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Staal [A Jordan Staal Story] Chapter Seventy-Seven

"Colby!" Mel said when Miriya accidentally called the Armstrong house instead of Colby's cell phone.

"Sup coach?"

"You'll never guess what my son just did."

"No idea."

"He said his first word."

"Aw little Scotty," He said and she could hear the smile in his voice. "You don't seem very excited about it."

"Oh I am, it's just he didn't say momma or da-da, he said Army."

"Oh? I'm sorry Staalsy, he does spend a lot of time with me and Mel."

"I know, I just thought you should know that my son loves you."

"I'm glad Miriya, Jamie stop that!"

"I'll let you take care of Jamie, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Staalsy, love you."

While she was on the phone Jordan had put Scott down for a nap and was just re-entering the living room when she hung up. He sat down on her lap and wrapped his arms around her. She didn't seem phased by it and Nik looked on with a smile, knowing how the two of them were. A few minutes passed before he placed a gentle kiss on her lips and cheek, stood and moved to the spot on the couch next to her. Placing her hand on his shoulder she said, "You didn't have to move, you're not that heavy."

He smiled slipping his hand from hers and pulled her onto his lap, his arms wrapped around her. "I like it better this way though." She looked up into his blue eyes with a smile and their lips met. It was a short kiss, but was filled with passion and they both pulled away smiling. She rested her head against his chest and smiled breathing in his scent as he placed a kiss on the top of her head. "I love you Miriya," He whispered though it was certainly no secret.

"I love you too."

The next morning snow was still falling from the barely visible sky but Miriya couldn't cancel practice, it was game day and the boys needed it. Miriya woke earlier than she normally would so that she could remove all of the snow from her car before making her way to the arena. Thankfully all of the guys made it safely and on time to the morning skate and Miriya cut practice short so that everyone had time to make it home safely. She also decided that she would leave at the same time as the team, she didn't have much work to get done. Just as she was pulling her keys from her pocket to unlock her car a snowball hit the center of her back. She turned to see Jordan and Colby trying to hide their guilt with innocent smiles.

"Oh it's on boys," She gathered some of the snow that had come to rest on the roof of her car and hit Colby on the cheek. "Oh damn, sorry Colbs."

"It's cool, I guess I deserved it."

"Damn right you did," She said as Jordan pushed her against the wall. "Oh?" His lips pressed hard against hers.

"Really guys it's not enough to do it at home?" They both completely ignored their friend and continued what they were doing. After a few minutes they started to get chilly and with one last kiss they went to their cars.

Scott sat giggling in his car-seat in Jordan's car. "Hey there sweetheart," He said looking back after closing the door. Scott giggled and Jordan started off towards home.

Later that night the boys suited up and took the ice against the Canes. They look the lead early but with help from the officials the Canes scored two goals to claim the lead as their own. One of those had been scored by Eric and Miriya was disappointed that her boys weren't covering him.

Early in the second period play was down in the Canes end, Bugsy and Sid were digging behind the net with Geno out front. It was an odd line combination but the boys had just come off a long awaited power play. Battling down low Sid threw the puck out front and Geno put it in, five hole. As Geno raised his stick in celebration and the crowd stood to cheer the referee behind the net signaled no goal. Bugsy had gone to check a man but he moved and landed on the ice, landing Bugsy in the box and the boys to still trail in the game.

Miriya who stood on the bench was upset by the official's call and called them over to give them a piece of her mind. "How can you disallow that goal and then give my player a tripping penalty. First of all if you were going to call a penalty you should have blown the whistle long before we had the scoring opportunity. The second Malkin had possession of the puck you should have blown the whistle, not waited until we score the tying goal. As for the penalty Wallin was not tripped, he moved out of the way of a check and went down all by himself. Malone had absolutely nothing to do with it."

"No goal and Malone has a two minute tripping minor."

Miriya was so fed up with the officials at this point that she practically screamed, "This is fucking bullshit." The referee formed a 'T' with his hands signaling that the Penguins were receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It would be a bench penalty and they would be down two players for a full two minutes. "Fuck you!" She said loudly.

The ref turned around and said, "You're done," Before signaling to the locker room.

"Good luck boys, Mike handle things." With that she opened the door and walked across the ice to the runway. She sat down in the lounge and turn on the big screen TV to watch the live feed of the game. Bugsy and Sid sat in the box as the boys on the ice worked on killing the five on three. Sid was picked to serve the penalty because he would have just sat on the bench anyway.

The penalty was successfully killed and as Sid and Ryan stepped onto the ice they joined up with Jordan in the neutral zone for an odd man rush. Jordan made a beautiful saucer pass over the defender's stick landing it perfectly on Sid's blade. A quick wrist shot went over the goalie's shoulder and into the net, the tying goal had been scored with one minute remaining in the second period. Miriya was glad that she wasn't on the bench when the goal was scored because she stood and said, "You sure that was a good goal ref?" Rather loudly.

