When all of the reporters had left Miriya gave Bugsy a hug before turning toward Jordan. He sat at his stall, but tonight something was different. “J-Jay?” Miriya asked her voice cracking as she chocked back a tear.

“Baby it’s not what you think,” Jordan said standing from his stall and pushing the blond girl from his lap.

Miriya grabbed her ice time from the bench and stormed into the lounge, longing for any of the guys. “Brooksy,” she said to the one remaining. “I need a ride home.”

What about--” He stopped himself from asking about Jordan when he saw the look of hurt on her face. They made their way to the car and Brooks was out of the parking lot as quickly as possible.

“Thanks Brooks,” she said before getting out of the white BMW and running up to the house. She jumped onto her bed and buried her face in the stomach of her teddy bear, Fleury. The next thing she knew the bed sunk down and there was a clam breathing behind her.

“Baby?” he asked, questioning whether or not she was still awake. She reluctantly turned to face him, tears still in her eyes. He gently wiped a tear from her cheek with his thumb and looked into her ice, blue eyes. “It’s not what you think, she’s a friend from Thunder Bay, I hadn’t seen her in years. Baby I would never cheat on you I love you too much, and it hurts me to see you like this.”

She didn’t say anything but just crawled into his lap and rested her head against his chest. He held her tightly and soon she was asleep in his arms. Any time that she tried to move his grip tightened and this assured her that he had told the truth.

“I’m sorry Staalsy, that’s crazy. The only reason I asked was because I love you two and from what I can see you’re perfect for each other.”

“Well thank you Ben, it’s good to know that I’ve got people looking out for my boy,” she said putting her gloves back on. “But get back on the ice.”

When practice ended everyone headed home, Miriya sat down on the couch and put her feet up on the table. “How was practice?” Jordan asked after sitting on the couch next to her.

“Good, the guys are doing really well I just need to be away from the arena for a little while.”

“I know the feeling; you wanna watch movies all day?”

“That actually sounds amazing, what do you wanna watch?” She asked standing from the couch.

They eventually decided on a movie and sat watching contently without another thought in the world. When Scott woke up Nik took care of him to give Miriya a break and when it came time for dinner they ordered pizza to continue their relaxing day. With the empty pizza boxes on the table the Staal family sat back to watch the Devils take on the Canes.

As Jared and Eric Staal skated around the crisp ice Miriya was with her own Staal brother watching a game that she was glad wasn’t her own. “Being a coach is stressful.”

“But you’re good at it and the boys are giving all of the other teams a run for their money.”

“Thanks babe but you’re part of the team too and it’s early in the season. It’s way too early to be thinking about the cup, I’m still thinking about stuff for tomorrow’s game.”

The next morning Miriya headed to the arena for morning skate and soon after everyone headed to the airport. Once the plane landed in New Jersey the team went to the Rock to get ready for the game. Not much happened that was exciting, the win came easily for Miriya and her boys, the third win against the Devils although the first two were pre-season.

“Hey Staalsy,” Scuds called from behind her. “I’m really liking this travel schedule, are we gonna do this all season?”

“As much as we can, as long as it’s only a one day trip. If we’ve got a long trip it’s not going to work, but I’ll definitely think about it.”

“Thanks coach, you’re the greatest,” he said embracing her in a hug.

“Let’s wait a few more games before we start saying things like that we’re only four games into the season and have seventy-eight more to go.”

The boys had the next three days off but Monday they had practice to stay in the game mindset. The rest of the month went by quickly and soon it was the day before Halloween. Miriya who was still a little kid at heart not to mention that she wasn’t too far removed from being a child, decided to have a team Halloween party.

“Baby, have you seen my other combat boot?” Miriya asked from the bedroom.

“Nope, do I look like a vampire?” He asked walking into the room.

“You remind me of Edward Cullen, very sexy.”

Miriya finally found her boot and the Staals headed to the arena. Most of the team was already there and as instructed, in costume. The decorations which had been left to Colby didn’t look as bad as Miriya thought they would, his costume on the other hand was very, frightening.

“Wow Scream, I haven’t seen one of these costumes in years.”

“Funny Staalsy, you look ready to go play with guns.”

“Well actually when I was in the Air Force I played with fire, but guns are fun too.”

As Miriya walked around the locker room some interesting costumes drew her attention. Mark, Sid and Vero along with Jordan were vampires. Brooks, Marc, and Geno were part of the mafia and they pulled the look off perfectly. One costume that really drew Miriya’s attention though was Michelle’s; she was dressed in scrubs and a lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck.

“Wow Chelle, how original,” Miriya said with a laugh.

“I could say the same about you little miss Air Force.”

At that point a new group walked in, Ryan, Deb, and Jess. Jess was dressed as a bumblebee and Ryan and Deb as Spiderman and MJ. They were so cute together and looked better than the actual movie couple. The rest of the kids were dressed up as well, Jamie just like his mom was dressed as a pirate, Will as a hockey player wearing a jersey with his dad’s name and number. Nathan was a pumpkin, Christiano a frog, and Scott a penguin, they were all adorable.

The party went well and Miriya seemed happy with it when she got home with her vampire husband. She took Scott from his penguin costume and put him to bed before going to her room and taking her own costume off.

“I want to suck your blood,” Jordan said crawling onto the bed.
“Baby, vampires don’t say that.

“Fine,” he said kissing her cheek.

The next day Scott was back in his penguin costume while Miriya put a table at the end of the drive-way with a bowl of candy and a sign that read ‘Please take one…Happy Halloween! The Staals.’

With that in place the Staal family got into Miriya’s mustang and soon pulled into her parent’s drive-way. After walking up the big hill they made it to Sam’s mom’s house where they would be meeting with the rest of the group.

Sam’s mom had made pumpkin seeds for all of them and the pumpkins that they had come from sat decoratively in the front yard. Once the usual group was there they made their way through Miriya’s old neighborhood. After visiting every house Scott had fallen asleep but his pillow case was full of candy.

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Yet another one shot.

Hey guys, I just posted a one shot that I'm very proud of and would greatly appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you very much.

A New Beginning