When the second period ended Miriya went to the locker room to meet with boys who all backed her up on what she had done. She told them to stick to the game plan and no matter what she would be proud of them.

The third period held more excitement, but in this case it was the good kind. The fourth line was out to start the period, Hallsy to take the draw with Beechy and Big Georges on his wings. Adam won the draw back to Kris who made a quick pass to Becchy who was waiting on the blue-line. Kris was all alone on a break-away beating the goaltender five hole to score the Pens third goal, giving them the lead just thirty seconds into the third.

The defense stood strong for the remainder of the period keeping the Canes off the board. The Guins did score one more goal, the first line put it in an empty net with fifteen seconds left.
"Great game boys, sorry I couldn't be there."

"We understand Staalsy, it's all good." Beechy said.

She did her usual post game speech addressing all the rights and wrongs and finishing with, "I'll see you all tomorrow, it should be a fun trip to Atlanta. My friends down there have told me that it's nice and warm, I'm sure you'll all enjoy that."

The next morning the team met at the airport, not having practice. Soon they arrived in Atlanta and the guys were glad that Miriya had given them the day off. They exited the plane to find that it was in the mid-seventies and not a single cloud in the sky. The bus that awaited them took them ti their hotel where everyone quickly put their bags in their rooms, changed into their bathing suits, and quickly found the pool. Miriya found someone who would be willing to take care of Scott and that someone was Cassie. "Thank you so much," She said.

"No problem coach, you deserve a little break, especially after last night."

Miriya laughed saying, "Thanks again," Making her way to the pool. Half of the team was there and stared when Miriya removed her t-shirt and shorts. Her black bikini fit perfectly over her well toned body.

"Come on guys that's our coach," Colby said.

"That's my wife, stop staring," Jordan said causing all of the guys to look away.

Miriya got into the pool and confronted Colby, "What you trying to say Colbs, because I'm your coach I'm not attractive?"

"I never said that Staalsy, you're beautiful and have an amazing body." Miriya smiled and swam to the deep end.

Swimming and a team dinner occupied the rest of the day and Miriya found her sleep very restful. Morning skate went well and Miriya was excited to be seeing her good friend later that night. Pre-game naps lead to boarding the bus and soon it was game time. It was a hard fought game, but as always the Guins came out with the win.

Miriya had planned to meet up with her friend following her post game press conference. So following the final buzzer she went to quickly address the team before talking to the press. Since they had won she didn't have much to discuss with the boys and soon found herself standing in front of the press. They asked most of the same questions as every other game, but soon it was time for the question she was waiting for. A tall blond reporter stood and asked, "What's the secret behind your winning?"

Miriya smiled and prepared her usual answer, she had been asked this question since the sixth game of the teams nine game winning streak to start the season. "There's no secret, good coaching and a group of guys who like to play tough physical hockey. We've had a few loses this year and not that I'm expecting it but I'm sure there will be more before the end of the season."

"Seven," Someone called from the crowd of reporters. "Seven losses."

Again she smiled and was soon done with the press. She walked out of the media room to the hallway and started towards the visitors locker room to see when the team would be ready to leave. While on her way there she could feel that someone was walking behind her. "Well if it's the NHL's greatest coach, Mrs. Staal."

She turned to see al tall man with dark brown hair, beautiful green eyes and a beard that had probably only been growing for a few days, and it suit him well. She knew not only from his voice but from personally experience that he was French-Canadian. "Pascal Dupuis," She said sternly but softened her voice to say, "How are you sweetheart?"

"I'm good, how are you?" He pulled her into a hug.

"I've been good Dups, it's good to see you."

"You too, your boys know we're friends yet?"

"No, it's not a bad thing I've just never felt the need to tell them."

Just then Crush walked into the hallway. "Hey coach."

"Hey Erik this is my good friend Pascal Dupuis, Dups, Erik Christensen." The two men shook hands and soon it was time for the Pens to head to the bus. "It was good seeing you Dups."

"You too, good luck with the rest of the season."

"You too sweetheart." She hugged him before walking to the bus with the boys, all of whose faces held questioning looks. Once they went to the airport, through security and on their plane Adam spoke up. "Since when have you been friends with him?"

"Dups? Couple years, are you all okay with that?"

"We're not going to to chose your friends for you baby," Jordan said placing a kiss on her cheek. "You are friends with some really random guys throughout the league."

"Thanks babe, you like my friends don't you Scotty?" He was sitting on her lap and giggled. "I take that as a yes."

Jordan placed his hands on her shoulders and began to massage her back. "Baby why is your back always so tense?"

"That's simple, hockey stresses the hell out of me and my life is hockey, and look at the people I spend my time with."

"Oh, we stress you out?" He asked removing his hands from her shoulders.

"Baby, I love you boys. And please don't stop, it feels so good."


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